Tags : | Techno | 5.28 MB | Acid Pro

Description : techno homage to Jack-house music

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  1. frankjavo65
    frankjavo65 on Tue 21st Jan 2020 - 4 months ago

    thanks a lot for share!

  2. Shaman77
    Shaman77 on Fri 13th Dec 2019 - 5 months ago

    I listened with great pleasure

  3. firstmusicmaster
    firstmusicmaster on Mon 19th Aug 2019 - 9 months ago

    Really cool man!Keep going!

  4. Calin25
    Calin25 on Sun 18th Aug 2019 - 9 months ago

    big like

  5. alek107
    alek107 on Fri 16th Aug 2019 - 9 months ago


  6. wchi
    wchi on Mon 17th Jun 2019 - 11 months ago

    wow thank you!

  7. thechockehold
    thechockehold on Fri 7th Jun 2019 - 11 months ago

    I am just making fun of you. Thats why Im still in this conversation. Love to see how truth is hurting and burning your ass. :)

    Yeah I get it "your english is so bad, bla bla", but wait again- this site is all about music, right (you said it before), well, your "music" is even worse.

    It is a great thing to be proud of being able to speak and text on the official language of the country you were born and live your entire life in. Especially when there is nothing more to be proud of. (Oh, wait you also good at doing your day job, as you mentioned before, sorry, forgot. And I think you are not that bad in frogeaters language. Use it to do something usefull, but please dont do any music again. You are pathetic).

    And once again you have nothing to say in return, just "ur ingls is su bed"(c) in some variations. And who is silly (once again)?

    BTW, look at the difference in volume of my texts and yours. It says A LOT :))

    Tnx for the link, but I'm in Spain now, definitely check it out some day, to be capable of text "well written messages" :).

    Пока, Уебан, не занимайся больше музыкой- у тебя это выходит, просто, невероятно, хуево. Даже у детей получается лучше. :)))
    Ни отвечать, ни читать твоих высеров я больше не намерен, за сим- разрешите откланиваться.

    Reply by crucethus

    Ok by me you little го́пник!!

  8. thechockehold
    thechockehold on Thu 6th Jun 2019 - 11 months ago

    Yeah, as usual, when you don't have something to say in return- just start to point at opponent's knowing of language, typos etc.( Aren't you 4cnan user, lol)

    English is my third language by frequency of use, and Im not that good in it, for sure. But wait, how it is stop your "music" of being so shit?

    And I totally love your confidence in " I will absolutely destroy you with my words" (c), like I give any fcks of what NONAME (with no taste of music, who is totally unable to do something that is worth listening) will say to me in the internet.

    Almost forgot: there it no room for positive criticism in that track, its bad in every single aspect of it, and poor mixing isnt main problem at all.

    Reply by crucethus

    I think I made my point.
    I think it went over your head.
    If your such a big star and I´m such a no name, why are you still wasting your time writing trash (poorly written I may add) on a song that you don't even like?
    Move on and stop wasting all of our time.
    Or are you so insecure that you just have to have the last word?
    You are continuing to look foolish with your acerbic comments.
    I´m sure you have a big European tour to do or something, or maybe a grammar class to attend at an adult education class in Oslo.
    Might I kindly suggest:
    They can help you.
    Personne d'autre ne peut

  9. thechockehold
    thechockehold on Thu 6th Jun 2019 - 11 months ago

    You are the only person who is silly here, typing to HUGE offended butthurt answers to my small comments. Like a little pussy.
    Why should I feel silly, why any one should think I am? I olny tell you my honest oppinion on your shytty track (I am didnt want to do it first, but your such a dickhd, so telling the truth is the only option).This is why you upload it in here, insted of just showing it to your only 2-3 friends- you want to hear oppinion, isnt it? So there was mine- this shyt dont worth any time to listen to it, and what is the most important- it is dont worth any time to "create" it. Any one, who new in FL or another DAW with good piano roll in it is able to do shytpile (like this one) in a half of an hour.

