Description : True story

Heat series

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  1. DrowsyCarnivore
    DrowsyCarnivore on Sun 14th Jul 2019 - 1 day ago

    Oh shiznit! Dope flow man! Crazy high hats!

  2. tekreck
    tekreck on Wed 10th Jul 2019 - 6 days ago

    Good. Music.

  3. LilMicFlowKrazy
    LilMicFlowKrazy on Tue 9th Jul 2019 - 6 days ago

    ITS LIT!!!!

  4. Format
    Format on Sun 7th Jul 2019 - 1 week ago

    I think this song is funny, catchy and creative. But most of all I love your personality bro. It really shows through the music. Keep rockin my g.

    Reply by FIWURK

    Thx bro,I'm trying my guy.I'm getting tried of rapping about negativity all time...and it would be really cool if somebody sang that chorus for a nigga.

  5. Alien
    Alien on Sat 6th Jul 2019 - 1 week ago

    This feels almost surreal now, my advice is: if you can't handle the heat get out of the kitchen. ;)
    When I post music, I don't fight negative comments... in fact I welcome them, they usually teach you something and always more fun than "great job, well done,....".
    I never expect anyone to like my stuff besides me.

    Ego and anger usually get in the way of anything constructive. Everyone chill.

    Anyway when's your next track coming up?

    Reply by FIWURK

    That's very true my brother. I'm working on it,I'm learning bro.peace and love

  6. priest39
    priest39 on Fri 5th Jul 2019 - 1 week ago

    Funky track you got here, laid back, smooth and catchy, super nice lyrics, awesome work fam, Larry

    Reply by FIWURK

    Thx fam,much love

  7. BadRadio
    BadRadio on Thu 4th Jul 2019 - 1 week ago

    Came here to comment on the track... and then I read the comments. And then I read the comments you left on damonb's tracks.
    You lot need to chill. I'm not here to take sides, you're both as bad as eachother.

    Reply by FIWURK

    ? Damon and I is cool...u should've read the whole thing or simply commented on the song.peace and love

  8. monsterage
    monsterage on Wed 3rd Jul 2019 - 1 week ago

    lmao I agree with the description for some reason it also made me lol cause it needed to be said, I like rap but I aint no expert on the matter... still real criticism from someone that actually knows what they are talking about means more than just a random guy saying "this is trash".

    Reply by FIWURK

    WHERE IS YOUR COMMENT CONCERNING SHES A CUTIE? : ) SMH...MY POINT IN THE DESCRIPTION IS,IF HIP HOP HEADS WERE MORE HONEST ALOT OF PPL ON LOOPERMAN FEELINGS WOULD BE HURT.BIG FACTS.Like yo Gotti said,men lie,women lie,numbers dont.numbers say that the majority of the world favors hip hop.the numbers also say that alot of these genres are I said,ppl can have a opinion but numbers are facts.

  9. 2nick8
    2nick8 on Tue 2nd Jul 2019 - 2 weeks ago

    Very chic n hip..nice work.

  10. prizewell
    prizewell on Tue 2nd Jul 2019 - 2 weeks ago

    whooptie whoop.. i fux wit dis mein!

  11. damonb
    damonb on Sat 29th Jun 2019 - 2 weeks ago

    no worries man sorry about the misunderstanding there is a lot of hidden meanings in my lyrics like rundmc hiting the crack pipe so high on fame they were not ready for the fat boys fat boys choken on pork fat boys made a movie called the dissorderlees where they were chokeing on a ham sub when the got the call

    DJSLTUK on Sat 29th Jun 2019 - 2 weeks ago

    Sweet lyrics in the verses ... some nice techniques the sounds used to create this deep tune.

    Do your vocals a favor and grab the Polyverse Mod called "COMET" you'll be amazed how super fly your voice will transform.

    I enjoyed this alot..infact oops just pressed play again:)

    Going to listen to another one of your songs i noticed on here as ive been away touring for the last 6 months so ive alot of songs to listen too ...but really enjoying your productions so far big ups!


    Regards DJ-SLT-UK

    Reply by FIWURK

    Bro,I appreciate your advice alot,I'm gonna check it out.PAY ATTENTION EVERYONE THIS IS GOOD ADVICE

  13. tekreck
    tekreck on Sat 29th Jun 2019 - 2 weeks ago

    If William Shakespeare were alive

  14. damonb
    damonb on Fri 28th Jun 2019 - 2 weeks ago

    and I was exspalining I do know rap and gave lyrics to a song I wrote a bout the history of rap

  15. damonb
    damonb on Fri 28th Jun 2019 - 2 weeks ago

    sorry man you miss understood me I have a writeing problem I gave you a good coment defending you telling you if its not broke don't fix it and you replyed I know nothing a bout rap so I said I have a rap hit then typed out lyrics to a song that was a hit it was about how rap was made it all stated when some black guy farted means beat boxing he sold it too the fat boys so on please don't play the race card on me be cause I had many relation ships in my p-ast with black wemeon austrailian pourtarican mexican and am married to a brit

    Reply by FIWURK

    No bro,u misunderstood me.i meant that ppl have to know rap in order to give advice concerning it.i can't give valid advice concerning something that I'm not very familiar with.i liked your comment, I thought it was real.i agreed,I was referring to those that don't know hip was just a misunderstanding bro,let's hit the reset button brother.peace and love damon

  16. CitizenMofo2
    CitizenMofo2 on Fri 28th Jun 2019 - 2 weeks ago

    Head bopping, big grin. Love this.

