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Description : Ever notice how many crazy people there are in the world today? Just watch the news,(or read through the Looperman Forums- haha !) SCARY !!!

I think people just need to relax and listen to more electronic music, don't you all agree?

This track is actually something I remixed from an example I found that was made to demonstrate oscillation effects for the 3xosc and Wasp VST's that come standard within FL Studio(Credit to Kain). Basically built around one continuous note.

Disclaimer warning! Listening to this at high volume may trigger epileptic seizure and destroy brain cells. Ah what the heck, crank it and have some fun !!!

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  1. UncleMalaria
    UncleMalaria on Mon 27th May 2019 - 3 months ago

    super fantastic track!

    used it here :D

    OPENMINDSDB on Fri 19th Dec 2014 - 4 years ago


    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Thanks man, I appreciate the comment.

  3. RealProblemShuckers
    RealProblemShuckers on Wed 29th Oct 2014 - 4 years ago

    A good track, sort of reminds me of 'Stamina' by Vitalic. Overall, a nice fun tune!


    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Haha, yeah without the fat !
    Thanks for the comment RPS.

  4. DJCeddy
    DJCeddy on Fri 14th Mar 2014 - 5 years ago

    I am mind damaged now ha ha.... But its cool for not normal sounds. Got Psyched as they might say! ha ha

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Thanks a lot, glad you liked.

  5. MaxXimusK
    MaxXimusK on Thu 13th Mar 2014 - 5 years ago

    It's like 2 songs in one, definitly something to deefly tisten to with the mid-change, and the tempo change at about 5 minutes.

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Thanks Max.
    Yeah the fun aspect here is in the adjustment of the oscillation and the additions to slightly distract and/or compliment the continuous note.
    The tempo change, which I really love, almost didn't make it to the final cut. I think there's some kind of glitch in the program and I kept noticing it effecting earlier parts of the track some how. I re-did it at least 10 times and there's still a couple of slight areas there in the beginning where if you really pay attention you can notice the tempo jump a bit.

  6. Spivkurl
    Spivkurl on Thu 13th Mar 2014 - 5 years ago

    I really like this song! It's just minimal enough to allow all parts to shine in their own way. You definitely succeeded in pushing the FL synths farther than usual! On top of all that, it sounds good and it's fun to listen to! Nice one! I'd like to play this on loopradio tomorrow if it's okay. Faved for sure! Thanks for the DL!

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    I was actually pretty amazed myself in the abilities of these synths. Most people I know wont even use them and I guess its an overall perception by most that the packaged Synths with these DAW's are not as good as the 3rd party varieties. I really think otherwise now and urge everyone, at least those on FL Studio to take a closer look. Absolutely Spivkurl, I would be thrilled to have you play it. Thanks.

  7. FastFunghi
    FastFunghi on Sat 8th Mar 2014 - 5 years ago

    Aww yah! That part where the clap comes in is me fav. Really cool progression of the song mate. Lovely hats and dreamy sequences.

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Thanks FF, appreciate it man.

  8. raleighbull
    raleighbull on Fri 7th Mar 2014 - 5 years ago

    Very good song.

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Much thanks raleighbull!

  9. ladyinred
    ladyinred on Wed 5th Mar 2014 - 5 years ago

    it was good.

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Thanks ladyinred !
    By the way, does the name have reference to the matrix.
    Love that program !

  10. Sevenola
    Sevenola on Wed 5th Mar 2014 - 5 years ago

    It is true that there are some wild people out there... But there can be a good wild and there can be a bad wild. I honestly think it's in the food we eat and the routines we partake in as we look at the world outside. Everyone middle classed and down living in a free-roam jail and it goes to your head without ever being a conscious thought, because some of us think that this is what life is. So some go crazy about it. Some people on top too, crazy politicians and king and queens, world leaders and elites. It's a psycho world and I think you capture that essence in your mix :)
    Very nice job and I love the distorted synth.

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Thanks Sevenola.
    Yeah there's a lot of craziness all around us. Thankfully the walls here at Looperman are only padded for the acoustics !!

  11. crucethus
    crucethus on Sun 2nd Mar 2014 - 5 years ago

    I like the concept of taking one note but diversifying it with filtering and making it as creative as you did with this piece. It's little exercises like that that will make you a better composer in the long run. And as an added bonus Your wobbly note brought out the cray cray in radio illuminati ;-) Nice job

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Thanks for commenting Steve, glad you like.
    I'm cool with radio illuminati. He obviously has some strong feelings there that I may have triggered a reaction from with my comments.

