Description : UPDATE so worked issue out eventually, thanks for all your help guys. Done another hearing test this morning,26 years old, 17 to 16900 Hz hearing frequency, take a look at my profile pic, when ears were handed out, I was second in queue just behind Dumbo :)) used that in my speech when I gave my daughter away. Nothing wrong with them beauties. This more polished, how it sounded in my head, thanks for all the help especially DOOM&BeatMaker

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  1. ZoxoSonor
    ZoxoSonor on Tue 3rd May 2022 - 1 month ago

    ohh, it's really good to see this, to hear this collaboration, off the hat!

    Reply by dimestop

    Thanks ZoSo, had some issues with left sided sound only, great help from within our community, without asking I have to add, almost immediately. I've picked up so much gold dust about mastering fx etc. Cheers for the listen and comment, will be jumping on your latest in a bit

  2. JohnSmokey
    JohnSmokey on Mon 2nd May 2022 - 1 month ago

    Paul, the tweaks you have made this a much better listen, I'm now getting the vocals in both ears. Lyrics still on the money. Finals are still going, but I got a project in and it went well.

    Reply by dimestop

    Johnnie thanks for the reassurance, yeh it's much better, couple new ones up, bit of listening to do, yours included. Make sure you give it your best right till the final exam mate, all your concentration, your music will wait a few days. Cheers for sounding it out again

  3. Cyberflares
    Cyberflares on Mon 2nd May 2022 - 1 month ago

    PMSL the only marathon i run these days is to toilet lol
    aye there are heaps but they are much in much the same again i think it comes down to what you hear when you do it and again everyone hear slightly differently and again hats off for your singing.

    Reply by dimestop

    Lol though you were gonna say run to shop for a snickers unless your English you may not know that snickers bars used to be called marathon in the UK, will be on your latest in a bit Whiskey days, now your talking mate

  4. Cyberflares
    Cyberflares on Mon 2nd May 2022 - 1 month ago

    Lyrics are ace and there is nothing a do with your voice i think that is for each other to decide i actually like the gruffness of it im now sitting at a age of 27 now hehe anyway least you have the iron balls miginty to actaully sing that in itself is a big thing so hats off man and again well done great track oh before i forget
    i sometimes use this as a template then just ajust by ear might help out im not sure.

    Reply by dimestop

    Thanks Robin, I was having problems sound was only on left panning was central though, after a lot of messing about and advice from the guys I found the issue, my vocal was overlayed in parts and the fx I used I put on each stem I had removed the filter I used but for one that was the issue one stereoriser slider altering it gave central sound but pick up the breathing breaks, again I'll be more aware next time, and thanks for the cheat sheet I actually came across them myself whilst searching yesterday,there's quiet a few different ones mastering finishing layer etc, I'm impressed we were on the same page and as for your young ears if you start telling me you run marathons for fun now I'm leaving mate

  5. Cyberflares
    Cyberflares on Mon 2nd May 2022 - 1 month ago

    ok so i have not listened to the tune yet cheers doom but in saying that i just knocked 27 yrs off my life with that hearing test uh HUH IM THE BOY YUP LOL

    Reply by dimestop

    You young bugger you :))

  6. bringerofDOOM
    bringerofDOOM on Mon 2nd May 2022 - 1 month ago

    One more thing:

    Especially watch for pitches in the 4K range (4.4K to be more specific). This is the range that repetitive machinery runs, and also the range of frequencies that contribute most to hearing loss.

    It is also generally the range of the female voice, which is why retired factory workers can't hear they wife (like my dad).

    The overtones in this frequency range created by an autotuned female voice can literally slice the ear, and the DIY community community is rarely aware of this.

    Reply by dimestop

    Thanks again mate, love cybers comment, the info you have provided is fantastic about hearing,scientific more like, I feel much wiser now, I also can't believe little things I've learnt over the last 48hrs and my interest has grown I want to know more, I'm going to Anorak things like panning,frequencies, EQ parameters, attack, release, autoduck,curve,stereoriser, etc it may take a little longer in post production and mastering but you provide me this info im going to use it now and the cheat sheets cyber linked I seen them myself yesterday along with other ideas taking the peaks out with a de-easer

  7. bringerofDOOM
    bringerofDOOM on Mon 2nd May 2022 - 1 month ago

    I found you a hearing test (make sure to reduce your volume first):

    My hearing stops at about 16.4K

    If you are experiencing hearing loss between 12K and 17K (much higher doesn't really matter), then that is why listeners are complaining about highs, harshness, or brightness.

    Put an EQ on the master. Shelf anything off below 30HZ or above 15K (you don't need it). Then watch for any spike that goes above 0Db anywhere in the 4K to 15K range (you will need a decent visual representation for this). Stock plugins with your DAW should have what you need.

