21st Apr 2022 00:35 -  2 years ago
Description : So Easter Sunday BeatMaker brought an instrumental Sunrise,it was brilliant, just what the world needed. I've gone and ruined it, I asked if I could do a vocal. So here it is. I'm no Lionel Richie, more Lionel RichTea, but I have a go, and before you ask, no it's got nothing to do with anything in my life, sentimental tosh put together to sound like a life long love story. I wrote this Sunday the wording I like, the singer is rag though :))) incorporated his title into the lyric, wink wink

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Jkingz 30th Apr 2022 09:08 -  2 years ago
love the innocence in this, kind of makes the track. good job
dimestop replied 30th Apr 2022 - 2 years ago
Thanks mate, what a great comment Rob, innocence, that's the perfect word. I wrote life long love story, your word is more fitting, just wish my voice could have been better lol. I'm closing in on 60 in a few years, so you gone and made my bank holiday weekend with innocence, I feel young and innocent today Jynkz thankyou
Cyberflares 29th Apr 2022 20:04 -  2 years ago
Er Our Larr the singer eh nothing a do with a bit of Rich tea ;)
what do you get if you put 2 smoothies or one smoothie and one wrinkly haha together a cracking tune through out the lyrics are really good and go with the flow of the music who said bob dylan could sing
well done man
dimestop replied 29th Apr 2022 - 2 years ago
Cheers mate I'm definitely old and wrinkly :)) it was a decent effort tbf, I'm pleased with the warmth it's recieved and for BeatMaker it's his music and it's beautiful I'm glad he let me indulge, it's had a few listens
pseudoble 29th Apr 2022 12:11 -  2 years ago
Hey Paul - really nice job on the lyric and vocal mate - you made me laugh too when I read Lionel Rich tea : )
Please to see you are getting lots of favs - well deserved.
dimestop replied 29th Apr 2022 - 2 years ago
Thanks Ian hope your good mate, nice comment, I appreciate it, I wasn't too sure at first, I liked the layout and words just dissapointed in my voice hence Lionel Rich Tea comment, I try to do everything to the best of my ability, whatever I'm doing and try to improve continually even though me and singing should never be, I'll keep practising and yeh the comments are encouraging so that's a bonus for me, hope your good mate
xstokes 28th Apr 2022 22:56 -  2 years ago
anyone with a beating heart has gotta respond to this music and the way you have catches my breath, mate. no matter how make-believe its got a genuineness that’s positively beguiling. really well-done!
dimestop replied 28th Apr 2022 - 2 years ago
Thanks for the lovely comment Mike, I was really pleased with the song I wrote, it was genuine like you say just wish I had I better voice, I could havereally done it justice even though I tried to put feeling into this
SpeakUpProd 28th Apr 2022 17:16 -  2 years ago
yo dime its been a while, u got a beautiful song here i caN feel your passion! i really like the Instrumental nice job mate, have a good one
dimestop replied 28th Apr 2022 - 2 years ago
Speak Up nice to see you around bro, thanks for the comment, not bad words in this one eh, thanks for the listen, hope your good and bringing more fire
MichaelMayo 26th Apr 2022 20:23 -  2 years ago
It's good but my suggestions are compress the vocals and the cuts are alittle too harsh
dimestop replied 26th Apr 2022 - 2 years ago
Thanks Michael, and thanks for the advice, I'm no singer :)) never will be, it's really for fun but I'll try to improve. I ll never be you for sure, but thanks for giving me your time it's appreciated, hope things are going well for you
RitajustRita 26th Apr 2022 09:12 -  2 years ago
I was thinking i already listen this 1 but i was wrong so here i am.
Sorry to be so late.
The beat is beautiful and the voice again..better and better.
I like what you didd in the end with 2 voices.
I didd try also to sing but my English pronunciation is horrible lol.
dimestop replied 26th Apr 2022 - 2 years ago
Thanks Rita, I was quite happy with this considering I think I'm an awful singer :)) it's better just, but I'm having fun, would love to here you have a sing. I love broken English I'm sure you've chanted before,try a couple of ad-libs or a few phrases, I'm sure it would be a success, will check your latest in a bit lady, always a good listen
CaptainSour69 25th Apr 2022 22:57 -  2 years ago
beautiful and sad my friend, I fell in love with the progressive outro as it and this whole song combined was so unique ~ a treasure!
dimestop replied 25th Apr 2022 - 2 years ago
Captain thanks for the nice comment and for the listen, I liked the words in this track too, thought they came together well, bit like a movie gets the girl loses her through his stupidity but managed to get her back although she's a little damaged, predictable yeh, but what a story, in a song I made up in 30 mins thanks again really appreciate that lovely comment
Alien 25th Apr 2022 14:40 -  2 years ago
It's actually pretty cool! Your singing isn't bad at all, and fits well. At least you didn't ruin it with auto-tune :)
dimestop replied 25th Apr 2022 - 2 years ago
Cheers mate just commented on your latest electronic offering, nice work. I'm trying bloody hard to sing, if that's what you call it, it's not easy cos it's not natural, I use a little reverb and alter the attack and release etc in fx but auto-tune, no, what's the point, I'll always think I'm shit anyway, maybe one day I'll get lucky and a good singer may sing my words, which would give me more pleasure for sure, for now I'll keep have a try :))
DijamMusic 24th Apr 2022 05:10 -  2 years ago
Hey Paul.
Wow, mate another Ace mate.
Really great track my friend.
dimestop replied 24th Apr 2022 - 2 years ago
Thanks for the listen and comment mate, hope your good, I was quite pleased with this, there's still room for improvement I know, but it's a little more originality from me and I'll keep practising trying different styles and enjoying myself and having fun
CINCOCENT 23rd Apr 2022 07:34 -  2 years ago
I like it bro you did good on the break to but if you ever want to perfect this I guess you already know what to fix that it sounds more on the left side or on the right side you do got a unique voice man and what I hear the most is your confidence
dimestop replied 23rd Apr 2022 - 2 years ago
My G, thanks for always showing me support, I love the fact you always give constructive critique, its massive in this cut throat industry we all love, if you can't take it, get out, you gotta have thick skin, I'll keep on practising dropping stuff and taking the advice good or bad as it's all part of learning, and thanks for the positive comment about my confidence, when I first came I really was afraid of what people would think but people like yourself and others have made this one of my most positive experiences I love you all for that i truely do and the fact your all great at what you do
theHumps 23rd Apr 2022 04:04 -  2 years ago
Right off the bat, the title is positive. Usually a rebirth is associated with a new day dawning.

