Tags : | House | 9.63 MB | FL Studio

Description : This song is about embracing life, so be ALIVE! SoundCloud; dj-slt-uk video made via rotorvideos.com and cost $20; ttps://youtu.be/Nis-LMFNOi8 just add the letter h at the front of the youtube link

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    BONEZONMARZ on Fri 1st May 2020 - 2 months ago

    not bad at all

    Reply by DJSLTUK

    Cheers BOM

  2. pdxfractal
    pdxfractal on Wed 29th Apr 2020 - 2 months ago

    The production is super clean. Great work!

    Reply by DJSLTUK

    Thanks Kindly for your comment

  3. Penthousecat
    Penthousecat on Tue 28th Apr 2020 - 2 months ago

    Great work man

    Reply by DJSLTUK

    Cheers Penthouscat

  4. 1lookurhooked
    1lookurhooked on Sun 26th Apr 2020 - 2 months ago


    Reply by DJSLTUK

    Thanks kindly my favorite singer:)

  5. Format
    Format on Sun 26th Apr 2020 - 2 months ago

    Very nice track DJ-SLT-UK, great work my friend.

    Reply by DJSLTUK

    Cheers Format,

    Got a few more ready to go...but i have to learn how to master myself as its going to get too expensive to outsource:) Thank God for Ozone9

  6. YungSedi
    YungSedi on Sun 26th Apr 2020 - 2 months ago

    I like the mix on this, very nice

    Reply by DJSLTUK

    Cheers YungSedi

    there was a little time spent with the mix but just spent $800aus to get Izotope Ozone9 Advanced so eventually i will get this mastered my way...will send of too Monarch Mastering (found at soundcloud) so i can get a 2nd set of ears on it from a person dedicated to mastering then i have a reference template for all future mixes of Electronic music

  7. Gorizont
    Gorizont on Fri 24th Apr 2020 - 2 months ago

    Cool track!! Great vocals and piano,I feel something listening to this!!!Keep up the good work!!!

    Reply by DJSLTUK

    I did create it with the piano and strings thought of as the icing on the cake for emotion capture as the final inclusion into a thumping dance tune.

  8. Nodog
    Nodog on Fri 24th Apr 2020 - 2 months ago

    Thumpin and pumpin and its ALLLLLLIIIIIVVVVVVEEEEEE :) lovin it.

    Reply by DJSLTUK

    Cheers Nodog for the kind feedback

  9. ZoxoSonor
    ZoxoSonor on Thu 23rd Apr 2020 - 2 months ago

    bloodstream invigorating!

    I raise my hat.

    Reply by DJSLTUK

    Thanks Kindly Sir

  10. RuslanG
    RuslanG on Thu 23rd Apr 2020 - 2 months ago

    Great work, awesome mixing!

    Reply by DJSLTUK

    Thankyou RuslanG

    Just got my hands on izotops Ozone 9 Advanced so once i get my head around it i will master this song.

  11. InitiumMusic
    InitiumMusic on Mon 20th Apr 2020 - 2 months ago

    I believe this one tops the list of my favorites from you. This is the era of house and trance I grew up with (and love the most).

    I can't wait to be shown the music video for it.

    Reply by DJSLTUK

    Hi Clay,

    Thankyou once again for you kind words and would have to agree with you...this one flowed naturally for me after Remember This took alot of taming to get right..i listened to Henry Pascals advice and worked on his suggestions and now im happy. Was thinking of you when i thought i must place some cello, violins and Cor Anglais (my Fav instrument) in the bridge and cresendo of the track as i know very few people are using orchestral sounds for 4-4 house songs and i write in 4-32 for most dance music.

    Kindest Regards Friend,

  12. swansea
    swansea on Mon 20th Apr 2020 - 2 months ago

    Very nice man, good job on this track!

    Reply by DJSLTUK

    Cheers swansea,

    Much appreciated


  13. Stereonomicon
    Stereonomicon on Sun 19th Apr 2020 - 2 months ago

    Excellent track with a clean and professional mix. Excellent stereo panorama that offers an immersive sensation. The synths have a sound that recalls the 90s and that I find very pleasant. The subtle melancholy that pervades the song makes it even more interesting.

    Reply by DJSLTUK

    Thanks for the feedback it means alot to hear your words of wisdom..currently into 2nd day of video creation for this song so i can release this around May

    Kind Regards,

  14. BaoBou
    BaoBou on Sun 19th Apr 2020 - 2 months ago

    Very beautiful, well done!

    Reply by DJSLTUK

    Thanks Kindly BaoBou

    It has a catchy yet emotional -/+ presence about it..guess it will come down to the listeners feelings at the time.


  15. BeatMaker4real
    BeatMaker4real on Sun 19th Apr 2020 - 2 months ago

    Yeap, using the series 4 pro version..They do have some pretty cool stock programs,I really like Impact and their pro eq.

    Reply by DJSLTUK

    Thanks for that reply...as im intrigued also by their harmonizer scaler..and a few other cool features it comes packed with...could be a good system to use for final mixdowns i think.

    Cheers champ


  16. BeatMaker4real
    BeatMaker4real on Sun 19th Apr 2020 - 2 months ago

    Nice work on the track, love that vox.

    Reply by DJSLTUK

    Thanks BM4R,

    She creates a real erie yet warm flow in that vox thats why i had to throw that into the blender and give it a mix.

