Description : time to flooaaat...

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  1. smallpaul
    smallpaul on Wed 25th Jan 2017 - 2 years ago

    Float indeed! Wasn't expecting this lyrical gem when I clicked on it! So chilled and laid back with poetic genius! This really is a stand out track, I probably wouldnt have clicked on it if it was labeled rap or hip hop, bit I am so glad I stopped by. Very well done sir! Faved!!!!

  2. mindhiest
    mindhiest on Wed 25th Jan 2017 - 2 years ago

    I"m not sure what acid music is. I was expecting hard rock. I like this better.

  3. mindhiest
    mindhiest on Wed 25th Jan 2017 - 2 years ago

    this is great, smooth. just sittin out side sippen a beer feel.

  4. toastedavalanche
    toastedavalanche on Wed 11th Jan 2017 - 2 years ago

    This song really takes you somewhere else. Cheers for the journey man, it was a pleasant one.


    Reply by Balance21

    thank you brother toastedavalanche 3 take care my maaen

  5. TrippyHippyCrew
    TrippyHippyCrew on Wed 11th Jan 2017 - 2 years ago

    what i needed rn

    Reply by Balance21

    just saw this sorry for the late reply,am happy for U maan:) peace and light

  6. DijamMusic
    DijamMusic on Tue 10th Jan 2017 - 2 years ago

    Wow mate this one tops it all......
    Well well well done mate.


    Reply by Balance21

    ma brottthaa jammid!! i can't thank you enough naan, respect:D

  7. JoeFunktastic
    JoeFunktastic on Tue 10th Jan 2017 - 2 years ago

    Lots of Swagg, hustle, and flow! Nice smooth sounding track with that U.S. West Coast sound. I love this. Well done man!

    Reply by Balance21

    thank you josephfunk:D warms my heart and mind to read this! i listen to west coast rap a lot so am happy it let its mark:)

  8. BeatzFactory
    BeatzFactory on Tue 10th Jan 2017 - 2 years ago

    Yoooooo !

    Great track man !!

    Relaxing, you know .. like it.


    Reply by Balance21

    BDj thank you maaan:D your the maan BDj

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VERSE 1: living at the low level i have to elevate stimulate the brain Buddha toka heavy weight gotta have faith watch out from the maze so blazed empty gaze the haze embrace all there is gone inside the dome seduce your eye let luce your mind so lets Cruise and find the gold that lies inside open the mind wide watch out from the rabbit hole young child your in the land of the shadows the pain grows darker the mind grows stronger the heart grows weaker can you take all the insanity young shroom leaper let go of the madness jump keep on with the funk leap out the sun no point to feel numb paranoid screamin out to reality lookin for the fantasy now you found it so manically

HOOK: now am livin up in the skys the time foe me to fly high to the other side now I've found mine look behind get snatched by past whiplash time is runnin by we gettin so high X2

VERSE 2: feel the void so i light up the joint give thanks to the herb giving me the sane state of mind flow in me giving me life dont hate inside looking behind to much relax and don’t rush clutch is the charm so take another hit from the bong pass it to me let me give you a show its on pass it on pass it on grams aint nothin any moe am gone aint talkin shit i need to smoke assap lay back write some ryhmes pay back for those who thought that am just a pot smokin train wreck plain lies the pain lies, realize you got so much power inside da depression testin your patience say no the flow in me grows gotta belive i gotta believe i that i can make it takin shit no fake it till i make it no flow moe fascination, imitation, limitation, devastation which station are you tuned to

HOOK: staying high but they trynna bring me down so i gotta elevate oh elevate up to the sky why why bring me down, so i gotta elvate oh medicate medecine green, expand my mind the acid oh my so fly flying am flying away



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