  12. JJWeekz
    JJWeekz on Fri 28th Feb 2014 - 5 years ago

    This is great! Really dig the depth of sounds, pulls the listener in. Yeah the world is full of scary people but also don't dismiss all the kind acts you hear about too. Just google "faith in humanity restored"- some stories are fake, but there really are angels amongst us ;-)

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Thanks for your comment JJ.
    Yes I agree, and am thankful for those angels you speak of. I've come to know a few.

  13. beerling1970
    beerling1970 on Thu 27th Feb 2014 - 5 years ago

    Omg I am so loving this :)this could be a track for a scene of a very disturbing short film. Hahahahahaha

    Great work and great sounds mate.


    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Thanks beerling.
    Hey regarding your idea, checkout BELTEDRADIAL's post below.
    It is in film or rather in a video he made.
    Its not disturbing (at least not to me) but it could be considered a short film (haha) !

  14. radioilluminati
    radioilluminati on Wed 26th Feb 2014 - 5 years ago

    From their perspective going out with friends and have a party is not their thing. They LOVE power, and they also have a belief-system, where they see people as dumb sheep. They believe the dumb sheep are keeping humanity from the next step in evolution.

    I have talked with people that believe like this.

    Just to show you an email, I got from one of the Elite:

    "The biggest question that humanity has to answer for itself is "Are we cancer or are we medicine?", and not "Where is God?" So far we share more with cancer cells, we're programmed to proliferate and destroy our host (earth). So maybe that little group of "testers"* is just functioning as medicine?"


    They respect those that stand up against them optimally with unconditional love.

    They are people that hate weakness, disharmony etc. probably because they are masters of disharmony and chaos. Basically they hate themselves and project that to others that remind them of disharmony. They are in a way correct that many people are weak and lazy and don't care about humanity. But their cure to punish or eliminate the weak is where I don't agree with them.

    This is the former owner of CNN:

    Prince Philip, August 1988 ... "The Earth has a cancer and the cancer is man"

    Prince Philip: “If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels.”

    This is exactly what they believe and the agenda. Some people say, it is not a real speech by them, because the guy is an actor, but I'm convinced because the energy the actor/spokesperson has is extremely dark, and if you are sensitive to energies then you will feel it. He is an actor yet I don't see anything wrong with that. His job is to present the agenda in a professional way. He does exactly that.

    Their agenda cut in stone:
    1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
    10.Be not a cancer on the earth - Leave room for nature - Leave room for nature.

    What to do about it. First understand everything about what they are about. Then spread awareness about them, and not be manipulated by them into giving up freedom.

    We are all creating these people, because they are a mirror of our own weakness, we are lazy and do not take freedom seriously. They manipulate us to give up freedom.

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    OK bro, as much as I respect other peoples opinions and interests, please understand this is not the place to discuss matters of this kind. I can tell you have a vested interest and concern and would like to enlist other peoples views, so if you would like to post a link to another Forum or an email address where anyone who might be reading and is interested could go and learn more or communicate with you further on the subject, go right ahead. But please lets refrain from any more off topic discussion. I would really hate to have my thread yanked.

    BELTEDRADIAL on Wed 26th Feb 2014 - 5 years ago

    If you google "LOFLYT Exhaust Noise WAV library", it should come up. Your track is toward the end. Thanks mate. If theres any other noises you think I might like, feel free to shout out.

    Thanks again!

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Nice work on the video mate !
    Some really sweet rides there. Was this part of some car show or event? Dont tell me these guys are just some local cruisers !

    Man so cool of you too use the track but then I noticed you even threw up some credits for me and Looperman. Awesome job, I really dig it. Big thanks !!

  16. MastaMnd
    MastaMnd on Wed 26th Feb 2014 - 5 years ago

    Like it. Perfect for a scene in a video game! Also, good for the dance floor at a rave club or something like that...

    Good work.

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Im not sure what it would sound like through a big club sound system but who knows, might be cool. Thanks for the listen and comment MM.