    I know who I am, and I see who you are. I released 3 fullleight albums on American\Canadian and European label, I toured all over the Europe (from Poland to Spain) for 6 times, countless summer festivals, compose and perform scores to 2 movies, several games.

    So how do you think am I, as you said "major musician"? I suppose so.

    So here is the last thing I can tell you as my true and hones oppinion:
    Your "track" is shyt, bad structure, awfull composition and progresson, super shyty instrument voising and tone generation, AI can compose and mix better novadays. You bring nothing, zero creativity, zero ideas.

    Music just isnt for you (it is fine, its not for everybody), get over it and find somthing new, to kill your time.

    Reply by crucethus

    Oh Hello again Mr. Triple Down
    So a few things. I am assuming that although you may be a fantastic musician, you are a terrible human and not a very bright one. (massive spelling mistakes from you in the day and age of spell check, and the fact that you still don´t get the point of the website.)
    So you don´t like my song and based on that my music and myself for standing up to your boorish comment.
    ¨Music just isn't for you (it is fine, it's not for everybody), get over it and find somthing new, to kill your time.¨
    So this is where you are dead wrong.
    Let me explain....slowly and patiently for you...
    This website is populated by musicians and lay people of many calibers and abilities from many different countries. Some are professionals, some just like to make music and learn new stuff. Some are good, some are great and some are lower on the learning curve.
    Now the second thing is this site is called ¨Looperman¨ you know ...loops.
    So people use loops in songs and post them.
    Other members of the site can make comments on them.
    Shan mandates that we all respect each other when making those comments. Those comments should be critiqued in a positive corrective manner. Those comments should never be a blunt insult in a negative way. for example, you said. Pictogram clearly says you need to take some lessons of mixing (you don´t explain why I would need those lessons or where I could get those lessons than other you saw a brick pattern). When I called you out on the comment, you proceeded to assume many negative things about the song, which frankly aren't true (the fruity loop thing.)
    And lastly, you had to explain to me your resume as if that would somehow change the incredibly wrong way you critique this song. (We call that an argument from authority) To me, that just shows an incredible sense of insecurity on your part. That's great you got to tour Europe, that's great you made records..woohoo for you. still doesn´t excuse you from acting like a prat to other people.
    now at this point, based on your replies. I don´t expect you to get it or understand it. See I´m, not a professional musician, but I am a professional executive in business, and I work with great people, and some not so great people, and it´s very easy for me to dismiss the not so great people with my command of English.
    So since your command of English is so bad (spelling, grammar) It´s Fine, might I suggest that writing in English is not for everybody, and maybe you shouldn´t write in it or even post on English only websites until you learn how to use it correctly!
    (see what I did, now do you see how ugly you sound)
    The ball is in your court, we can keep going on and I will absolutely destroy you with my words. Or we can call a truce and maybe share in some of our knowledge.
    Anyhow, the choice is all up to you.

  10. thechockehold
    thechockehold on Thu 6th Jun 2019 - 11 months ago

    The problem is, I listened to this track, before I put my previous comment. But I though Thats rude to tell you thi is totally sucks, so I just decide to talk about less sensitive point, I think (mixing).

    So this one is sucks at:
    1. Overall structure (like, really afrobeat with the IDN 5 year old child notes)
    2. Drum- what a fkn shame "OHH! I'LL DO ONE DRUMKIT PART GO AFTER ANOHTER IN 2-4 BARS" (Yeah, soooooooooo, fkn creative)
    3. Synts ( like it is standart FL instruments)
    4. Notes\Chords\Progressions( YOU REALLY NEED TO TAKE SOME BASIK MUSIC LESSONS), It sounds like you are 10YO or something abot this age.
    5. Mixing (IT IS SOOOOO BAD), no comments.

    You are suck at music,man, get over it, delete your FL and try new hobby.

