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Tags : | Ambient | 12.17 MB | Acid Pro

Description : It Does not matter if you are left or right, up or down, straight or gay, cis or trans, Black brown yellow or white. religious or secular, capitalist or communist and all the other ism´s between. But are you kind to each other, are you kind to animals. are you a kind person. CAN YOU BE KIND!

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  1. salmanshu
    salmanshu on Mon 7th Dec 2020 - 9 months ago


  2. wiloff
    wiloff on Thu 12th Nov 2020 - 10 months ago

    nice song thans from colombia

  3. bringerofDOOM
    bringerofDOOM on Thu 5th Nov 2020 - 10 months ago

    Very nice soundscapes and premise. You got the whole 8:30.

  4. phantomproduction
    phantomproduction on Wed 4th Nov 2020 - 10 months ago

    I'm no expert in this style, but I think it's pretty cool and fun right now!nice track anyway dude !

  5. DijamMusic
    DijamMusic on Tue 3rd Nov 2020 - 10 months ago

    Hello, wise and learned and Preacher Doc,
    "CAN YOU BE KIND!" well I always try to be unless some idiot steps on my tail.
    The track said it all mate.
    Well done

    ROBINSONRICCI on Mon 2nd Nov 2020 - 10 months ago

    Great song! Congrats from Brazil!

  7. terryjmhitsong
    terryjmhitsong on Mon 2nd Nov 2020 - 10 months ago

    replying your old msg...yes stayin safe here laws here u have past though the west about that...hehe....stay safe.....very cool track here...some hints of apocolypse now..........stellar production cru

  8. Angelusyeux777SC
    Angelusyeux777SC on Mon 2nd Nov 2020 - 10 months ago

    Hi Steven,

    Thank you for the very kind and understanding reply here. You are highly appreciated! indeed. Thanks a million! :)

  9. cyberflares
    cyberflares on Mon 2nd Nov 2020 - 10 months ago

    You know in a crowd or in company of friends i am a picker and chooser as in ill pick my time to say something in the conversation if i feel its worthy of my humble input, But i tell you between you and stokes id love to be in a room and listen to your intellectual conversation between the two of you.

    yes he was kind to his mut and his niece by all accounts some say he had schizophrenia after his 1st spell in ww1 ppl with schizophrenia dont share the same moral thoughts as ppl without that illness either that or he was a complete psychopath either way he had no morals is what i am getting at.

    As for your kind last words man i read this last night or early morning but did not want to reply straight away dam you! you seem to catch me at every corner lol. Thank you very much for your kind words your hospitality is much noted.

    As for your Old Boy sounds like a right codger in the best of ways 86 in still kicking it and sharing his worldly knowledge hats off and respect. Anyone who is willing to share teach and try to help others is a great person within themselves i have and always will have respect for ppl that take time out there lives to try teach learn others the wisdom that they have learned.
    So again man thank you for your kind words over the past few mails and long may they continue. :)
    Cyberflares aka Robin

  10. RitajustRita
    RitajustRita on Mon 2nd Nov 2020 - 10 months ago

    This is a story what you called schizoid in a good way .
    But your track flows so nicely.
    its your experience and your way of thinking and expression .
    I hope that i can do that to 1 day in this way.

    About the question.
    I will always be good to animals.
    I will never hurt people on purpose
    I believe in honesty and reliability and respect.
    With all my respect for the believers of all religions.
    some of them can go to church or mosque or whatever,
    thinking that it will make them a better person,
    but when they come out they move on with their untrustworthy life like many hypocrites do.

    You can believe or not believe it doesn't matter what race you are.
    Fair and good to your fellow humans and animals is all that matters

  11. cyberflares
    cyberflares on Sun 1st Nov 2020 - 10 months ago

    cracking tune man took me off on one of my many wonderful brain journeys.

