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Description : Music Dmitry Milovanov

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  1. xstokes
    xstokes on Mon 20th Jul 2020 - 9 months ago

    this is a book. really really good book.

    Reply by Shaman77


  2. ronabo
    ronabo on Sun 19th Jul 2020 - 9 months ago

    Shaman77, I love the harmonica. The guitar is nice. I love the structure. Good Job!

    Reply by Shaman77


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The words smell like a woman, on empty paper
It smells like a woman a rock in a stormy ocean
Smells like a woman a primer, the top five
The mattress on the next shelf smells like a woman
It smells like heaven and earth, roses and rockets
It smells like a woman, a Titanic that sank somewhere
Smells like a woman soldier: homeland sent
Smells like a woman cognac, smells like a bar
Mustache, beard and hat smell of a woman
I smell a woman's underpants, I smell a drunk dad
Smells like a woman baby crying without Tits
Smells like a woman a kitten, I can smell her dwelling
Smells like a woman iPhone, new and ringing
Smells like a woman cheeky, yelling at you
Smells like a woman theater, from the hanger to the hall
Smells like a woman tickets purchased pair
It smells of joy and longing, jokes and reproaches
She also smells casually, thick hints
The pillars along the flashing highway smell of a woman
It smells like a woman water from a flower vase
Smells like a woman actor playing his role
The janitor also smells it, sweeping the yard
Smells like a woman a student with his credit card
The smell of a woman is that of a sailor who is not in love with her
It smells like bad dreams, a series of insomnia
Mechanical days and smiles of Schoolgirls
Smells like a woman, a huckster who wants a lot
Smells like a woman brick, not for nothing flying
It smells like a woman-stopcock in the vestibule of the car
The graves at the foot of the throne smell of a woman
The smell of a woman is a trifle, in General, and the main thing
Smells like a woman rite, beggars at the temple
Smells like a woman ascetic, God-fearing the same
Smells like a woman skeleton, mole on the face
Smell of a woman falling straight to the bottom
I smell like a woman I have holes in my pocket
And do not wash off this persistent smell
And words about it will all be forever dripping
Suddenly it all started spinning, I don't know when
But it looks like we were kicked out of Paradise.



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