What sells a singer is his or her's originality, confidence and belief in their words and delivery and their story they are trying to tell. The singer's voice isn't as important, just look at Joey Ramone, the man couldn't sing and he was a freaky looking dude on top of that, lol. But he sold himself with his singing style, his hilarious, adolescent lyrics and his schtick.

You'll find the more you practice and "perform" in front of the mic, the better you'll get at it. I am so much more confident singing than I was 10 years ago. "Practice, practice, practice", as Allen Iverson once said,lol.

dimestop replied 23rd Apr 2022 - 2 years ago
Thanks Wayne, as I've said, its quite difficult to sing when it's not natural I've always been told I'm tone deaf :)) I know this, so never did it, but the more time I spend on my music and listening, the more my confidence grows,I know there's mistakes but if I don't upload I'll never get any better and the advice from everyone wouldnt be there thanks again for you supportive words and advice.
ZoxoSonor 22nd Apr 2022 07:33 -  2 years ago
This whole creation, i love it the way it is.
dimestop replied 22nd Apr 2022 - 2 years ago
Thanks ZoSo, nice to see you around again and the nice compliment bro, I've tweaked this in a few places that I spotted issues it sounds ok but could be better but really glad you liked it, the comments have been positive with regards melody and wording so practise and improvement is the order of the day :))
crucethus 22nd Apr 2022 05:15 -  2 years ago
So Paul, thanks for the lofty views of my work you have. But you must also remember that I have been here a long long time, and I was once like you learning from wiser and more seasoned loopers and musicians. I was also lucky to have a good group of people who were willing to point out suggestions and help me understand how to improve my productions. Consider this me "Paying it forwards". I hear the potential on this one. BTW I just checked out your "Poppin" videos on Youtube and I am thoroughly impressed with your dance moves, you are great at it. So my word of advice to you is this. Treat your vocals just like you are dancing. Just like dancing as in music, if you miss the beat or are off rhythm, people will see (hear) it instantly. If you are off-key, not as much. But miss the beat, becomes unforgivable in layman's ears and sight. Bringing the sense of Rhythm to a song when you sing it requires some practice. When the brain doesn't have to think anymore about when to sound, you will reach that goal. Even if you have to adjust the lyrics to fit that hard consonant beat. Treat the singing of the song just like the incredible talent you have in dancing and you will have magic.
dimestop replied 22nd Apr 2022 - 2 years ago
Thanks so much Steven,everything you have said is so true, this was the first time I sang a song the whole way through and yes when I played it back, everytime it was off beat I was like what the fuk and had to move it around. Even tho I thought I was on time, I realise how difficult it is now we all sing along to tracks and think we're great until you listen back, the compliments about my dancing were lovely but I'll let you in to a secret there. I've danced for 40+ years on the street and at comps, I started to make music with the sole intention of dancing to my own track, but producing has taken over my free time I've not danced since the festival last year were I was in the headlines and on BBC news, so have got to start again even 30 second clips are cool to do and easy more palatable also if a longer watch is not you, I'll continue to practise and improve its gotten hold of me now and I too want to be one of the guys who is always there for others just like dancing, things that make me happy ;)))
crucethus 21st Apr 2022 20:50 -  2 years ago