    As to your question, would i help a blind /old/ person across the road or go run a earn for them? yes.
    If i was in a stranded island with a slightly over weighted person who loved there grub and the only thing we had was a slice of bread would i share it? yes.
    Would i feel sad about the roadkill at the side of the road or help a wounded animal/human? yes
    Would i expect anything in return for this ? the answer is most def No
    That my friend is kindness in my humble opinion.

    Reply by crucethus

    The standard definition: ¨The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.¨
    I mean Hitler was kind to his German Sheppard, it´s just everyone else... well not so much. To me, Kindness is the Human response to another human or animal who is vulnerable in a moment, and you have a moral question to ask yourself, Do I help this person ( or animal) or do I help myself.
    My father, 84 (is) a volunteer fireman for the last 66 years. He in his heyday was a heavy rescue (car accidents). Now he is more of a teacher, mentor, wisdom provider for the younger members (who treat him with the utmost respect (and kindness). he has been a great example to me about what it means to be involved in your community, and he sacrificed time with his family for that. When I embarked on making this tune I was not trying to uncork such a pandora's box of thought and emotion, but I'm really glad that I did, because of Kind people like yourself on this site and others who take the time to comment and bring good cheer to us all. so Thank you, my friend, for your kindness towards me and others. We cannot forget that is the best part of humanity!!

  12. xstokes
    xstokes on Sun 1st Nov 2020 - 10 months ago

    love the free-associative innerspaciness, gently tugging the synapses in considering your question. the music is suasive; the question is thorny. kindness is a virtue i believe everyone possesses to some degree and it is redemptive by its very nature, but it’s not absolution. but you do lead me to conclude a commitment to kind behaviors is the best path towards resolution.... the alternative approach has certainly had its day.

    Reply by crucethus

    I did not realize that when I said ¨are you a kind person¨ so many would reflect on that thought. cool...

    I guess Kindness would fall under the Cardinal virtue of temperance. But Aurelius Clemen Prudentius lists it as one of his 7 virtues. (chastity, temperance, charity, diligence, patience, kindness, and humility). It does bring a counterbalance to the: lustful appetite (gluttony, fornication, and avarice), irascibility (wrath), corruption of the mind (vainglory, sorrow, pride, and discouragement).

    BTW, your mastery of vocabulary is extraordinary and very impressive on this end as I love the intricacies of the english language.

    CINCOCENT on Sun 1st Nov 2020 - 10 months ago

    Great question. It didnt take to an adult to start respecting animals. But im one who always analyzes my behavior and how i treat others if they mistreat me how to react in a kindful mature manner. But anyways ambience and piano works is sick and drum works is great! Good job STEVEN all the way aground especially message!

    Reply by crucethus

    I thank you, and I truly believe the idea of being an adult is just smoke and mirrors and we are all basically children, just some with better manners than others. ;-)

  14. theHumps
    theHumps on Sun 1st Nov 2020 - 10 months ago

    I believe our innate state of being is one of compassion and wisdom. You gotta learn to be a dink. lol

    And I was feeling so good as I listen and then some cool notes, pauses, some neat percussion all starts happening. Some great undertones that happen behind what's out front that work against each other and also so well with each other. Great track Steve!

    Extra-sensory dude. ;)


    Reply by crucethus

    Altruism is a key component in our evolution and our success. But also among primates, dominance and hierarchy are important as well. Eno has taught me about harmonics and undertones. Ferry about percussion.

    ESP to the max Wayne ;-)

  15. Angelusyeux777SC
    Angelusyeux777SC on Sun 1st Nov 2020 - 10 months ago

    Hi Steve,

    WOW! WOW! this is taking me to some beautiful places I like the feel of this track, Man, every time I think I have heard the best I am floored by another meticulous & outstanding! piece of musical craftsmanship by you Steve.

    You truly have your finger on the pulse a million times over, it penetrates hearts & minds. I'll say it like it is, you raise the bar so high every single time, when listening to your work I'm hypnotized! and transported somewhere so desirable. In truth, you have a very remarkable musical intelligence not seen before but also you have the voice of reason that many seem to lack. It's people like you that restores faith in humanity, all is not lost.

