Tags : | Jazz | 4.49 MB | FL Studio

Description : Short and sweet bit of jazz with a little Latin flavoring. Con respecto a mi héroe Carlos Santana.

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  1. ValveDriver
    ValveDriver on Mon 25th Mar 2019 - 5 months ago

    Hello, good sir! HTF are ya, man?

    From the first note, I was hooked. I know you said you were going for a Santana inspired latin thing, but I gotta be honest, mi amigo, it reminded me more of Robert Cray. At least in style. Maybe not so much in tones, though. Either way, I still dug it. And like the others have said, waaaaay to short, bud.
    Ya know, I gotta say, if anyone here can give our very own Mr. Tumbleweed a run for his money, it's definitely you. Not that it's a competition by any means. Just callin' it as I sees it.

    Take care, Mister.

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Well I cant argue. It does incorporate a certain amount of blues characteristics especially in the lead. The main run features a hard picking style that is very much similar to Robert Crays. But not so much in tone as you say. Man I didn't realise you to be knowledgeable of blues, I'm impressed. I'm not so sure I would give Tumbleweed the run, but its a very strong compliment.

    Thanks for weighing in bro, always good to hear from you.

  2. StaticNomad
    StaticNomad on Sat 23rd Mar 2019 - 5 months ago

    Yo yo yo, Carlos Morpheus.

    Some tasty shit right here. Very fluid playing. 1:11 brief burst is very cool and expressive. Then again, it's all very expressive and smooth. I don't hear it as being particularly Latin.

    Top class guit fiddlin. Hendrix would dig it.

    Is the whole track too loud? I can hear some clipping at various points.

    Nice drums and supporting guitar is effective.

    Fine work, probably not too short this time.

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    I wonder if it is my head phones because I could not detect any clipping based strictly on listening. However, I did notice my meters were peaking at some points during my mastering and was concerned about clipping. I changed from closed back to open back design a few months ago. Hmmm. Maybe instead of questioning my headphones I should be questioning my ears ? Ha ha !!! Anyhow I did a quick edit and reduced the peak levels a few hairs.

    You are maybe also right that this is not so much a Latin style track but my reference was mainly aimed toward the solo at the outtro which is very much a Carlos Santana style flourish.

    As always I really appreciate getting your take on my tracks. You are usually spot on with your critiques and suggestions which I very much appreciate and most often use and learn from.

  3. Orlando51
    Orlando51 on Sat 23rd Mar 2019 - 5 months ago

    Wow Neo...this is more than splendid stuff ! Excellent guitar playing is the main higlight here imo...this should be a bit longer, yet fantastic stuff in any case !

    Compliments and respect_____Leon

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Thanks Orlando ! Sometimes good things come in small packages is probably the correct excuse for this one ha ha.

    Anyhow, I'm happy you enjoyed it.

  4. Nous2
    Nous2 on Sun 10th Mar 2019 - 6 months ago

    VraiMENT sUPER !!La musique se laisse écouter ! Bon travail !

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Sympa de votre part d'écouter et de commenter.

    Merci !

  5. RuslanG
    RuslanG on Sat 9th Mar 2019 - 6 months ago

    Just enjoying! Great!

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Thanks a lot Rus, appreciate it !

  6. theHumps
    theHumps on Fri 8th Mar 2019 - 6 months ago

    Hell yeah! :50, sweet stuff! Great tone, git on the left has a mellower sound, lead a bit dirtier. You playing strats? PRS? Gibson?

    Keep this shit coming man!


    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Hey Wayne, yeah this is all a Suhr Strat standard that has 2 v60 singles and an SSH HO dual played through the Two Notes Torpedo studio. Your right, the split rhythm tracks are played using the combo of bridge single and rear dual on a clean channel for that mellow sound. The main melody track (centered guitar) is played using only the bridge pickup with boosted gain for slight sustain and good doses of expression delay which I added afterward in the DAW. On the outtro solo I switched over to the neck pickup for a little more brilliance.

    If you like this style stay tuned man, I got something different (but I hope cool) coming soon.

    Thanks bro.

  7. HenryPascal
    HenryPascal on Fri 8th Mar 2019 - 6 months ago

    Wo-Wow! I really like the drumming and its compression, especially that snare! Good quality sound, at all, awesome! Maybe need un Poquito de vocals???

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Grazie Nich ! Drums are made in EZ Drummer 2 with Modern Vintage pre-set. I have been dabbling more with vocals in some of my tracks. This one being so short is probably better as instrumental. Stay tuned though, I got some new stuff in the works!

