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Description : I was just having some fun here tonight with the Sytrus plug-in in FL Studio and ended up with this somewhat corny lead that reminded me of the Star Trek theme. I'm a big fan of the old Star Trek series so I couldn't help myself from throwing something together with it. Thanks to Neucleon on the IL forum who had graciously passed me on a couple of cool .flp's that I reverse engineered to glean some of his alien tech from. So hit the Warp drive and hang on !

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  1. Balance21
    Balance21 on Sun 18th Dec 2016 - 2 years ago

    first of all, your profile picture is badass as fuuuuck! second of all, i love how you make so many different sounds melt together into the song, your going places neo if you stick to your path ;) take care brother

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Yeah man I'm huge classic sci-fi/horror movie fan. Chuck Hodi is a fabulous artist who does some incredible classic movie monster art, working mainly with pastels. This is his Invisible Man. You can check him out on the web for more cool stuff like this. Thanks for checking out the track and the kind words bro.

  2. MWRatridge
    MWRatridge on Mon 21st Dec 2015 - 3 years ago

    Indeed fun and upbeat. Good solid mix. I could picture Kirk's cheesy smile listening lol.
    Beam me back down.

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Sorry MW for such a late response, I'm so bad about checking in on these older track comments. But certainly glad you liked it and very much appreciate the comments.

  3. PDMuzak
    PDMuzak on Wed 12th Aug 2015 - 4 years ago

    Very nice modern & retro combo track. I love the mono synth track. Very nice layers. You have great talent. Keep up the good work. PDMuzak

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    PD thanks so much for the comment and kind words.
    I'm working on a lot of new material right now, and hope to get some new tracks up real soon. Stay tuned bro.

  4. madscape
    madscape on Mon 3rd Aug 2015 - 4 years ago

    Awesome Neo! good to see another trekkie on here! I can tell you were enjoying yourself with this one. The energy and vibe 100%. Love it!

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Haha, yeah I had some fun here and took some liberties. Hope Shatner doesn't mind.!!!!

  5. JoeFunktastic
    JoeFunktastic on Tue 28th Jul 2015 - 4 years ago

    You are a Trekkie, no shit? No Just kidding Neo. This is so groovy that it could pass a house track man. Love all the elements. It's bumping! Well done there brother! Peace, Joe

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    I grew up watching re-runs of 60's t.v.. My parents were big on it. Definitely a thrill to get your like on it Joe. Thanks for the comment bro.

  6. Spivkurl
    Spivkurl on Fri 13th Feb 2015 - 4 years ago

    Hey, this was a fun one! I dig Star Trek as well, so had to listen to this! I'm more of a fan of TNG, but the theme song for that one is pretty much rubbish... especially after hearing it almost daily for 27 years or whatever. I liked the theremin style sound you coaxed out of sytrus. The whole track has a nice energetic vibe to it. Great work!

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Thanks a lot Spiv. I'm always happy to get your take on my tracks. This was fun for me too. Im ready for a new ST series.

  7. RenzWilde
    RenzWilde on Thu 12th Jun 2014 - 5 years ago

    This is awesome!!

    I'm not gonna lie. I clicked this one as I was checking out your catalogue of songs because of the title. I am a Star Trek nerd. A trekkie!

    But I came for the title and stayed for the song, lol.
    Love the short Star Trek sounding intro but the whole track is fun to listen to. It does have a retro feel to it. And I'm all over that.

    I know it's a new comment on an old track but I've only been here for a couple of months. Look forward to your new stuff.


    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Hey thanks RenzWilde.
    Sorry for the delayed response on your comment but I haven't checked in on these tracks in awhile. Yeah I really had fun making this. Star Trek is awesome, always been one of my faves.

  8. Bathers
    Bathers on Mon 17th Mar 2014 - 5 years ago

    Really cool' a little retro but not tu mutch.

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Thanks a lot Bathers.

  9. 3rdNippleMusic
    3rdNippleMusic on Fri 31st Jan 2014 - 5 years ago

    actually it's a pretty catchy tune bro, the synth is a bit weird for the rest of the song, but it does have that nostalgic feel.

    hah - beam me up !

    neal visher

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Thanks Neal.
    Yeah the Synth is a bit strange but I actually was shooting for something weird so I guess it worked.

  10. mackit
    mackit on Fri 17th Jan 2014 - 5 years ago

    Very creative composition. Realy like the Star Trek line. Smooth mix. I could hear everything clearly. PEACE. THE MACK MAN OUT.

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Yeah I really had some fun on this track. Glad you liked it.

  11. CognacXE
    CognacXE on Thu 17th Oct 2013 - 5 years ago

    Awesome, Very retro sound to it, I enjoy this one :)

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Thank you so much for listening and taking time to comment.

  12. NobodeeJones
    NobodeeJones on Fri 4th Oct 2013 - 5 years ago

    Nice playful energy on this one! Smooth grove.

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Oh yeah, I appreciate that man.

  13. RahulChandra
    RahulChandra on Wed 2nd Oct 2013 - 5 years ago

    That Is An Amazing Synth With Sytrus Amazing Track !! Cheers !!

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Yeah, im really having fun with Sytrus. Its an awesome tool in the ol' FL arsenal.
    Cheers back at you !!

    PRINCELECTRO on Wed 2nd Oct 2013 - 5 years ago

    Great mix, liked this

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Thanks man, I appreciate it.

