Description : A bit of pop, of disco, of punky guitar and electronic well i stop here because i don't know what really type of music is this any idea ?
But is this really matters ?
I'm in for any collabs
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  1. Stereonomicon
    Stereonomicon on Sun 17th May 2020 - 3 years ago

    Nice piece of progressive rock enriched by some synth loops and a particularly interesting dumming. The arrangement is pleasant and the track develops in different instrumental moments that make it very varied.
    Good job

  2. MichealNeumann
    MichealNeumann on Fri 8th Nov 2019 - 3 years ago

    sounds original :)
    nice track,!

  3. kdhollywood
    kdhollywood on Sun 24th Feb 2019 - 4 years ago

    You rock

  4. sabirmulla
    sabirmulla on Mon 4th Jun 2018 - 5 years ago

    Very nice and relaxing. Thumbs up!

    Reply by Indieground

    took my time to responds but thx for your feedback mate !

  5. traz75
    traz75 on Fri 1st Jun 2018 - 5 years ago

    Nice track! The punk guitars fits excellent with the disco feeling... Who would have thought? I do not... Must try it too in the future. :)
    Cool job!
    Regards, traz

    Reply by Indieground

    Hahaha ! Let me know when your song'll ready !
    Thx for you cool feedback mate

  6. lattymarek
    lattymarek on Tue 29th May 2018 - 5 years ago

    I Love This Track

    Reply by Indieground

    Cheers !

  7. Banashimi
    Banashimi on Tue 29th May 2018 - 5 years ago

    Good track

    Reply by Indieground

    Thx for the feedback !

  8. williusu
    williusu on Tue 29th May 2018 - 5 years ago

    wonderful vibes.

    Reply by Indieground

    Thx mate

  9. BLEEP
    BLEEP on Tue 29th May 2018 - 5 years ago

    Hello Indie, j'avais dj cout ta prod sur Soundcloud car pendant qqes temps je ne pouvais plus lire les morceaux sur looperman (raison inexplique) je m'tais donc content de le placer en favori.
    Voil que ca remarche donc allons y!
    Tout d'abord, je note que les influences sont aussi diverses que riches dans cette compo! moi j'y note une influence trs nette la daft punk (surement la ligne de basse que je trouve simple, cool et efficace, limite en role de lead, difficile de dire autre chose qu'elle remplie son role et sa fonction merveille!)

    Je vois pas trop en quoi tu pourrais collaborer sur ce morceau qui franchement sonne de faon trs aboutie!!! Les accords de guitare electrique et de synth apportent ce qu'il faut pour enrichir le tableau et complter l'approche mlodique! franchement russi ce morceau, comme disent les british "it's a solid work guy"

    Clap Clap

    Reply by Indieground

    Hey merci pour le cool feedback et welcome back mate !
    A propos d'une ventuelle collb je pense que tu as raison car comme d'hab' je laisse de l'espace dans le mix au dpart puis j'expriemnte des trucs qui me font en definitve aboutir une instru bien remplie...
    Mais sur le principe j'aimerai bien collaborer avec des voix varies.
    Au plaisir

  10. bromelee
    bromelee on Tue 29th May 2018 - 5 years ago

    hey nice track man

  11. pykstpokst
    pykstpokst on Tue 29th May 2018 - 5 years ago

    Spring power

  12. brook98
    brook98 on Mon 28th May 2018 - 5 years ago

    cool man cool

  13. saamgroningen
    saamgroningen on Mon 28th May 2018 - 5 years ago

    so nice

  14. minato108
    minato108 on Sun 27th May 2018 - 5 years ago

    thanx man ..4 real

  15. teduff
    teduff on Sat 26th May 2018 - 5 years ago

    Great song. thanks for uploading the full track!

  16. Orlando51
    Orlando51 on Sat 26th May 2018 - 5 years ago

    I never really care about the genre and particularly not about strict placing into a certain category, but I do care about good music and this piece of work undoubtedly represents good music
    in my books. Very enjoyable listen from start to finish. Faved!


