Description : It's a first demo. Lyrical content could be considered controversial by some. It doesn't sound like what's typically on looperman either. Then again, what do I ever do that does?

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  1. gizmo66
    gizmo66 on Thu 6th Jun 2019 - 4 months ago

    cool sound, reminds me of the 80's alternative scene

  2. LilJuly
    LilJuly on Wed 5th Jun 2019 - 4 months ago

    Good job!

  3. damonb
    damonb on Wed 5th Jun 2019 - 4 months ago

    any way dude about the hissy cimbals on my track I get it to on som configurations of sound cards head phones compterers but on others have a compleat difernt exsperiance maby why they made the equalizer lol

  4. damonb
    damonb on Wed 5th Jun 2019 - 4 months ago

    oh them days when I was doing electronic symphonic orcrastra

  5. damonb
    damonb on Wed 5th Jun 2019 - 4 months ago

    if you are I was mr_coctail_1

  6. damonb
    damonb on Wed 5th Jun 2019 - 4 months ago

    are you sure your not foker from germeny every thing you do is a copy of him from artist server lol

  7. Alien
    Alien on Fri 17th May 2019 - 5 months ago

    Great demo, the melody and the chorus is great :)

    Well done bro!

  8. unstableonthetrack
    unstableonthetrack on Mon 13th May 2019 - 5 months ago

    Ok it's a bit tough without having the stems or trackouts to know where you're at. However, a lot of your gear issues aren't really that big of a deal from an engineering perspective. I have multiple plugins to relieve issues like clicking, hissing, etc. Ways to warm up and widen vocals etc. With the gear though, even though it's not a major issue, it's hampering your creativity it sounds like so I recommend getting it when you can.. These days, you can make everything happen inside the box, so a lot of equipment and gear is really just personal preference and whatever way you can effectively get the crap in your head out and on to a song as efficiently as possible.

    As far as mixing goes, you're gonna want to check out the waves demo to master course they have linked here on looperman. It will help loads, create good habits, and overall just help you learn more about mixing and mastering. IF you're not a fan of mixing and mastering then stop doing it. You're ruining your creativity and your music doing something you don't enjoy, and you're just plain not gonna be able to give it the best that someone who really enjoys mixing will, and it will show.

    What kind of mixing gear are you using? e.g. DAW, plugins, monitors vs headphones etc.? I can't really tell you where to go or how to go about stuff without knowing your setup. If mixing and mastering isn't your bag then I would gladly offer my services free of charge to you. I like your attitude and raw talent and feel that it would be far more beneficial to help and be a part of your work then to treat you like a customer and charge you. If you're interested in that route, let me know, we can get started asap.

    Reply by clickbaitcabaret

    I've watched some of those mix to master series. I need to watch the whole thing. I don't have studio monitors. I have audio technica headphones. My DAW is reaper. I have Scheps 73 compressor from waves as well as their vocal finalizer. Reaper comes with a mutiband compressor that's pretty decent as well as multiple EQ's & 100's of other plugins for mixing.( I don't even know what most of them are for.) They also have an extensive video series on how to work with the DAW, numbering well over a hundred. Once I'm done mixing I send the file to LANDR for a "low quality" MP3 file. I'm not sure if they do anything other make the file louder, but it's free twice a month or $1.99 otherwise. Thank you for your interest in my work. I'm not used to getting much attention for it other than the usual comments on this site. Nothing happens on soundcloud & I stopped posting on bandcamp. I never got one play on there and only a few on soundcloud. The sites are too big so it's easy to get ignored. At least some people listen in here.

  9. theHumps
    theHumps on Mon 13th May 2019 - 5 months ago

    Nice, ha! I have a track posted here called "Snake Eyes" about the same topic, Trump mostly. Our country has been overtaken by corporate america, fuck that shit! That's why we write songs about what's going on around us. We can bitch and complain thru our music.

    Good for you man, get it off your chest!!

    The track has a feel of early alt/new wave music like the Cure or Ministry. The drums could use a few changes/rolls but the idea is there. It's a demo, I get it.

