Description : ( MPOProduction ft. Solocinobeatz ) reggaeton
- Rap and Lyrics by Solocinobeatz
- Music by MPOProduction


In a few of my last productions I used some reggae elements so
I found this great sample from "Solocinobeatz" so I made a small reggaeton sample let.
Let me know
- what you like
- what you don't like ...

I have no problem with criticism.!!
.....I know I am a Produzier god ;-). LOL LOL !!!

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  1. KnightHeir
    KnightHeir on Wed 15th May 2019 - 3 years ago

    Another great "sample flip" for lack of a better term. Nice instrumental, mix and master.

    Reply by MPOProduction

    thanks a lot .. with the mastering I am still fight LOL .. some are ok ...but some ... you know ;-)

  2. DjLeeMFW
    DjLeeMFW on Tue 7th May 2019 - 3 years ago

    good job!!

    Reply by MPOProduction


  3. RuslanG
    RuslanG on Tue 30th Apr 2019 - 3 years ago


    Reply by MPOProduction


  4. JoeFunktastic
    JoeFunktastic on Tue 30th Apr 2019 - 3 years ago

    Very nicely done. I am so glad you stayed true to the genre of Reggaeton. Just by listening to it I know you put a lot of effort into it. The length is not really a problem, I mean you are the musician, producer, and artist, that is your prerogative. Keep up this amazing sound.


    Reply by MPOProduction

    thanks a lot !!

  5. wikkid
    wikkid on Sun 28th Apr 2019 - 3 years ago


    A couple of suggestions:

    In capital letters, put NON-COMMERCIAL use in your description in order to protect the original intent of the acapella.

    Next, change the download option to "no" downloads. It just makes things a bit easier if someone mistakenly uses this on YOUTUBE or any other site without permission.

    Okay, on the piece itself, I think the transposition of SoloCinoBeatz's vocals to the key of the music is a stellar job.

    After listening to the original from the acapella section and this version,
    you've maintained his great sound, and your full production around the vocal enhances it more.

    This song has so much potential that I didn't want it to end!

    Though its cool to be humble, you've got the production skills. Can't wait to hear the finished product. Great job.

    Reply by MPOProduction

    thanks a lot for your update. I know matters. copyright is very bad..
    but you know ...somehow I think I'm not so good that someone wants to copy my things... but you are right I should keep more attention on it .

    the voices are always a little tricky :-)
    I do not understand that so many singers uses the vocoder in their samples,
    that makes it very hard .. to get something... pure is the best in my view. :-)

  6. royalnation
    royalnation on Sun 28th Apr 2019 - 3 years ago

    I'm not quite getting the point of why you put it on here. It's hardly enough music for anyone to critique or listen to. Sure it sounds reggae-like, and somewhat poppy.

    Reply by MPOProduction

    I'm a little surprised by your comment

    For could catalorize it in different main and subgroups
    - is there something in the beat that disturbs
    - is the tuning of the Drum and snare correct
    - the loudness relationship between kick and snare is correct
    - Bass is the bass boring
    - plays the bass always the same pattern
    - bass and drum form the one unit ..(glue)
    - how is the melody with the beat or against the beat
    - one of the instruments is too loud or disturbing
    - the vocal is a simple .. so fit beat to the vocal
    - too much delay or effects
    - mixig issue issues etc ..compression transient too aggressive ..

    that's just a small list
    I do that with every Beat. I think it's the best way to improve the work
    From my experience .. to rate a beat, people hear between 5-10 seconds
    then decide to continue listening or ...

    So I think this beat is long enough.. ? or not I am wrong ?

  7. OG7even
    OG7even on Sat 27th Apr 2019 - 3 years ago

    You spelled my name wrong lol
    Its Solocinobeatz, this track is Dope tho I like it, contact me by emailing me to discuss commercial use and Ill go over everything with you

    Reply by MPOProduction

    ok will send you my e-mail ;-)

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