  8. clickbaitcabaret
    clickbaitcabaret on Thu 7th Mar 2019 - 6 months ago

    This has a great rock/ Jazz fusion kind of thing going on. Great guitar work as well. Outstanding work!

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Thanks for the kind words man, much appreciated.

  9. fibonacci1185
    fibonacci1185 on Wed 6th Mar 2019 - 6 months ago

    Nice guitar. Fire up the doobie

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Thanks fibonacci !

  10. AnnaShurubey
    AnnaShurubey on Tue 5th Mar 2019 - 6 months ago


    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Thanks Anna !

  11. loopmeDale
    loopmeDale on Tue 5th Mar 2019 - 6 months ago

    Wow you've done it again. Spot on and very clean. As far as not long enough, guess you could loop it, see what I did there. Anywho quite a beauty. You just raised the bar for the rest of the looper's here. Thanks.. Keep em' comin' Neomorpheus Peace and getting over cold in Arizona DDC

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Sup Dale ?

    Yeah man you got the solution for this one bro!
    I appreciate you dropping in on this one. I see your name show up a lot on my play list so yeah I want to take this opportunity to thank you for the continued interest and support. Stay tuned !

  12. danke
    danke on Tue 5th Mar 2019 - 6 months ago

    agreed with Patricia...too short bro...you have to give more to your loyal listeners, fans and with such guitar skills ...:-)

    brilliantly uplifting tune, bravo Maestro

    handshake, Danke

    hurting your heart in Budapest now is 20 degrees Celsius ...

    Reply by Neomorpheus


    Yeah sorry for the shortness (is that a even a word?) of my track here but if I made it any longer I would have to come up with a new title (ha ha) ! I promise my next track will be more substantial.

    Get ready man, I'm coming to visit you - 20 degrees C !
    I thought it got cold over there in Hungary !!

    Thanks my friend

  13. Discipline
    Discipline on Tue 5th Mar 2019 - 6 months ago

    Superb tone and some great musical chops on this - excellent!

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    A hot guitar, news strings and a lot of processing. Its great to see the response from you man. Even though I highly respect your choice to restrict comments, I will tell you here that I'm a big fan of your work too.

    Thanks for taking the time my friend.

  14. Sunbeats
    Sunbeats on Tue 5th Mar 2019 - 6 months ago

    The guitar is great. I like the whole package, it's relaxing. Keep it up.

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Thanks Sunbeats ! I will try my best.

  15. PatriciaEdwards
    PatriciaEdwards on Tue 5th Mar 2019 - 6 months ago

    Love the flavorful intro, how it started in my left ear and maneuvered to my right ear. Lovin the groove, and the lead guitar, feeling it. I'm wondering if there's a spot in there for a vocalist? It's pretty cold here in Buffalo too! The only thing is...it's too short. But faved! :-) Love it.

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Ooops ! You and a few others heard my initial upload with a additional intro which after a few listens I decided to edit out. Did you like that intro? I thought this was more appropriate. Anyhow, thanks a lot Patty, I certainly value your take on my tracks. You are welcome to put some words to it if you like but as you mention it is a short piece, hence the name "Poquito", which means very small, or a little bit in Spanish.
    OMG ! You are in Buffalo N.Y.? I used to live in upstate, outside of Itaca. I know it gets mighty cold in winter up there. I like Texas, where it does get some cold temps for a day or two and then its back to t-shirt and shorts! This morning it was 24 degrees. Saturday we are going to be back to the 70's. YAAAAAAY ! Sorry.

  16. Baxuvis
    Baxuvis on Tue 5th Mar 2019 - 6 months ago

    Great job! Love the guitar!

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Thanks Baxuvis, I appreciate you checking it out and jumping in here man.

  17. crucethus
    crucethus on Tue 5th Mar 2019 - 6 months ago

    So Sweet and tasteful that guitar playing is. fav and Downloaded (tks. We really need to get together and make a house-guitar hybrid one of these days. Seriously.

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Thanks heaps for your comments Cru. I of course have posted several tracks with similar Latin styling which not only reflects my love for that type of music but also my adoration for one the greatest guitar players of this type, Carlos Santana.

    I am down for the hybrid house man !

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Soundcloud ~ https://soundcloud.com/stalebrick
Youtube ~ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGiTZ3j-aAGRvTvaBIC3GtA
Let me know what you think! Follow for more instrumentals, this is all i do y’all. Thank you all so much

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