10th Aug 2017 14:02 - 6 years ago
Tags :
Description : Like to get some feedback

Comments (4)

If you have time take a listen and give esygno some feedback.

Spivkurl 17th Aug 2017 14:22 - 6 years ago
This is pretty sweet, and not what I expect when clicking on a house track. Nice arrangement and composition!

I have to wonder if the comments about the mix/master are partly due to the very low bit rate of the mp3 render. I can tell by the file size that it is probably around 128 kbps, which is quite low. Since you are allowed 20 MB per track, there is little reason to go with a low quality file like that. Much clarity and frequency range is lost with files like that.

It is possible that the bass frequencies could be shaped better, and the mid-high range cleaned up, but that is artistic preference. For all I know this is part of your signature.

I don't think it sounds too bad, and I'm sure it would sound better with a higher quality render. Knowing FL studio 12, you may also have some PDC issues going on, which is a more difficult thing to tackle. I've been using FL since it was fruity loops, and I still have trouble with this.

All in all, I liked the song a lot, despite it not being me favorite style of music. It was fun and interesting! Keep it up!
djtheobserver01 11th Aug 2017 13:24 - 6 years ago
very nice !
i enjoy to listen to the track !
It need some vocals ,i think .
luswag 11th Aug 2017 07:11 - 6 years ago
I loved it. I agree with LRAD though, the mix and master could be worked on. but the production of the song is dope. Definitely a tommorowland type of vibe. Dope.
felixamodeo 10th Aug 2017 15:14 - 6 years ago
Ok, the idea and layout is perfect, maybe a few more FX here and there but that's whatever. I'll tell you what is holding the song back; the mix and the master. The mix is.... not good to say the least. And the master? You can hear that you probably put a compressor and just cranked it, then put fruity limiter over it. Not a good mixture at all, both the mix and master are elements holding this track back from getting signed to something like NCS. NCS would 100% pick this track up if you contacted them with a PROPER mix and master. I would be more then happy to mix/master this track if you asked. Thanks for the good tune!

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Description : check out janimifsson for these vocals
learning how to do house
good vocal effects
terrible drums
couldnt find a melodic loop to fit the track
figured out the key
the harmony basically matches the melody
probably in some dorian scale or something so
have to learn about that
the drums are my weakest point
good at the start but awful after the beat drop
please comment any songs to listen to to learn drums in this style
any advice please comment
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Tags :
Description : just an idea.. tried to get into House/EDM. 128 bpm.credits to those who created some of the loops used here.
**update** removed dance-ish part in the end and continued with house music.
29th Jan 2020 19:45 - 4 years ago
Description : decided to try a little bit of bass house. let me know your thoughts and feedbacks please :)

bass patches made in Serum
Drums from some cymatics pack

Vocals: 21 Savage - Red Ops

BeatsByHash - lil yatchy melody