    Reply by crucethus

    Sure you did!!! Mr Double Down

    You could have been specific about what in the mixing and constructive or helpful in the critique, instead, you choose to make an immature and unhelpful comment. And now you were called out on it, so you doubled down with some more ridiculous comments. BTW I have never used FL in my life, wouldn´t know how it works. So there is another instance where your dead wrong. Oh yeah.... and I minored in Classical music in college. Again I probably could bore you to tears with my theory knowledge that you may or may not understand. So when someone like you comes along and acts like a 5 yr old instead of a professional. What can I do, your opinion now means nothing to me. And now you look silly to everyone who reads this. Is that what you want? Secondly, I have been on this site for a few years now (7) and most of the major musicians know who I am and what I bring to the table creatively. BTW it synths, not synts.
    Here is what I suggest.
    You try again by being a good boy and stop being a childish imp.
    or you can STFU
    Your Choice.
    Coordially Cru

  11. smokyjj
    smokyjj on Thu 6th Jun 2019 - 11 months ago

    so I like it am gonna use it an make some small tweaks for a presentation cool vybes

    Reply by crucethus

    Send me a link with what you do, I am curious.

  12. JoeFunktastic
    JoeFunktastic on Wed 5th Jun 2019 - 11 months ago

    Okay, it almost took me a minute to connect the title with the song, but I get it now. I love it! Somewhat a bit retro to your favor. Could use this in my exercise routine Cru! Nicely done.


    Reply by crucethus

    Hey Joe, Only 125bpm, perfect for those cardio routines. I was feeling the retro sound listening to some Frankie Knuckles! I had to do something in the studio ehh?

  13. Ritu33
    Ritu33 on Tue 4th Jun 2019 - 11 months ago

    Nice vibes... Loved ur way

    Reply by crucethus

    Thank You, I appreciate that.

  14. BLEEP
    BLEEP on Tue 4th Jun 2019 - 11 months ago

    excellent track Cru as usual! like how progressive it is :)


    Reply by crucethus

    Merci Bleep, Merci!

  15. EricXL
    EricXL on Tue 4th Jun 2019 - 11 months ago

    great vibe.

    Reply by crucethus


  16. Orlando51
    Orlando51 on Mon 3rd Jun 2019 - 11 months ago

    Very creative stuff Steve, but you definitely need some lessons in mixing...LOL.:)

    Compliments (and joke aside)____Leon

    Reply by crucethus

    Thanks Leon! Normally I´m not so bitchy to criticism but c´mon listen to the damn song before you critique it ehh? Lol, what a chucklehead. Thanks Man!

  17. bpirates
    bpirates on Mon 3rd Jun 2019 - 11 months ago


    Reply by crucethus


  18. Alien
    Alien on Sun 2nd Jun 2019 - 11 months ago

    Great toms! Your rhythm made me shake myself right away. ;)
    Even more when the bass comes on, nice sound cru.
    So, basically you nailed it brother. Nice, bouncy, happy, had to listen to the end!! And you put a smile on my face.


    Reply by crucethus

    Thanks Mate. 3 different bass lines going on in this one. Tried to capture the jack sound of early house.

  19. thechockehold
    thechockehold on Sun 2nd Jun 2019 - 11 months ago

    Pictogram clearly says you need to take some lessons of mixing

    Reply by crucethus

    Judging by the rude way you just used the English language in commenting, clearly, you didn´t actually listen to the track. Just assumed based on a picture. You could have offered your ¨amazing¨ advice as you may or may not have some sound tips on mixing or the sounds. Nope, you just assumed by the wave pic that it was overmixed. And made a dickish comment Fantastically tactful response from the master of all mixing ehh?. Great job on getting how this site works moron.

  20. fibonacci1185
    fibonacci1185 on Sun 2nd Jun 2019 - 11 months ago


  21. Rexsaw
    Rexsaw on Sun 2nd Jun 2019 - 11 months ago

    Great high energy and rhythm! Love the vibes and sound profile. Excellent job! Thanks for sharing!

    Reply by crucethus

    Thanks I appreciate that.

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