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Loops 1826 - 1850 of 1853

Description : Tanglewood electric bass played through deep amp setting on Garage Band.

Description : a little orch loop i created i layered a few instruments on top of each other the first 8 bars you can use that thru your song the second 8 bars i made so you can use as a hook or the other way around how ever you see fit. enjoy 100.

Description : a house loop i created using SYLENTH1 ENJOY.

Description : c# minor. 151 bpm. from the third movement (comedy section) of my november 2013 movie trailer mashup. go to my tracks page to hear how i used this!

Description : Concert Harp Loop In Cmajor..

Description : Same melody just with a piano instead of the original. I take all kinds of requests and can change the loop drastically if requested. Enjoy!

Description : A quick heavy-triad loop, also my first! If it is requested I can make this in a piano or whatever other instrument that it can be modified to sound like. Enjoy! ( I can also change key if needed)

Description : This is a series of synth loops created by triggering my envelope generator with a circuit bent casio keyboard, and controlling my VCM-1 or voltage controlled mixer with it. Good for electro or techno or things like that. modular synthesizer analog vintage DIY

Description : pad loop

Description : Just finished a new module for the Eat Lead Copper modular synth, it's called the VCM-1 or voltage controlled mixer. This series of loops is made using all four channels fed with four different waveforms from a VCO. Different voltage sources control the amplitude of the different waveforms. Did a little testing at higher frequencies for this one, it's a little dirty, but a fun synth line.

Description : 808 drum loop

Description : Have Fun! & Leave Links to your Projects would be happy to hear.

Description : A small piano loop in C# Minor.

Description : c# minor, bpm 116. simple, laid back piano progression. korg tr workstation + pro tools. go to my tracks page to hear how i used this!

Description : Soft rhodes chords; 90bpm; C#maj9, F#add9, C#6 and G#.

Description : .. dub them better.
I think it's reggae-pop.

Description : Sorry to everyone whos been messaging me i see it i just have been working all day everyday i appreciate your comments on my loops and you listening to my tracks for ones asking if i can make a beat for them i have alot of projects going on but i will get to you thank you all

Description : Nasty dnb bass

Description : Heavy,loud and distorted bass wobble.Made this one using Sytrus.
Leave a comment if you have got the time.

Description : Piano synth loop in C# minor and 90 bpm. Reverb and slight delay added.

Description : Amazing Lead For Your Dance & House Music...Tell me if you use it :)

Description : I hope you guys are enjoying the Complextro loops :D All made in GarageBand! Don't hesitate to show me what you make but credit is not required.

Description : R&Bish; Loops

Description : Drop me a link of your work!

I'm always up for serious and skilled collabs - so hit me up!

Key is either C# or G#, you can choose

Description : 120 bpm
True Pianos

Loops 1826 - 1850 of 1853
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