Tags : | Funk | 7.87 MB | Acid Pro

Description : an electro-acid-funk- tune to make you smile. Happy Valentine's day.

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  1. Matador98
    Matador98 on Mon 27th Apr 2020 - 1 month ago

    kickass bass line and solid drum beat. Well arranged and like the break dowms. Great job.

  2. Ortegaj
    Ortegaj on Mon 6th Apr 2020 - 1 month ago

    Muy buena!

    Reply by crucethus

    Excellente mucho gracious!

  3. ramsinghelijah
    ramsinghelijah on Tue 31st Mar 2020 - 1 month ago


  4. MichaelMayo
    MichaelMayo on Tue 18th Feb 2020 - 3 months ago

    That intro reminds me of a song

  5. geoffvt
    geoffvt on Tue 18th Feb 2020 - 3 months ago

    Great track i see an action movie in it :) well done

  6. Aramosa
    Aramosa on Tue 18th Feb 2020 - 3 months ago

    What a great track!

    Reply by crucethus

    Thank you so much!

  7. joecramer
    joecramer on Sun 16th Feb 2020 - 3 months ago

    I am not sure but in a way i think more of this electro acid funk could save the world!
    If not, ok, then we had at least some cool music!
    I really could enjoy the listen to this nice piece of music.
    Maybe it is a bit in the style of the 80's but that only reminds me on a time where we all lived in a real reality and had together some real fun .... do you remember the days where we could enjoy a weekend with friends while dancing and drinking and running around without any look at any screen at all for more then 48 hours?

    Fine work Cru!

    stay tuned

    Reply by crucethus

    Thanks, Joe.
    I do remember the days when we went out and were not slaves to a 5-inch computer. I remember dialing my girlfriend on a rotary phone and pissed off that she had a zero in her number. I Remember ordering vinyl and then a CD (Usually a Roxy Music record)from Europe from my local record store because imports were a rarity. I also remember scraping enough cash to buy a cheap keyboard and cassette recorder. I remember taking the breaks from a 12 inch single to create the drums from my early songs that sounded like shite. The good and the bad. I remember feeling alot less anxious about things in general.
    I am glad you liked this one.
    Danke, Steve

  8. DijamMusic
    DijamMusic on Sat 15th Feb 2020 - 3 months ago

    WooW! this track is racking Dr Rock.
    Mate, I think we'll have to call you Dr Rock from now on.
    Brilliant track mate as usual.
    Grand job

    Reply by crucethus

    Hey Mate, Harry, Majid, George. I Think I´m gonna call you Sybil (circa la cinema) from now on relating to your multiple personalities.

  9. Nous2
    Nous2 on Sat 15th Feb 2020 - 3 months ago

    J'aime bien justement la progression de ton son. Ca bounce !! Tu devais etre heureux quand tu l'as composée !!
    Bon travail

    Reply by crucethus

    Oui, j'étais en quelque sorte heureux. J'essayais d'émuler un son Todd Terje. Ce n'est pas exactement comme son travail, mais plutôt mon propre son en hommage à son travail. Merci beaucoup d'avoir commenté.

  10. MichaelMayo
    MichaelMayo on Sat 15th Feb 2020 - 3 months ago

    Ayeeee bring the 80s back

    Reply by crucethus

    Why not? But with a twist ehh!

  11. theHumps
    theHumps on Sat 15th Feb 2020 - 3 months ago

    The song is interesting and well put together. Not really my cup o tea but I'll listen to anything and try to learn or get something from what I'm hearing.

    My only suggestion is the compressor or limiter on the master channel. Looking at the waveform I was readying my ears, it was kinda loud. Now I know lots of electronic music usually looks like this when it comes to the waveform.

    Now, it's a neat track, reminds me of music from an early Eddie Murphy movie or from a cinematic approach from that time, mid late 80's. I want some things more out front and others in the back, there's a lot of elements and sounds you brought in and everything is getting the same attention in the mix. Depth is what i need, lol.

    Lots of percussion, a good thing!


    Reply by crucethus

    Yo Wayne
    Thanks for your comment.
    Don´t be afraid of the wave.
    On the mp3 version, I used a VST called Sausage Fattener. Sausage Fattener is like a compressor but not exactly. It is more designed to add fatness and color to the mix. (¨ On everything. Yes, you can use the Sausage Fattener as a mastering plugin. Just put it on the mastering
    channel (after all your limiters, EQ:s and other stuff) and turn the FATNESS up to around 10% or a bit less.
    The result is a bigger and louder track. Get heard through the noise.¨)The wave gets pushed by the gain. On the master wave, there is plenty of dynamic headroom left. I use looperman to release more experimental sounds and try out how to use some of the VST´s I have. For example on the last part of the song, you hear a piano stab. That was me playing around with Valhalla´s Uber-Mod VST. Now for the style of song, I have been lurking around the Gouranga site on youtube which is a fun collection of modern DJś re-working old disco tunes, and eighties electro and such. Todd Terje, a brilliant Norweigan DJ-Artist-Remixer, does an amazing mix of an old eighties Turkish tune called Yali, Yali. He brought the bass up in the mix and added some cool acid tones to it but kept it simple and with an awesome groove. That's what's influencing my work right now. So yes it will have an eighties undertone.
    Always a pleasure

  12. Angelusyeux777SC
    Angelusyeux777SC on Sat 15th Feb 2020 - 3 months ago

    Wooo! this track is on fire! Cru, loved every minute of listening to this, had me *Dancing* and boogying down to this for real!...one of the best funky tracks i have heard so far here on LM, wow! nice! :) hope you had a great valentines also. Such a yummy track, the title is fitting. Kudos!


    Reply by crucethus

    I´m Glad, you liked it. This is an exercise in something old and new.

  13. orbit14
    orbit14 on Sat 15th Feb 2020 - 3 months ago

    good track

    Reply by crucethus

    Thank You

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