  17. Diskonnect
    Diskonnect on Tue 25th Feb 2014 - 5 years ago

    That bass sounds nice! The breakdown in the middle is cool, I like that! The tracks got a good vibe, well done! :)

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Thanks a lot for the comment.
    I truly didn't think it would receive much favorable response.

  18. radioilluminati
    radioilluminati on Tue 25th Feb 2014 - 5 years ago

    The world is extremely crazy, and if you look behind the reality that the mainstream media and scientists claim is how reality is, then you will discover another reality, that is very far from what people believe is reality.

    There is great power in keeping the general public in a 2+2=5 reality because those that know 2+2=4 will get more power and wealth.

    Let me show you something extremly different than what the mainstream media says is reality. According to western mainstream media Ukraine is getting democracy and freedom right now.

    This is what really is going on:

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Yeah well that's my point exactly.
    If these guys spent more time chillin out at a club with a few friends, groovin to some electronic music while enjoying alcoholic beverages; Hate, violence and world domination might become less interesting and they might even find better things to pursue. Like GIRLS !

    BELTEDRADIAL on Mon 24th Feb 2014 - 5 years ago

    Is it ok if I use this for a youtube car vid? It totally doesn't fit and that's just how I like it. :D On the upside, the video has a lot of exhaust noises so I'll be recommending headphones.

    I'll give you a shout out in the comments if it's ok. You can see my other vids on youtube by searching for LOFLYT. Make sure it doesn't correct your search to loft. Hope to hear back soon! Great sound!

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Believe it or not I'm a real car enthusiast, so sure man have at it. Give me a shout when the vids done. I would love to check it out and thanks for the comment and like.

  20. StaticNomad
    StaticNomad on Mon 24th Feb 2014 - 5 years ago

    Greetings again. No, I didn't really notice the lack of snare here.

    I didn't know this was your longest track posted here (yes, I give you credit). Don't worry - I like shorter things too. All depends how it's done and I've heard some exceptional short tracks over the years, with so much packed into a relatively short running time. That can make things really intense and interesting.

    To move into 'Static Nomad territory', so to speak, I'd suggest adding more diversity to your sounds. Yes, I do that through use of various played guitars, bass and banjo but I also like to use a whole load of different synths and sampled-based instruments. I'd suggest using some acoustic sampled instruments along with your synths. I've got quite a few such as harps, banjos, sitars, strings and so on that I process in quite an electronic way (put them through filters, arpeggiators, various delays, distortion etc).

    So, sort of turning acoustic instruments into programmed synth instruments should give your otherwise electronic productions more of an interesting flavour.

    If you check my track Into The Out There, it has only 30 secs of real acoustic banjo in it but a lot more of sampled, programmed heavily delayed banjo, which is a really nice instrument. It's lined up in the sequencer alongside all the other synths and I don't really treat it any differently. I copy synth parts to it and vice versa.

    "If ive learned anything from you its dont be afraid to break convention"

    Yes, quite. I try to go a bit further in the sense that when I find myself doing something too conventional (even if it's good) I have to try to add something different and unconventional to it. I think that if I didn't have that sort of mindset and approach, I'd come up with far less interesting stuff and the sounds would be far too close to lots of other genres I've heard but the track probably wouldn't be as good as the tracks that have influenced me. That's what I always worry about when putting together a bunch of sounds I've heard before - that someone's already done that but much better.

    "Sorry about the quick return there to tempo".

    I'd still like to hear more of the slower tempo as it really kicks into a groove with some attitude there. I'd definitely try spinning that out. You might find it then becomes so good it needs to be in the track for at least a couple of minutes.

    Good luck with it.

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Let me see what I can come up with in terms of extending that slow tempo further. Of course you know I was only referring to the track length here in terms of comparing this to any of your material bro. I've been working a bit on the sampling idea already though. Its a lot easier said than done. Another reason to admire the results you are able to achieve.

  21. Tumbleweed
    Tumbleweed on Sun 23rd Feb 2014 - 5 years ago

    Well my friend...as you would likely know...I know squat about most electronica genres...I`m close to inept when it comes to tweaking synth sounds in any serious way, and unlike many, I was never a fan of some of those old synth sounds (I would likely be deported from many genres for saying that haha).....so I just listen from a musical perspective...and you know we are all tuned to the music that influenced us over the years...This is really interesting in the techniques I imagine you used and I think it would liklely be most appealing to those who are of the creative synthesis type....I`m not crazy today...I ate my green pill this morning so I am happy and productive and love the government..and they dont have to lock me in my ward again until after supper.....keep on....Ed

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Yeah Ed, that's what I think is so cool about Looperman. It provides us this ability to easily sample all these other types of music and before you know it were becoming more knowledgeable and accepting of it. And some of it we may actually learn to like (whether or not we want to admit it)!