Hey Mate. I really enjoyed this one. The chorus has massive potential. So If I were producing you I would pull a Mutt lange on you and say, "do it again", on the vocals. Don't give a damn about your accent. Sing it like Oasis sings it with a full-on brit centric accent. Or, you know what, your voice reminds me a bit like Rob Birch from stereo MC's. keep practicing this one. Record it with that emphasis on the accentuation of consonants, dont don't lose the accent. When you feel it's the best vox you can do. (if you wish), send me the vocal stems, and the instrumental and I'll mix it for you and show you the potential of what you did. As you like..
dimestop replied 21st Apr 2022 - 2 years ago
Steven thanks for the great feedback, I think this could be better, no I actually feel it could be, i'm astonished a talent like you would give it some time you've been around from when I joined and we have become friends albeit virtual, your advice is priceless, I listen to all the guys with costuctive critique and advice because they want the best for you, I'd be a terrible producer my vocalist would have birch or cactus scars from me whipping and screaming again again with more feeeeling. Will check your latest chillout, I know it'll be good. My mail is in my profile thumbs up me on it and i'll send you these stems but will have to get a better mic mines tat and I can try it again, I'd be amassed to see what you would do
terryjmhitsong 21st Apr 2022 14:52 -  2 years ago
dimestop replied 21st Apr 2022 - 2 years ago
Thanks terry I've just tweaked the limiter on the vocal, I noticed a couple of slight peaks earlier, 2 second job. It's more balanced now, it's great to read positive comments about melody and wording, I'll keep pushing and learning I love all this music and community, in a world were fighting is common place, this is what music was meant for, whatever your flava
JohnSmokey 21st Apr 2022 13:25 -  2 years ago
Pual very nice job. Lyrical content is poetic. Vocals fit the bill there's no two ways about it. Melody was spot on, I like the overlay at the end.
dimestop replied 21st Apr 2022 - 2 years ago
Thanks so much Johnnie, glad you liked the poetic lyric, the words came together well and surprisingly easy, I've had a good life compared to lots but have faced some extremely difficult challenges, maybe this helps me choose the right words to say. I too like the overly it was the last thing I done, was listening just before upload and decided to put it in for the outro. Listened to Walk in the park again just, it's fly bro, was singing bars smiling looking out the window it's a beautiful sunny day too
Zootman 21st Apr 2022 02:46 -  2 years ago
nice work Paul I think your voice sounds really good on this track. Pretty sweet melody and lyrics too.
dimestop replied 21st Apr 2022 - 2 years ago
Thanks for the positive comment Chris, I think it's my best vocal performance, Cru's words ringing in my ears, from come join the party, pronunciation :)) his explanation about how abba done so good with their English pronunciation was a cool example, my accent doesnt help me so really tried hard this time and I don't think I'll have to put the lyrics up, everybody should be able to understand me this time, I do speak English really
BeatMaker4real 21st Apr 2022 02:11 -  2 years ago
Great job on the track dimestop.
Nice catchy melody with that hook.
dimestop replied 21st Apr 2022 - 2 years ago
Thanks bro, I appreciate that, my name and singer shouldn't even be in the same sentence :)) but what the hell, that's what music is supposed to do, lift you, take your mind away from the ugliness of real life, your music lifted me on Sunday, I felt happy, and I give it some time and effort as you know bro, thanks again for lowing me to indulge. I'll put it on my sound cloud too, obviously full credit will go to you for the beautiful music
ioncewas 21st Apr 2022 01:36 -  2 years ago
Been a while Dimestop, still throwing your voice nicely as usual
:) I moved to a different state and lots going on but wanted to come by; good going as usual. good job.
dimestop replied 21st Apr 2022 - 2 years ago
Hey Tom nice to have you about, hope your move has gone well and exciting things are happening for you, same old players are here at different times it's still a great community. Thanks for your positive feedback and I truly hope you find time to join in again mate, take care whatever bro

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