    Hope that helps.

    Reply by dimestop

    Thanks mate I'm nearly 57 it said my hearing age was 53 :)) and my frequency range was 24 to 11400Hz. Thanks again DOOM your kindness doesn't go un-noticed, I'm astonished by the help on these issues from so many in our community and I also think others will benefit from reading things like this, your a gem and the type of doom everyone needs, I'm also that much wiser after this little episode certainly I can now look at frequencies in my EQ within my range and alter accordingly gold dust fam gold dust thankyou

  8. DijamMusic
    DijamMusic on Mon 2nd May 2022 - 1 month ago

    Wow, Paul.
    I do believe in you all the way mate.
    This is one of your best lyrics so far.
    Well done mate.

    Reply by dimestop

    Hey mate thanks for the comment, yeh I a little more happy now I've sorted the left side issue, but there's still issues with breathing noise :)) I'll have to try using a de-easer, when I upgrade shortly, I sang in a softer tone maybe it carries better so will try this tone again. Will private you Maj probably tmro now mate.

    CINCOCENT on Sun 1st May 2022 - 1 month ago

    What's crackin homie let's see what you got here. Nice you know what I should suggest and you probably wouldn't use it is Audiotune. the beat is super impressive bro

    Reply by dimestop

    Bro I respect and take onboard everything I get suggested, I'm upgrading everything laptop mic software etc , I ll let you into a secret I only wanted to learn how to make a track I could dance to, but it grabbed hold of me in a way I never imagined then the community just cemented my longing, I'm extremely proud I've got loads of tracks but now I feel totally different how I listen and interpret music and I want to mix better not only for me, but for all of you too, as you offer your advice and help freely, the least I can do in return is at least give it 100 % and improve

  10. BeatMaker4real
    BeatMaker4real on Sun 1st May 2022 - 1 month ago

    Hey dimestop, been looking at the issues that you are having with the recording.
    How do you have your mic plugged into your session> are you plugging directly into your computer, or using an audio interface.
    Sounds like this could be a audio channel issue.
    check to make sure your audio track is set to mono and not stereo.

    Reply by dimestop

    I think the issue is the mic, tbf, it's cheap plug in I've checked it's in mono, I may have a software issue as altering things doesn't seem to change anything when it should, yet at times it's fine, once I upgrade my laptop and get a better mic I'll then be able to see if it's me or something else, hopefully next 2 weeks thanks for your time bro, real community spirit shown and why I respect you too mate, it's also the right thing to do, including critique, you don't learn if it's just a bit of cake with icing type comment

  11. theHumps
    theHumps on Sun 1st May 2022 - 1 month ago

    Keep up the good work Paul! This place can help you learn to mix, record, try new things....

    None of us here is perfect, some have more skills than others at certain things but all of us started at the beginning to learn to sing, to learn to play guitar or the keyboard, learning to mix... And guess what? Everyone gets better with some effort, time and patience.

    Chilled out vibe, good lyrics, from the heart. That goes a long way Paul.



    Reply by dimestop

    Thanks for the support Wayne, I need help with that side of things, I'm struggling, I've played this on speaker and two headsets with differing results I can here it's left sided it's very quiet on the right. I've checked the panning its central I've altered the EQ I've altered the compression attack release delay feedback I've used a limiter and a stereoriser and if I slide my pan L+R it is that side set it central and it's still left sided. I'm puzzled, sure I'll get the solution here, will check your latest in a bit with a scotch :))

  12. JohnSmokey
    JohnSmokey on Sun 1st May 2022 - 1 month ago

    Paul, super mellow track. The lyrics are on point, and like the other people have said, I'm only getting the vocals in the left side of my headphones, maybe its an FL studio deficiency or bug. That beat you found is gold. Definitely a fearless take at this song. Love the melody about dreams, that's what it is all about in this life. You're cutting into my hip-hip/rap market share lol.


    Reply by dimestop

    Thanks for the listen Johnnie hope finals went well, education is vitally important, so hope you achieved the grades you aimed for bro. I think there maybe a bug, I'm using a mobile version of LM at the momment, my laptop has given up the ghost, I'm upgrading everything and I'm gonna buy a decent Mic, I use two headsets at the mo, a set of cheap Goodman's and a JBL set and on the JBL it's so left sided but sounds central on the Goodman's,strange, panning is all set to 0 I'm doing something wrong, I've had this comment before too so need to resolve it and I'm sure I will with the help here, something I'm setting wrong has to be, it can't be the delay, so really need to sort this out.
    And as far as cutting in on your market bro, your young, cool and smooth, im old and wrinkly an passed it :)) but I won't give up, I feel blessed the friendships I've made from my oldest psuedoble cyber zootman Rita Cinco Dijam Cru,etc to the likes of yourself Doom BeatMaker Speak up MT and all the others, your all important and have made my time here a rewarding experience and like the song I'm not giving up, I'll keep takin shots and yep I love you all

  13. Zootman
    Zootman on Sun 1st May 2022 - 2 months ago

    Hey Paul, really nice track man. Gotta say I think this is one of your best vox. Melody is sweet and good and I like the effects. I'd be inclined to center the vocals though, at least in my opinion.