    Thanks for the listen and comment. I'm always hip to hearing from you.

  22. SeriouslyJoking
    SeriouslyJoking on Sun 23rd Feb 2014 - 5 years ago

    So you guys think you are the sane ones? Sitting by an rectangular, radiating objekt for hours and hours only moving your fingers on one hand. Yeah thats very sane...

    A very cool project which became a very cool song!
    My favourite part is between 3:00 and 4:00.

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Au Contraire SJ !
    Apparently you don't read the Looperman Forums, I'm all over the place !

    Thanks very much for your comment.

  23. evendenjered
    evendenjered on Sun 23rd Feb 2014 - 5 years ago

    i think its very interesting has an awesome rise .. www.tattooartsupplies.com

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Thanks evendenjered !
    Appreciate you lending the ear.

  24. radioilluminati
    radioilluminati on Sun 23rd Feb 2014 - 5 years ago

    haha I'm not crazy. I'm the most in harmony person you will ever communicate with.

    In a crazy world will those that are honest, authentic and open about their feelings be considered crazy, that is why people do everything they can to behave like anybody else to avoid being looked at as crazy.

    When people don't care what others think about them. That is where it gets fun.

    People live in a mental Plato's cave and the shadow theater is the TV that tells people what to think and what to feel.


    Do you want freedom or mental slavery? That is the question. We all have free will.....

    Johann von Goethe — 'The best slave is the one who thinks he is free.'

    Nice track.. Very dramatic in a good way.

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Thanks for the comment bro.
    The "Crazy" references were just for fun to help introduce this crazy track. I dont know though, that bit about lower dimension stuff you were going on about is a bit out there !
    (Ha ha).

  25. StaticNomad
    StaticNomad on Sun 23rd Feb 2014 - 5 years ago

    Yo. Are you one of those crazy people? Are there more crazy people, per capita, around today than a thousand years ago?

    I don't know the answers to those questions so let's move swiftly onto your little track. I know more about that.

    Must admit to at first briefly checking it out on crappy laptop speakers - no bass so it sounded pretty damn boring.

    Now I've got the headphones on there's lots of bass. It's pretty much the lead thing for the first half.

    I wonder if that breakdown from about 2 mins on to the next time drums kick back in is maybe too long (for a track this length). Could be reduced as it seems to take quite a while to get going again though there's a good subtle crossfade between that bass and the next section.

    4:10 new hat pattern helps move things on. And we also now have a higher pitched lead. Only took 4 or so mins!

    Filters getting turned up and now on 5:00 we drop back down into something much more gangsta.

    Damn you for speeding that back up - I could have grooved to that for a while. You know I like the slow-mid tempos.

    Overall, this is pretty smooth and powerful but a bit lacking in melody or lead activity. I just need a bit more top end variety to complement the solid bass, drums and effects automation work.

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Haha, I knew this would probably garner some serious scruitiny from you man ! Yeah for sure it requires a system capable of delivering on those lower tones. In fact it may very well require headphones to get the most out of the effects which may not be as evident through the speakers.

    I cant disagree with any of your comments, and I initially intended to make it more melodic but I found in doing so it changed the whole complexion of it. In the end I preferred to keep it less like a song and retain more of the oscillation drone. Its just seems cooler this way to me. You'll notice theres very little snare and I really subdued the higher pitched tones of the cymbals and hats on the Mastering to keep the buzz in the foreground pretty much througout.

    Sorry about the quick return there to tempo, I was being careful to keep it reasonalbly sized to fit the limits here. I know your views in that area but hey man you gotta give some credit, this is the longest track ive posted to date. AND without a doubt, the most far out piece as well. I think its safe to say I may be approaching the outter limts of StaticNomad territory even !! If ive learned anything from you its dont be afraid to break convention.

    As always SN, thanks for the comments bro, your opinion and insight is always beneficial and tremdously appreciated.

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