    Different and controversial always works and sets trends. Keep to your heart and please yourself first when it comes to making music and you'll always love what you do. Lot's of interesting bits too.


    Reply by clickbaitcabaret

    Yeah. I'm definitely NOT a fan of Trump's. I get started on that business & I turn into Lewis Black, the angriest comic in America. The drum program I have is the microtonic from sonic charge. It's really more urban/ hiphop/trap oriented than it is rock. It's pretty much idiot proof for making basic, 4/4 type beats, which is what I needed when I bought it. Getting rock & roll style rolls & fills out of it though, has thus far eluded me. I'm going to get another percussion system eventually as well as a microphone I didn't get out of box of cracker jacks. It's too bad all the good plugins cost money. Thanks for stopping by & listening. I appreciate it.

  10. unstableonthetrack
    unstableonthetrack on Mon 13th May 2019 - 5 months ago

    Is this all you? To include the mixing? I like the raw talent that I hear and the content of the project. I have a few issues with it, but you did say it's a rough demo, which to me, means, you haven't mixed it yet. I'm really intrigued by what you've done here, and wouldn't mind lending a hand in the engineering side if you're interested. You've obviously heard my work lol. All in all though, like I said, you saved yourself calling it a rough demo, because my only issues with it come from the technical side.

    Reply by clickbaitcabaret

    Yep, it's all me. The guitars are Electric Sunburst & Evolution Strawberry, the drum is Microtonic from Sonic Charge. At the minimum the chorus needs an overhaul as well as the vocal track. I wanted more of a "Ooh aah, ooh aah" background vocal kind of thing on the chorus, but I couldn't get it to happen. I ain't exactly Frankie Sinatra on the vocals either, then again, neither was Bobby Dylan & that didn't stop him. My mic is an ancient cheapy stage mic that's major hissy, essy as well. So far as mixing goes, I'm a novice, I did work on mixing it for some time before I got it to "barely passable" level. I'd like a percussion system that's more rock & roll oriented than microtonic & a better quality mic, then do a retake.If you've suggestions on anything, I'm all ears, or eyes as in this case.

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Aint got no ambition so I mooch off the man.
Get a gravy train for government as fast as I can.
Got no felony convictions able to vote.
Who the hell they running man he's just a fucking joke.
Motherfuck's as crooked as the CIA.
Taking candy from the babies every MF day.
Corporate control congress baby that's no jive
600 bucks for insulin to keep you alive.
Bleeding from her uterus oh man thats gotta suck
Ain't got no insurance babys shit fuck out of luck.
Defunding planned parenthood there's no where left to go
Christians said its her fault cause shes nothing but a ho
Living in America land of the free.
Oh bless my country tis a thee.
man I don't know what the fuck that means
When some rich MF takes a dump on me
You're a lefty liberal asshat or some right wing fuck.
Everybody in this place is shit out of luck
So lay down in the garbage when you're 65.
All that you believed was a miserable lie.

Always hear support the troops but no one says for what.
Wave a bunch of fucking flags while benefits get cut.
PTSDs everywhere he's living on the edge
Didn't call the hot line now he's standing on a ledge.
whether bullet thru his brain or swinging by a rope
Take the final exit man the only way to cope.
Crazy MF man he just shot up the school.
Happens all the time these days just thinning out the pool.
Body count goes up & up & no one does a thing
THoughts & prayers man they don't mean a MF thing.
Build a monument of tears a tombstone for the dead.
corporate profits over ride those bullets through the head.

Corruption in the government thats epic in its scale
No one represents you its an epic fucking fail.
Wealthy benefactors man they paid for all those seats.
Congress & the senate its the same ugly defeat.
President is nothing but an endless stream of lies.
Tells us endless BS that he makes up on the fly.
He's a hype man from TV so what did you expect
Doesn't make much difference when the system's fucking wrecked.
It's a corporate oligarch controlled by private hands.
They write all the corporate laws & rule over this land.
We the people have no say & thats a fucking fact.
Gonna take an insurrection get the country back



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