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Tags : | Big Room | 4.71 MB | FL Studio

Description : Please let me know what you think of this track!

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  1. sseldneniar
    sseldneniar on Mon 14th Jun 2021 - 5 months ago

    Fun house vibes and great vocals. The drop was magical!

  2. Melopacc
    Melopacc on Fri 22nd Jan 2021 - 10 months ago

    Top notch

  3. zombr3x
    zombr3x on Wed 25th Nov 2020 - 1 year ago

    Nice !!!!

  4. RoofUfff
    RoofUfff on Thu 9th Apr 2020 - 1 year ago


  5. mrguineapig
    mrguineapig on Sun 19th Jan 2020 - 1 year ago

    Wheep :)

  6. mirkoguarnaccia
    mirkoguarnaccia on Mon 9th Dec 2019 - 1 year ago

    Good job man

  7. DrLex
    DrLex on Mon 25th Nov 2019 - 2 years ago

    this track is really nice

  8. miramarfun
    miramarfun on Mon 4th Nov 2019 - 2 years ago

    very good

  9. Neerav
    Neerav on Sun 1st Sep 2019 - 2 years ago

    Yes good job like much

  10. payatention
    payatention on Fri 2nd Aug 2019 - 2 years ago


  11. lakshyaraj
    lakshyaraj on Wed 31st Jul 2019 - 2 years ago

    nice going beo

  12. ROBERT1113
    ROBERT1113 on Mon 29th Jul 2019 - 2 years ago


  13. kuroninfo
    kuroninfo on Mon 29th Jul 2019 - 2 years ago


  14. NATHVN
    NATHVN on Mon 29th Jul 2019 - 2 years ago

    Love the vocals!!

  15. monsterage
    monsterage on Sun 28th Jul 2019 - 2 years ago

    sounds really good! I would like to hear that "vip" version as well.

  16. Danke
    Danke on Sun 28th Jul 2019 - 2 years ago

    you know, I'm not good in your genres but I get the sheer professionalism from your works...I like the creativity that you transfered Junior's voice...or did he record it like this???

    handshae, Danke

    Reply by C4MP

    i pitched it up 3 semitones. and thank you for the complements! im actually making a vip version, with the vocal pitched normally.

  17. Format
    Format on Sun 28th Jul 2019 - 2 years ago

    Sounds really good. Epic feel, well mixed.

  18. TobyKinuta
    TobyKinuta on Sun 28th Jul 2019 - 2 years ago

    GOOD SHIT MFUCKA YEE that club shit

  19. wolfStudio
    wolfStudio on Sun 28th Jul 2019 - 2 years ago

    Very good mix with the vocals, sounds great throughout, I thought the track was over halfway through.

  20. Alien
    Alien on Sat 27th Jul 2019 - 2 years ago

    Nice EDM track! The vocals, fit well in the mix. I think everything is well put together. Good arrangement... But somehow I didn't feel surprised until 2:42.
    Very good track though.


    Reply by C4MP

    yeah i really thought the 2nd buildup being different from the first one would be a good change up

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