    Am i kind?...yes I am, though I find because I am a kind person also an empath by nature some people see that as either fake or some kind of weakness and TRY to take advantage of that, I won't allow it. I don't care who it is, when they give me a reason to withdraw, distance or go off on them sometimes though rarely, I prefer to remove myself from such people suddenly I can be seen as cold, aloof, or the bad one. I have seen many here on LM who deliver the goods (Musically) but are far from humble or kind, i think people believe just because someone gives a nice comment or says nice things, that, that, constitutes them as being "NICE" I know the psychology of humans/minds well enough to know that many people pretend to be nice because they want something or it portrays a picture to the world that is false not genuine but most times it's not genuine & I have the ability to see straight through the BS but yes I am kind by nature helped so many people in my life in so many ways, like my mother says, If we cannot help another human being when in need, then what are we here for..My beautiful mother is a real Angel that's why my pops fell hard for her haha

    Enough of the essay here just wanted to get my point across.

    EXCELLENCE!! is in all you do Steve, this is GOLD!

    Reply by crucethus

    So... Thank you(truly) Thank You. You are an Angel in the most visceral form... I wanted to take some time to absorb what you have said so I can respond to you in a measured but emotional response. First off I am blown away at the response to this song from the Listener comments. Mostly because I did not ask the question to the listener (Are you kind) but I guess it's been interpreted that way by some, and the responses are amazing. It's making people think about something. I did not intend that but I am very grateful that the way its received is so thought-provoking. When I embark on making these tunes I have no idea where they will end up, nor if there good. sometimes I think I have a great sound, and no one really listens. And other times I put something out there thinking, well that's not my best stuff, and lo and behold the looperman world explodes with triumphant acceptance. I´ve given up understanding that aspect and I am ok with that. BTW your mother is very wise. I don´t see you per se as cold or aloof, as I can be as well. I can use passive-aggressiveness with the best of them and I will out logic someone until they just assume I´m an asshole. But you. You, my darling, someone hurt you a long time ago and you are guarded in letting in strangers to comment on your work, singing life, and art, and I can understand and respect that approach. When I was younger around 24 I was hurt real bad by someone I loved, who betrayed me, and it made me very jaded and protective of myself in matters of emotion, love, but it also allowed me to explore the inner me, and I explored life, and re-engaged this path of music that we all can enjoy today here on looperman. Thanks to my (now) wife who allowed me to open up again and live and explore (heck I moved to a whole new country) and realize anything is possible if you can trust again. Do I have an Ego (of course)? Do I like the praise I get which re-enforces the music I make (Sure)? But at the end of the day, I am making music for myself that I enjoy listening to. All the accolades afterward are just Icing on top of the cake as they say. We can't really comment to you on your songs, but you have such a talent and a sweet voice and a massively keen sense of the type of music you do. Sometimes your ¨Kind¨ words are better than that first cup of coffee in the morning to get some of us going. So don´t change that ¨Kindness¨ in you, and don´t worry about the small stuff. As you get older you realize it´s not important.
    I wish you well. You and your partner to be safe and healthy and have a great day.

  16. Format
    Format on Sun 1st Nov 2020 - 10 months ago

    Preeach! I can be kinda kind I guess. Nice track crucethus!

    Reply by crucethus

    I think you are a kind person, there is no doubt on this end mate.

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SERIALCHILLER : 0000003-0000094 (Chilla Synth Skank Riff),
DJKNIGHTLIFE420 : 0165908-0027771 (Toxic Whistle),
TARATOXIC : 0096919-0027238 (Pan flute),
GUITARGURU : 0057331-0003621 (Harmonic 2),
MINOR2GO : 0159051-0031469 (Power Rap T7 Marimba Flanged),
SHATNER : 0227480-0045258 (Battle On),
MHYST : 0203623-0017135 (Celtic Vibrato Flute Melody),
REI4REAL : 0039029-0005928 (Rei zapjam05 A 90),
KASHYAP : 0040306-0015442 (Beat it up 2).

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