  17. wikkid
    wikkid on Thu 27th Jun 2019 - 2 weeks ago


    Damon wrote song lyrics in his extra posts to you (after his first comment), in an attempt to explain that he also wrote a rap song and what its about. Sometimes his stream of consciousness takes a bit of deciphering. And yeah, the lyrics contain things better left unsaid.

    Damon explained early on that he'd experienced some sort of brain injury/trauma.
    I have personal experience with this (close relative). The difference is my relative can express his thoughts better and more sociable via computer than when conversing face to face.

    You can always contact the site owner Looperman/Shan to get Damon's extra comments deleted.

    Hope this helps.

    Reply by FIWURK

    I want everyone to see it but thx

  18. damonb
    damonb on Wed 26th Jun 2019 - 2 weeks ago

    I WROTE THAT SONG CAUSE SOME GUY NAMED BOOMER came into the roomah and told me my song wasn't hip hop when it was b4 hip hop copyed it hiphop trap and rap is a bunch of resampled ideas from other peoples work kinda like having the lil sister brother copy cat I know you are but what ami I know you are but what am I iknow you are but what am i

    Reply by FIWURK

    bro this the first song that i wrote without any cursing or negativity,smh.bro,if you want something to hate about check me out on bluff city law this september.peace and love cucksucker

  19. tsochai
    tsochai on Wed 26th Jun 2019 - 2 weeks ago

    im here jammin out to looperman tracks, saw damon left a few comments on the track i came to check out.
    i'd like to apologize on his behalf, no place for that

    you know its all love homie

    Reply by FIWURK

    bro,this is the first song i wrote without any cursing or negativity...and this

  20. damonb
    damonb on Wed 26th Jun 2019 - 2 weeks ago

    I used to do this whn I was 11 but you grow out of it like watching fake wrestleing when you grow up and relize how fake and stupid it is

  21. damonb
    damonb on Wed 26th Jun 2019 - 2 weeks ago

    one more typeo I wish you wealth I wish you health now go fuck your self

  22. damonb
    damonb on Wed 26th Jun 2019 - 2 weeks ago

    I MAY NOT BE THE LYRICAL JESSY JAMES BUT WHEN IT COMES TO MUSIC listen to what I got to say been doing this befor a lot on here were born

  23. damonb
    damonb on Wed 26th Jun 2019 - 2 weeks ago

    I fogot a line up where it say neither do they time share line its --- idont care cause they don't fucking live there they live in bellair they hang out onlong beach where they all have time shaRE

  24. damonb
    damonb on Wed 26th Jun 2019 - 2 weeks ago

    singing is a gods gift music is a talent and yes I have a rap hit ;; it all STARTED when some black guy farted RIGHT FROM HIS LIPS WHEN THE DAMN THINGS PARTED it made aNOISE so he sold it to the FATBOYS fat cats out of new yourk chokeing on some pork RUN D MC -cant belive the hype siting back sipping gin smokeing on a CRACK PIPE and to day its all gone GAY east side west side who gives a SHIT any way neither do they live in belair hang out on long beach were they all have time share-VINILLA ICE now theres a joke 20 yeARS later the mother fuckers still broke he s got a nife HE BEATS HIS WIFE ,STOP; that's not hip hop STOP THATS NOT HIPHOP stop that's not hiphop along cameBOOMER he came into the ROOMAH HE TRY TO TELL ME HOW IT IS his lips are moving there realy moving but nothing coming out but jizz he say hey STOP THATS NOT HIPHOP SOUNDS LIKE RETRO ELECTRO TECNO -- I SAY hey THATS OK GET ON YOUR BIKE IN ON YOUR WAY iwish you luck I wish you health now go fuck your self fuck your self [ehcoed)stop that's NOT HIP HOP stop that's not hip hopstop that not hip hop (music) a techno beat

    Reply by FIWURK



  25. damonb
    damonb on Tue 25th Jun 2019 - 2 weeks ago

    its not my thing but every things working if its not broke don't fixit every one has an opinion music could easy have been ambient or tecno and pulled this off

    Reply by FIWURK

    Ppl gotta know hip hop to know what's going on. Man drake do it in every song,can't sing a bit.everyone does it but most use autotune.peace and love.

