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Loops 1876 - 1900 of 1934

Description : ......

Description : something i created it...flip it.

Description : 174, F# Minor

Description : Cool party melody loop

Description : A bass I made using Massive. I personally think it sounds a bit like Zomboy. if you use it send me a link so I can promote it

Description : A pluck-ish sounding synth in some nice 7th chords. I personally really like hopefully you do too! Anyway, if you use this loop I'd appreciate it if you acknowledged me as Skyrunner somehow, but it is royalty free so you don't have to.

Description : Just spent the day making some new growls for my tracks and i thought i would share one with you. Remember to let me hear your tracks if you use it :P

Description : Ready...Go with delay. Spoken at F#

Description : Ready...Go vocal tag at F#

Description : As requested by Skirisk. Not been mixed that well, was just focusing on the main synth sound. Hope you like.

Description : some sounds i layered together to get that sound.

Description : just a wee unmixed loop I came up with. Feel free to use and and let me hear what you have done with it :P


Description : This is my take on a Koan Sound like bass. Its not exactly the same as I wanted to create something different sounding but inspired by Koan Sound. Please let me hear what you did with it :)


Description : Yes... I know it is a very long title for a loop. Deal with it :) Anyways I was just messing around and decided to see if I could replicate the whole song. So far it's gone pretty well. I think I'll post a remake of the song soon so be looking out for that. If you use this loop make sure to SHOW ME WHAT YOU CREATED. Thanks for your cooperation, you guys are the best!

Description : 100 BPM in F# minor

Description : Skrollex 8 bit trills

Description : A melody i created i call it the question because it brings so many lyrics to my head about life.

Description : A remake i made of the piano & chants from nuclear by Zomboy!

Description : A recreation of the growls in Nuclear by Zomboy!

Description : A remake i made of the synth from nuclear by Zomboy! If you want the massive patch or midi file just pm me!

Description : Slowly walking through the frost

Description : Made with the Fl Speech Synthesizer and some Distortion. Tell Me what you think. Post a link to your song when your done. I'd love to hear!!!

Description : i kinda like this - it's yours now. made with NI Massive. if you're feeling nice, put (feat. Skeiz) in the title of your work.

Description : Celtic Harp Loop In Fminor..

Description : A synth loop created on my Access Virus.

Loops 1876 - 1900 of 1934
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