    Reply by Indieground

    Thx for your kinds words mate

  17. pablo2004
    pablo2004 on Thu 24th May 2018 - 5 years ago

    very good bro

  18. bitronix
    bitronix on Tue 22nd May 2018 - 5 years ago

    Really great mixing! The piano sounds really real (if it wasn't really lol)
    Everything sounds so live, like played live
    I really love your track!


    Reply by Indieground

    Hi mate thx for your feedback
    You got a point here, i actually trying to mix electronic and human elements. Even lot's of stuff are electronic (like the beat) i wants my track could be play live.

  19. Kushagra2003030
    Kushagra2003030 on Tue 22nd May 2018 - 5 years ago

    Good track

  20. jeicko185
    jeicko185 on Tue 22nd May 2018 - 5 years ago

    I have feeling with this song, I like so much. Thanks you.

  21. tobi123456
    tobi123456 on Mon 21st May 2018 - 5 years ago

    Just what I was looking for. Thanks.

  22. feliperendon1988
    feliperendon1988 on Sun 20th May 2018 - 5 years ago

    good one I like the beat

  23. ronabo
    ronabo on Sun 20th May 2018 - 5 years ago

    No matter what segment of the track I click on i get a good vibe. Great work!


    Reply by Indieground

    Thx for your kinds words mate

  24. leslhanl
    leslhanl on Sun 20th May 2018 - 5 years ago


  25. Festivaltiger
    Festivaltiger on Fri 18th May 2018 - 5 years ago

    Nice track !!!

  26. InsipidB
    InsipidB on Fri 18th May 2018 - 5 years ago

    Thank you for this track its fire. It inspired me to leave this comment for you. Im sorry its long, also your fault as I can literally write non stop for days when im properly motivated. Keep up the solid work. And ask yourself this, how much are you effected by beautiful music.

    You know you just dont know how music will effect yourself and your life.

    -SOMETIMES it will take your breath away and leave you near tears as it overcomes you with its power.

    -SOMETIMES you will hear new tones, or beats with what you swear are new lyrics. The brillance of musical genius in hidden nuances layered between melody and wording in an intricate and difficult riff.

    -SOMETIMES you will listen to a song and it will unexpectantly kick you square in the coconuts and leave you clutchin your chesticles with steel-toed boots leaving you wheezin for air, stairing into the carpet.

    -SOMETIMES much later that evening You may be chilin, your MAnHams wrapped and iced and your having a drink, listening to this song as it grows on you, when from nowhere you hear a battlecry as you are knocked off your perch to the ground as this song swings down from the balcony on the 2nd floor.

    Very peculilar that he swung down from the 2nd story balcony. Considering your home has no balcony...or 2nd story.

    Quickly you take control, but that dirty no good song slips his hand loose and lunges for that low hanging fruit.


    That sadistic wannabe solliquey begins wrenching on your swollen palm sized nardle-danglers, as your hands feel something next you, suddenly you blast that ass hat with a laptop computer across his running lights and he drops like an freshly descended testicle.

    likewise you fall reflexivly going full fetal, curled and whimmpering as you clutch your mangled chin bumpers in your hands.

    Lying in a puddle of your own feces you awaken realizing you are alone...You begin stuttering and blowing snot bubbles as you call out for that song...when you hear the tune on your laptop finsh playing.

    Blurily you see movement as you open your eyes wide there before you stands "The good The bad and the rest".You flinch shutting your eyes as the song swings at you...But when you open your see a hand reaching out palm open... with a smile.

    You also have a get up to your feet with his help and hug. Wow you really love that song. You instantly begin explaining your favorite moments as you limp off arm and arm... reflect to yourself, as the paramedic indicates he found your Kirby. You havent been effected this much by music since Pink Floyd that summer you spent 3 weeks in traction.

