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Description : inner space: unified Planet Earth suspects a hostile craft. a call issues to arm defenses. decomposed and re-engineered Kitco drum loop in AcidPro7.

Description : This is part of my Metallic Disturbance collection Loops, it's hard hitting percussion but in a half time beat, if you have any requests for synths or sounds just ask me and I'll see what I can do for you, once again thanks for listening to my loops and i

Description : This crazy little beat is made with a lot of compression and bit crusher, hopefully you enjoy it. :)
Many more to come and as always, check out my Looperman page for my quality loops.

Description : I used a spectral Filter and other effects with a varied amount of modulated Bit crusher on myself clicking my tongue on the top of my mouth. This is the end result of a couple of minutes so hopefully you enjoy this weird loop.
(The title says "172 Bpm W

Description : This is a morphing LFO'd pad with a small beat mixed in, it hopefully sounds cool and anyone asks I can always upload a version without the beat.
Hope you enjoy.

Description : This is a loop I recently discovered by mistake, it was named bip.54593 or something stupid like that. I touched it up (not like that) and it's now a nice little progressive segment so I hope you like it, as with all my loops this should sound ok and Eq'd

Description : Inspired by the Rockwell and Phace track "NO!"
This loop is filled plenty of grooving rhythms for your Drum & Bass track.
Hope you enjoy (sorry, been away for a while)

Description : As the name suggests, a rolling DnB beat with congo percussion.... rolls along nicely... enjoy it.

Description : It's not really a wasp but using a couple methods I've made this Fx, it might be a bit loud so sorry...
Enjoy anyway!

Check out my other loops! More on their way!

Description : This is an effected version of a drum loop I uploaded using flanger and other methods.
If you have any requests please let me know by messaging me or whatever and I'll see what I can do.

Also, check out the Dry version of this loop!

Description : This is a drum loop... um.. it's pretty simple, I've Eq'd etc, took most of the low out and it was something I decided to make entirely for Loopermen & women to use so enjoy and if you have any requests please let me know and I'll see what I can do.


Description : Another of the filtering basses but this time using a simple EQ it filters in.
Check out the other permutations of this bass!

Description : A Bassline I've created using various effects with a heavily compressed reverb tail.
Hope you enjoy!
Check out the other variations of this bass.

Description : Bass I've made and manipulated using various effects, I've also uploaded other versions.

Description : Female Text to Speech voice saying "unable to process the data supplied"

Description : female vocal saying "that wasn't part of the plan"

Description : Female vocals whispering " I want you" with echo fx.

Description : drum step drum loop

Description : Uploading old stuff....

Description : Made inFL Studio

Description : new version of my 5 years old loop, 2 redrum with single samples

Description : A long, bending, resonant note. Created on an analogue Akai synth. Try reversing it.

Description :

Description : fill in

Description : glitchy amen

Loops 176 - 200 of 222
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