Tags : | Trance | 4.65 MB

Description : Music by Myself, Words by Patricia Edwards

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  1. PatriciaEdwards
    PatriciaEdwards on Fri 20th Nov 2020 - 6 days ago

    7 years.
    Seven Years.
    SEVEN years and I'm just listening to this. Sorry. :-(
    It sounds really good. Lots of good energy. :-)

  2. Bathers
    Bathers on Sun 30th Mar 2014 - 6 years ago


    wie schauts aus?

    LG Bathers

  3. SeriouslyJoking
    SeriouslyJoking on Tue 25th Mar 2014 - 6 years ago

    Hi, have you noticed that there is a problem with your track? It won't play and the file seem to contain nothing - it sayes 0 bytes up there.
    Maybe it's purposely so - then just ignore this. Just thought you would want to know if it isn't. =)

    Reply by MagneticRecords

    Hey There! I´m sorry. It was not purposely. I do not know where the problem is, but the song plays without problems. Please try again. Maybe it works now.

  4. Bathers
    Bathers on Mon 24th Mar 2014 - 6 years ago


    kannst du mir über Soundcloud oder Facebook schreiben, ich möchte jetzt nicht so gerne hier meine E-Mail posten. :-)



    Bis dann...

    Reply by MagneticRecords

    Sobald ich ein wenig Zeit gefunden habe, werde ich dir ein paar Sachen zuschicken.

  5. Bathers
    Bathers on Sun 23rd Mar 2014 - 6 years ago

    Könnte wirklich sehr interessant werden.

    Reply by MagneticRecords

    Na das sag ich doch die ganze Zeit. Wir beide könnten es der ganzen Welt zeigen, was Deutschland ist. In Punkto Dance music.

  6. Bathers
    Bathers on Sun 23rd Mar 2014 - 6 years ago

    Ich habe mich quer durch deine Tracks gehört, Kompliment. Wirklich gut gemacht!

    Reply by MagneticRecords

    Vielen Dank fürs Komplement. Vielleicht könnten wir eines Tages mal zusammen was machen. Wer weiss, was da alles rauskomnmt. An mir soll es nicht liegen.

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acapellas/detail/13274/every-single-night-complete-song by EmKay

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Description : Download on Bandcamp for free:

MSoundTech teams up with Iti Yati to bring listeners more uplifting and touching music. The collaboration between an immensely talented upcoming vocalist and the specialist in uplifting melodies is the second single from "Progression".


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