    Are you using Studio One .4 Pro series?

    Been checking that out recently so i can use on my companies soundcraft mixers during large events as i do like some of the programs that come with the Professional series.


  17. DijamMusic
    DijamMusic on Sun 19th Apr 2020 - 2 months ago

    Wow wow Hello Mate.
    I really like this track mate.
    I love the Robert Miles style.
    Well done my man.

    Reply by DJSLTUK

    Hi Jamid,

    Im getting there bud...1 track at a time.

    But as you said you are no good at this..well atleast we are equal then as i too im just a noob lol.

    Kind Regards,

  18. crucethus
    crucethus on Sun 19th Apr 2020 - 2 months ago

    Nice intro, then that bass is smooth. The production is superb as usual. Completely captures that era of trance, in some ways I hear Paul Van Dyk (For an Angel) in your usage of arpeggios. I can hear in my head a darker remix for this one, as it is melancholy in some ways. The Cor Anglais is sublime in this. I being a Roxy Music fan always loved Andy´s Oboe treatments. Well done, as always.

    Reply by DJSLTUK

    Hi Cru,

    Actually in the process to creating a video for this song as i feel its needs to be better spread.

    Paul Van Dyk is he still floating around these days been years ive seen him..think we were on the same line up in Adelaide many years ago...memories

    the Cor Anglais is my favorite sound i love the instrument as to me it takes music back to the medievel times but can be used to create really nice parts in music

    Roxy Music ..theres a name i havent heard in years.


  19. Juliooliveira
    Juliooliveira on Sun 19th Apr 2020 - 2 months ago

    I really liked the song as a whole, but the bass synth lines were amazing.
    The piano, too, very clean, gives all the atmosphere that takes our mind to other landscapes.


    Reply by DJSLTUK

    Thanks kindly Julio,

    Any praise coming from must mean im heading down a positive path.


  20. SliMusic
    SliMusic on Sat 18th Apr 2020 - 2 months ago

    This is pretty good work, don't have much else to say here. Keep at it!

    Reply by DJSLTUK

    Cheers for taking the time to listen SliMusic.


  21. AnomalyJ
    AnomalyJ on Sat 18th Apr 2020 - 2 months ago

    I like it, just the right amount of oohh and ahhhs...nice transition in tempo solid groovy baseline, and I love the strings, nice track.

    Reply by DJSLTUK

    Glad you liked it AnomalyJ

    Welcome too LM

    Kindest Regards,

  22. bitronix
    bitronix on Sat 18th Apr 2020 - 2 months ago

    I really love the vocal work, and all the elements here in track really serve their own purpose such as the drums, the arpeggio, the pads, bass line, they all speak together a story.

    Stay safe!

    Reply by DJSLTUK

    Hi bitronix,

    The hardest part was trying to get the real cello and 1st violins sounds from the philamonic orchestra to behave and still sound real as i run them thru some note scales...kinda worked...its all in the release of the hold.

    Thanks for listening and love your chiptune..super cool song!


  23. ShawnPonthetrack
    ShawnPonthetrack on Sat 18th Apr 2020 - 2 months ago

    Pretty nice trance mix.. Liking the strings and piano..the synths add a nice flavor as well...

    Reply by DJSLTUK

    Thanks Shawn,

    Im close to finding my element in this area of music and then i will diversify the heck out of it...first create clean radio mixes and once im happy with what im doing then i can set out to create 7-8 minute extended versions where theres space for rises and drops.

    Kind Regards,

  24. HenryPascal
    HenryPascal on Fri 17th Apr 2020 - 2 months ago

    I love the choice to keep the kick not so fat, thus keeping faith with the delicacy of the theme. The vocals are too strong, my tip is cut the mid tones and add a reverb, playing with crossfading among wet and dry, then add a dynamic panning. The lead sound perhaps not entirely adequate with the rest of the atmosphere, in its place I would have chosen something more delicate (and less incisive). The presence of Robert Miles is strong here, as it were in your previous track. My tip is try to vary and not insist too much (and always) on the same format, in the long run it could be repetitive and a little bit boring.

    I hope you are not offended by what I wrote, in my comments I always try to be objective and to give sincere feedback. On the other hand, you have talent, so surely you can do much more!

    Reply by DJSLTUK

    Haha never offended as im only on Looperman for getting feedback -/+ as its important for improving the craft and also most on here say 'Great Track' or nice mix just to bump their own song up the list...so i appreciate your words of wisdom and will play around with the lead as it bothered me in this one...also the vocals def needs more love as i left them raw apart from adding the Valhalla Shimmer thru them and the Polyverse Wider effect.

    Thanks Kindly Henry i will get onto those minor issues later and adjust.


  25. danke
    danke on Fri 17th Apr 2020 - 2 months ago

    This is much more Robert Miles than your previous effort...and much better :-)...no, I really donno what is your best performance, cause all of them are professional works...don't understand what you are looking for here?

    11/10, feetshake, Danke

    Reply by DJSLTUK

    Looking....oh im not looking for anything here at Looperman...im just here as LM is like the mafia...'sure you can leave, but you will return' lol

    Yep i was trying to weigh up if this was more Robert Miles style or "Remember This'...i think overall the song is but piano not...must get use to this Piano1 vst that Dijiam displayed in one of his songs as i like the sound.

    Thanks kindly danke


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