  15. dansjoy4
    dansjoy4 on Wed 2nd Oct 2013 - 5 years ago

    Hey nice work with this Sci Fi tune! lol...Love the Scotty beam me up reference at the end...that was classic! B-)

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Haha, thanks man.
    I debated including the Kirk sound byte, but after hearing it I liked it too much.

  16. TheNewWaveGroup
    TheNewWaveGroup on Wed 2nd Oct 2013 - 5 years ago

    Dude, groovin space jam. You totally rotated my intergalactic hyperdrive pulsar modulator. Let's get some dancing Vulcan chicks in the video now huh? Haha! (Do they dance btw?)

    _\\// Live long and Prosper!.


    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Wow NWG !
    Sounds like besides an interest in music you've got some background in Star Ship propulsion drive systems.
    Thanks for the enthusiastic reply and likewise on the LL&P.

  17. dolbrey
    dolbrey on Tue 1st Oct 2013 - 5 years ago

    I like it

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Thanks man.

  18. StaticNomad
    StaticNomad on Tue 1st Oct 2013 - 5 years ago

    I don't know what Vocodex is but would guess it's a vocoder in whichever bit of software you use. I don't think I'm describing sidechaining though there is definitely a link. With a vocoder, you can use the characteristics of one audio signal to modulate another.

    So, the classic and fairly cheesy vocal-vocoder effect we all know is something such as a string pad playing at the same time and modulating sung vocals. But I've done things like use drums to modulate a synth (via a vocoder) , which means that I get the rhythmic quality of the drums in synth form - a bit like an arpeggiated synth but different.

    I've also made a didg sound using my real-time voice (not singing) to modulate a synth clarinet sound. You can hear it a couple of minutes in to my track Circular Motion.

    My idea was about finding a way to get more of that opening sound effect in your track. An effect you didn't come up with so it's just a static sample so I was trying to work out how you get could get more use out of it. Using a vocoder is a good way to try to combine two sounds and get the feel and mood of one imprinted on another.

    My apologies if this isn't of much interest - I'm maybe just typing out my own thought processes with this one.

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Im all ears bro and definitely appreciate any and all pointers from people with your expertise and superior skill sets. You got my curiosity up so at the next opportunity I will see if I can figure some of this out.

  19. sonicariel
    sonicariel on Tue 1st Oct 2013 - 5 years ago

    hey cool track loved the sci-fi cant wait to hear some more. :)

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Thanks a lot Sonic !
    Yeah I'm thinking of pitching it to Cartoon Network as the theme song to a new Star Trek animated series ive heard some rumors about.

  20. sonicariel
    sonicariel on Tue 1st Oct 2013 - 5 years ago

    hey cool track loved the sci-fi cant wait to hear some more :)

  21. StaticNomad
    StaticNomad on Mon 30th Sep 2013 - 5 years ago

    "I did originally have Sci-fi sound effect in there another time but decided to remove it thinking it was probably too hokey."

    No - it's pretty cool. Try fading it subtly back in at various points. Also try twisting it up with various effects. Could sound cool with some of rhythmic gating/filtering on it.

    Don't know if you have a vocoder (in software). You could use that sound effect as the modulator source to effect another synth part - even your drums.

    So, doing that would basically force some of the sonic characteristics of that sci-fi sound onto synth/any other bit if audio.

    That could be a very creative use of something that seems quite familiar.

    Ask me if you don't understand what I mean regarding the vocoder idea. I need to do it more often, actually so should take my own advice!

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    I do have Vocodex but haven't really attempted much with it.
    Sounds like your describing side chaining though.

  22. Tumbleweed
    Tumbleweed on Mon 30th Sep 2013 - 5 years ago

    Oh yes...its definitely got that space vibe...I can imagine a few scenes from the Strar Trek movies this one would have gone with...great when you can have some musical fun and produce this kind of mix as well.....well done Neomorpheus....enjoyed the listen & got a few spacey mind pictures going as a bonus...Ed

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Thanks a lot Ed.
    This one was one of those that just sort of came out of nowhere (outer space maybe). I definitely like to have fun with this stuff, its where its at man !

  23. StaticNomad
    StaticNomad on Sun 29th Sep 2013 - 5 years ago

    Yes, good Star Trek lead at the start there, though maybe it should have been a few seconds longer.

    Pretty cool track and the main lead has a little bit of a sci-fi feel to it too.

    Yes, your main sci-fi theremin sound needs to be utilised more in this piece. I was sure it would return but it didn't.

    I'm sure people would enjoy this out at clubs.

    Some of it is a little too bright and fizzy for me so I'd suggest adjusting the cutoff filter a bit on some of the leads.

    Separately, Lt. Uhura was pretty nice!

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Man I did originally have Sci-fi sound effect in there another time but decided to remove it thinking it was probably too hokey.
    Yeah you have a good ear. I appreciate the suggestions. Thanks for the listen and the feedback.

  24. beerling1970
    beerling1970 on Sun 29th Sep 2013 - 5 years ago

    cool track :)

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Thanks Steve !

  25. SeriouslyJoking
    SeriouslyJoking on Sun 29th Sep 2013 - 5 years ago

    Cool song!
    I can easily picture hearing this in an episode of Star Trek! =D

    Reply by Neomorpheus

    Thanks a lot SJ, just having some fun with this one really.

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