12th Sep 2021 07:37 -  2 years ago
Description : Been out with a bad back the past few weeks so I didn't play any guitars on this one. It's all loops from Ableton, Adobe, EZ Drummer and packs I've accumulated over the years. Weird/industrial/post apocalyptic theme. Vocals have some level or none of the following: guitar amp, overdrive, vocoder and other effects.

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If you have time take a listen and give theHumps some feedback.

MrAxel 19th Sep 2021 20:03 -  2 years ago
Shockingly kool Wayne. You definitely got the vocals for this one. Your song is like something from a movie or tv show tune. You did not hold back in the least bit. This is not weird, because it has a purpose. It is a fun-ny song. Well done.

Mr. Axel
theHumps replied 21st Sep 2021 - 2 years ago
Thanks man!

Tried to make the music sound like it wasn't in any particular key, monotone/bland bass sounds and abstract industrial noises. My mom said it sounded like it should be on tv as well so cinematic in some way.

Danke 18th Sep 2021 09:13 -  2 years ago
Absolute madness Wayne ... for me it's a soundtrack song ... hallucinations, imaginations, moods, deep grey the colour ...
hats off, Danke
theHumps replied 21st Sep 2021 - 2 years ago

Was hoping people wouldn't think it was too far out there.

Modnex 18th Sep 2021 07:20 -  2 years ago
Nice one, Wayne! It's been a while since I heard a song from you. The intro was very fascinating. I loved the experimentation with loops in this track. I don't know why but I got super Halloween vibes from this one, almost a nightmare before Christmas sort of thing. That works perfectly since Halloween is right around the corner. Your voice never disappoints and I was happy to hear it once again. As usual, great track. Adding to my favs.
theHumps replied 21st Sep 2021 - 2 years ago
A Nightmare Before Xmas, I liked that movie a lot, cool reference!

I usually don't use loops, as a practice, as the main foundation of my tracks so when I do it's a lot of fun experimenting with sounds and effects I normally don't use.


xstokes 15th Sep 2021 22:12 -  2 years ago
yeah, Wayne! def takes me back to the residents ‘mark of the mole’ trilogy! nice to hear you in boombaxtic mode, sorry bout yer back tho. damn i dig this!! (ms. A beat me to using deep!)
theHumps replied 18th Sep 2021 - 2 years ago
Thanks, been dealing with the back all my life, comes and goes.

The whole "end of the world" scenario has been done a million times. Million and one. lol

Zootman 14th Sep 2021 19:34 -  2 years ago
But where they gonna run to?! One out of the box from you Wayne, I thoroughly enjoyed this. Drums were great and the little breakdowns were cool to spice things up. That telephone sound reminded me of one I used a while back in my reggae tune. It sets the ambience really well. All over noone home. Felt like this could almost have had some down and dirty electric guitar hitting those down beats maybe.
theHumps replied 18th Sep 2021 - 2 years ago
I'm gonna use poetic license to answer your question. They just ran away. ;)

Jeff Lynne used a ringing telephone loop in Telephone Line and I remember hearing it in another song(Beatle's song maybe).

Just playing with loops and effects. I thought of elec git but was still sore in the back, just started sitting up in front of a computer actually when I did this.


Bilbozo 14th Sep 2021 05:40 -  2 years ago
Pretty atmospheric track. A real spectrum behind the vocals opening the mind to all the sounds happening in the background and the reasoning for them. Great track full of innovation and risk. Score !
theHumps replied 18th Sep 2021 - 2 years ago
Thanks Bill!

Just playing with some sounds and effects that don't get much attention from me. Some great stuff in these daws if you spend some time listening and trying to process/manipulate them to get a desired effect. Sure different than plugging in a git and ripping out a track in a minute or two.

ioncewas 13th Sep 2021 21:38 -  2 years ago
Hi TheHumps, this is nice, really smooth; really great use of the drum loops, really good selection and variety. It actually didn't feel at all weird (genre). It's smooth, I thought of triphop as I was listening. The only element that didn't really fit (to me) was the vocals; I felt like the drums were driving the vocals rather than helping it, and vice versa. It doesn't feel it has a theme. Thanks for sharing. Hope your back isn't something too serious and you're better.
theHumps replied 18th Sep 2021 - 2 years ago
Thanks! Life long back prob that flairs up occasionally, I'll live. :)

I guess without the vocals there isn't much of a story. The effects on them were there to help set the atmosphere and overall feel of the track. Appreciate the feedback!

pseudoble 13th Sep 2021 13:09 -  2 years ago
That wasnt what I was expecting from what Ive heard from you before but it's wonderful and I do recognise some of what I have already loved in your work. This is a little more alt. but still very rich, creative, engaging, and rich in rhythm and melody. Great stuff : )
theHumps replied 13th Sep 2021 - 2 years ago
Surprise, something different!


dimestop 13th Sep 2021 00:53 -  2 years ago
Unmistakenly theHumps that voice never fails to impress, hope your getting well on the way to recovery i want Wayne playing an singing in the old saloon bar with his harmonica too
theHumps replied 13th Sep 2021 - 2 years ago
I tried to disguise my voice with vocoders and overdrive and you still recognized it? ;)


LJmbbremen 12th Sep 2021 22:38 -  2 years ago
What's that? GREAT. Never thought you would do something like that. I asked myself if it's good for you to have a bad back sometimes. I like your style and your music but inbetween it's also good to hear something like that from you. The always, a punch in the face. Don't want to say it but...more please. I hope you don't forget to make your clasical style now, I would miss it. Very well done. Really.
If you don't mind, i think the voice can be a little louder at some points. What I really like are the sounds inbetween and the use of dramatic vocal distortions they fit so well with lyrics. I'm impressed. A cinematic, weird and a little rap style, with your style of singing.
theHumps replied 13th Sep 2021 - 2 years ago
Every once in a while I'll throw some loops together and make something a little bit different. The subject is done often, I've heard many songs about this topic.

No, a bad back is not needed to make songs! lol Life long back issue that kicks in once every few years. I couldn't even sit up for a week, getting better tho.

Thanks Matthias!

sirefox 12th Sep 2021 10:14 -  2 years ago
He quedado impresionado amigo Wayne por las sensaciones tan devastadoras conseguidas con tu pista, una obra de arte que consigue hacer que vivas ese apocalipsis en tu piel, tengo la mejor película en mi cabeza, has conseguido que visualice cada detalle con claridad cinematográfica. Gracias por la descarga y las letras de la canción. Google me la traduce al español lo que me permite vivirlo más intensamente. Buen día compañero. salud y paz.
theHumps replied 13th Sep 2021 - 2 years ago
Thanks again! I tried to keep the words simple and let the music set a scene of chaos and destruction.


CelestiaAngel777 12th Sep 2021 08:37 -  2 years ago
I listened to this & felt compelled to comment, this is outstanding! work! The track absolutely opens up the imagination & gives it wings fly & also to feel the vibes running through the track of what it would be like. Not to mention the amazing lyrics that gives flesh to it all. The picture is clear & and this is seriously deep. TOP! Work

theHumps replied 13th Sep 2021 - 2 years ago
Thanks for the kind words! Just messing around with some loops and trying to get some sort of sound and imagery with the help of a few lyrics.


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