  26. sheensheep
    sheensheep on Tue 25th Jun 2019 - 3 weeks ago

    This was a lot of fun to listen to. I love the delivery in your verses. Your personality really shines through. Though I'm not the biggest fan of the chorus, I respect your perspective on deciding to keep it raw.

    Regarding the beat, I think it works well for what you're trying to achieve. Though it does feel a little stilted because of the lack of transitional elements to help flow into following sections. For the chorus for example, maybe you could add a bit of reverb at the end of the trumpet sound so it carries on into the beginning of the verse.
    Maybe a reverse crash too?

    Fuego track. Thanks for sharing! Hope to hear more of your work as you keep on making music.


    Reply by FIWURK

    Thx,that some good advice sheen.peace and love

  27. LunnchBoxx
    LunnchBoxx on Mon 24th Jun 2019 - 3 weeks ago

    This is really unique coz nowadays rap is so repetitive and relying on the beat. I love the storytelling verse, great track keep it up man.

    Reply by FIWURK

    Thx,it means alot

  28. JoeyBonezSD1
    JoeyBonezSD1 on Sun 23rd Jun 2019 - 3 weeks ago

    I like how your flow is..original type an erra of copycat mumble got your own thing going,,ok now the hook ..well apart from other comments on it,i think it works,it fits your delivery,,
    all in all I like the track man!big up!!

    Reply by FIWURK

    Thx bro.i think everyone is kinda right about the chorus but this is hip hop.we dont wait on a band,we would use grandma turntable or beat on the desk using a pencil for the snare and cymbals.hip hop is freedom,no rules to follow.i know a singer would sound way better but keeping things raw is the essence of hip disrespect intended but the comments concerning the chorus are from guys that are Not hip hop heads,I cant take their advice no more serious than that would take mine concerning fusion or edm,bro I dont even know what the hell some of these genres are.most importantly,the women say they love sure that's what really count.peace and love bro

  29. neuromancer56
    neuromancer56 on Sat 22nd Jun 2019 - 3 weeks ago

    I really enjoyed listening to this. Though I agree the hook brings it down a bit. I think you aren't doing this justice but not having a stronger hook. Track deserves better.

    Reply by FIWURK

    thx,i think its a gangsta sort of way.ITS HIP HOP!! :)

  30. Phiona
    Phiona on Sat 22nd Jun 2019 - 3 weeks ago

    I love your voice and your verses. Who made the beat? It could have been brightened a lot more

    Reply by FIWURK

    thx,im not a singer by no means,i felt like i could swag it out.i did the beat but im more of a writer,i have 117 songs left to record.i would love to collab,i have alot of topics,the things ive seen leave little for imagination.

  31. MulaOfficial
    MulaOfficial on Sat 22nd Jun 2019 - 3 weeks ago

    really like the verse, the hook I'm not really a fan of tbh

    Reply by FIWURK

    remember biz markey "shes only just a friend"? he couldnt sing at all but it worked because every knew that he was just a street dude singing to a girl...u dig?

  32. Alien
    Alien on Sat 22nd Jun 2019 - 3 weeks ago

    Have you ever thought about promoting this track on soundcloud? Then you can use repostexchange to boost it. I know you'd like this and it could leave room for new shit here. Thanks lol

  33. mudhoen
    mudhoen on Sat 22nd Jun 2019 - 3 weeks ago

    Very nice and clean beat. It creates a nice atmosphere.A very warm deep voice you have. Only thing which might enhance this track is a less monotone chorus. Its not bad but this track deserves better. All in all a very good track.

  34. sweetcherries
    sweetcherries on Fri 21st Jun 2019 - 3 weeks ago

    This is so creative, this place needs some more originality. wonderfully done! GREAT! track in it's entirety, enjoyed my listen :)

    Reply by FIWURK

    thx alot

  35. sqrtofneg1
    sqrtofneg1 on Thu 20th Jun 2019 - 3 weeks ago

    I like the narration intro thingy - sometimes it doesn't fit well, but I felt it worked. I think the only thing that I have an issue with is how the subbass isn't in the right key, which is particularly noticeable in the chorus part. Also, the mixing could be a little bit better so that the parts can shine a bit more. The laughing in the background is a nice touch.

    Overall, I like the beat, especially 1:50 ish part with the bells/chimes.

  36. Alien
    Alien on Thu 20th Jun 2019 - 3 weeks ago

    Good, keep it up! I think your vocals are good, but need better mixing in the track, in my humble opinion.

  37. cityboyhtb
    cityboyhtb on Thu 20th Jun 2019 - 3 weeks ago

    Keep it up

  38. cityboyhtb
    cityboyhtb on Thu 20th Jun 2019 - 3 weeks ago

    Love it man

    Reply by FIWURK

    thx my guy,kinda got burnt out on the gangsta shit

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