    Reply by Indieground

    Hey that's cool
    I can send you the multitracks also if it's easier for you to works on it
    + on my tracks looperman's page you got more tracks needs vocalist too
    I'm also working on more tracks
    And you can finds more here

    Don't hesitate to contact me
    indieground75 [@]

  27. flonut7
    flonut7 on Fri 18th May 2018 - 5 years ago

    excellent percussion on this one. very fun vibe and serious bounce. well done

    Reply by Indieground

    Hey thx mate

  28. InsipidB
    InsipidB on Fri 18th May 2018 - 5 years ago

    I enjoyed your track immensely, I started to daydream thinking of a lyric for it, when i heard a 15 sec loop of a very funky drum solo. Snapped me from my lyric and now Iwant that solo. So im gonna download and do two things. i am gonna ty and write a lyric for the trackk and then cut out that loop and figure out where that takes me. Thanks for that track bro.

    Reply by Indieground

    That's great
    Let me know when you got something

  29. eggs0ntoast
    eggs0ntoast on Thu 17th May 2018 - 5 years ago

    nice bro, smooth journey no stress uplifting guitar yet in a relaxing way.. that was cool man. cheers

    Reply by Indieground

    Thx for the feedback mate

  30. Neomorpheus
    Neomorpheus on Thu 17th May 2018 - 5 years ago

    Its been a while since I was really captured with a new artist here Indie and this week you get the award. Love this track bro! Very polished mix with loads of creative production aspect and overall wonderful music that's a total enjoyable listen. Super props from me man. I got to hear more !

    Reply by Indieground

    Hey that very cool, thx mate
    you can listen to other tracks here

    It's always a challenge to mix a new track
    and do that in a very "do it yourself" way so i'm glad my track sound good on your material

  31. monsterage
    monsterage on Thu 17th May 2018 - 5 years ago

    very good and interesting, i also love the sound design.

    Reply by Indieground

    Thx for your kinds words mate
    Just let you a comment myself on your track (again)

  32. JomarMH
    JomarMH on Wed 16th May 2018 - 5 years ago

    very nice

    Reply by Indieground

    Thx mate

  33. Arloph09
    Arloph09 on Tue 15th May 2018 - 5 years ago

    i like your tracks ..they are clam and yet very engaging ...

    Reply by Indieground

    Thx mate
    i really dig what you've done with your EP too
    let me know your future production

  34. bidalote
    bidalote on Tue 15th May 2018 - 5 years ago

    Like this track

  35. DanGoldstein
    DanGoldstein on Sun 13th May 2018 - 5 years ago

    a beautiful song that took mind a wandering. Love the guitar patch. Regards - Dan

    Reply by Indieground

    Thx for your feedback mate

  36. Arloph09
    Arloph09 on Sun 13th May 2018 - 5 years ago

    very indie..i like many things going on in the track....

    Reply by Indieground

    Yeah it's alwalys the same, you're searching for a cool drum and bass groove and at the end you got 24 tracks....

  37. Blueberry1414
    Blueberry1414 on Sun 13th May 2018 - 5 years ago


  38. sturarorudi
    sturarorudi on Sat 12th May 2018 - 5 years ago


  39. Alien
    Alien on Sat 12th May 2018 - 5 years ago

    I Listen to it again, wow that mix! What DAW are you using?

    Reply by Indieground

    I'm using Cubase 5

  40. Tumbleweed
    Tumbleweed on Fri 11th May 2018 - 5 years ago

    Yeah...genres just get in the way of creativity I think....nice smooth intro I imagine a little bit of Motown vibe..& get a touch of funk & electro pop...but the genre matters not as you say....Its just good-listening music and its well done Indieground.....enjoyed it....Ed

    Reply by Indieground

    Thank for your kinds words

  41. Alien
    Alien on Thu 10th May 2018 - 5 years ago

    I would call this indie as well. Good job on the mix.

    Reply by Indieground

    Thx Mixing is always hard works...

  42. Danke
    Danke on Thu 10th May 2018 - 5 years ago

    I guess you could not have decided better what music would be ... in addition to being cool of all moments, I feel a little chill out in ...

    congrats and handshake, Danke

    Reply by Indieground

    "Chill" you're right
    The early version was used for a video
    it was just basic bass drum and piano stuff

  43. Zeus2125
    Zeus2125 on Wed 9th May 2018 - 5 years ago

    Very Indie feeling bro. I love the shaker it gives it an amazing vibe. Very good job.

    Reply by Indieground

    Thx Mr Zeus

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