    Reply by dimestop

    Thanks Chris, everything looks central to me I'm doing something wrong, I can here slightly something needs a tweak I used a couple of delays but need to practise EQ settings and use some preset plugins all part of learning but I used a different tone this time softer and my friends said they thought it sounded great but I only listen to people who know what they talking about, you guys because your the ones that always want the best you can't get this priceless advice if you don't play the game, we making the world closer mate with our music

  14. Angelusyeux777SC
    Angelusyeux777SC on Sun 1st May 2022 - 2 months ago

    Hey DS,

    Love this track it's beautiful! & as a writer myself I'm liking those lyrics also, good work there. My pops use to say "The world loves a trier" & I was raised to be honest and not be afraid to try because we only fail if we never tried or refuse to get back up again after we fall. Anyways I think you did good here & I'm all about supporting my fellow artists but I'm also honest in that I say what I mean & mean what I say, whether people believe it or not. Music has pulling power. Keep practicing it makes perfect they say. I believe anyone even if it's not innate, can find their inner voice, looks like you're finding yours, fair play to you fella :)


    Reply by dimestop

    Thankyou Angelus, that means so much coming from a great singer like you, your latest is fantastic as usual glad to be able to tell you, Im really just trying to be original, I don't think I can sing but try, I can write a nice lyric, just can't sing it, one day someone good might sing my songs for me, that wasn't a hint either sweetheart, singers want to sing their own songs and why wouldn't they, I live in hope, but having done this for 15 months now I find I want to write more of my own and sing, wow the power of music, and what it can do. I would never ever have sang but you people are special and make me feel I can have a go at least

  15. bringerofDOOM
    bringerofDOOM on Sun 1st May 2022 - 2 months ago

    There is a good community here.

    Couple things:
    Your vox are hard-panned to the left. was that by design?
    Try a de-esser. A preset on a eq ore multiband compressor will probably work fine. That will also take some of the highs out of the mix.

    If you can get the tracks rendered separately, and get them in a folder to share, I would be happy to help.

    Keep it up.

    Reply by dimestop

    Hi Doom,thanks for your comment mate I'm still learning all this and my old ears are not hearing the delicate issues I think I here just not sure about treating it different I just though it was my shit vioce, I ll be in touch mate and your spot on about the community here it's special, comment critique whatever it's a place the true players stand out and help their fellows cos we all want the best for each other

  16. crucethus
    crucethus on Sun 1st May 2022 - 2 months ago

    Nice lyric. One of my fav tunes of all time is from Talk talk. I believe in you.
    Post Rock tune. your lyrics made me think of this one tonight.
    Keep on creating!

    Reply by dimestop

    Thanks Steven, great link what a beautiful track from Talk Talk, I'm glad mine reminded you off that, I consider that a great compliment as you can hear a little better timing, on the beat, same approach to dancing eh. This time when I played it back it was all in time, tweaked the fx slightly removed the filter on Beatmakers advice, it was one take straight through, the first too, then just overlayed choice bits for effect and a little witness always helps :))

  17. RitajustRita
    RitajustRita on Sun 1st May 2022 - 2 months ago

    I believe in you Paul.
    Start to become better everytime.
    what you didd in the beginning..i think you have a perfect voice for a spoken word track also.
    Maby a idea?

    Reply by dimestop

    Rita I believe in you too and all the others who dare to be different and share their beautiful tracks with us, you gotta have thick skin most criticism comes from those closest to us, I think we've all experienced that yeh great idea about the spoken maybe a streets kind of thing even a Baz Lurman Suncream, you got me thinking at 2.12 am wtf, I'm on your latest now :))

  18. BeatMaker4real
    BeatMaker4real on Sun 1st May 2022 - 2 months ago

    Love the lyrics and the melody you got going on with the track dimestop.
    You using a pop filter on your mic ?..hearing some noise or explosives in the vox..Center them vocals and get rid of that noise bro, and this is gold.

    Nice the hook master.

    Reply by dimestop

    Took your advice immediately bro, I've removed the filter and re-uploaded there was noise good ears BM. Bro you are or your music has inspired me to write more vocals so your to blame for my recent singing :)) anyways another beauty from you already commented

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