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Description : Back to the strings. Another string sample featuring some violinists (synthed obviously) in a slower fashion. Made using Logic

Description : I'm gonna stick my neck out and call it dubstep but just because it sort of reminds me of dubstep. I may be out of line - I don't really make dubstep - I know not really right tempo etc. It's just a rising bass noise made using a delay off the chords. Made using Logic

Description : Combination of chords and low notes to make this simple cello sample. Has some slight reverb on it just so it doesn't sound so synthesised. Blurgh. Made using Logic

Description : Again another pizzicato strings loop. Like I said, I could just make these all day long. Much sharper and clearer; very simple but tuneful. Made using Logic

Description : These sort of loops are always crowd pleasers by my experience. I'm going to put a whole load of them up as I could just make these all day. Nice and simple violin with some well placed high notes which stand out. I put a sort of fake recording noise on there which makes it sound aged... or something. Made using Logic

Description : Led Zeppelin rip off! This riff just sounds awesome. I think you'll agree. I used it in one of my latest songs and possibly one of my best featuring Buddahman. Made using Logic.

Description : I don't really know why swarm, it just feels like a swarm of bass. Doesn't make sense, I know. Quite a strange title but I think you'll agree that it makes sense. For the song I used it in it sounds quite good chopped up. Made using Logic as ever.

Description : It starts out with a very low sub bass sound in a dub style but as the riff moves on it's sort of quite tuneful. Sounds quite empty on its own but its a strong enough bassline to carry a song. Made using Logic.

Description : This one sounds good just on its own which is always nice with samples. It feels very bouncy and exciting but has quite a pop element to it; its probably to do with the chord progression I used. It has quite a bit of trailing delay so I have put a few bars of it. Made using Logic.

Description : This used to be one of my favourite instruments. I always used to have a Guzheng interlude. This is from one of the first tracks proper tracks I made like a year ago. Its a simple chinese styled instrument with a strange riff that I made.

Description : Last one I'm uploading today. Some strange sounds accompanied by a deep bass thats meant to imitate a human, I guess. Enjoy. Made using Logic.

p.s. If there are any loops you want from any of the songs I have put up on Looperman I'm more than happy to take requests

Description : Starts off with a relatively simple drum beat with a quick hihat release at the end. I can't be bothered to describe the whole thing but it ends with lots of ..err..ethnic drum sounds. Has a bit of a dance feel to it. Made using Logic

Description : Sounds nice and bouncy under this instrument. I've but it as two bars because there is nice sort of bandpass (maybe can't remember) on the second bar. Made using Logic

Description : Same tune as the Bass Synth I have uploaded but with a Synthesised Bell instead. I used to use this sound quite a lot to lead up to something - works quite well. Made using Logic

Description : I'm not really sure where you could class it as bass but maybe. Nice synth bassline - i'll put it up with three different instruments including this one. It's a simple yet catchy lead. Made using Logic

Description : Nice and simple one. As in title. I just like this sound and thought i'd share. Made using Logic

Description : Starts with a huge sub bass drum kick with a few dub reverb effects on the snare. I don't often put drum loops up - just the ones I'm most proud of. Made using Logic

Description : Of all the samples I have uploaded this is definitely my favourite. Very soft bass sound played in a pizzicato style with plenty of reverb. Has a note just before the chord which makes it feel slower. 4 bars - 2 of them the sound I've described and the last the with a reversed bass. Subtle yet powerful. Would work fantastically with a really pronounced female voice. Made using Logic

Description : I can't get enough of this sound. It sounds quite retro but at the same time has a modernness to it that I can't put my finger on. There will be plenty more to come using this sound. It was written 24 beats to the bar which isn't something I usually do either. Enjoy and I want to hear what you do with this one. Made in Logic

Description : It's a really nice ambient humming sound combined with a background chords that just seem to blend together. I think I used Tape Delay and Ringshift to make the sound. I've put two bars as it would end abruptly otherwise. Made using Logic

Description : Ignoring the fact it sounds like "House of the Rising Sun" its such a nice sound. I made the EXS file by accident. I think one of the files were missing and it asked me to make my own. I just started messing about and created a really nice sound. Definitely more with this sound to come, hopefully that don't rip off famous songs ;) Made using Logic

Description : I was messing about yesterday making these samples to upload and it only just occurred to me how badly I ripped off "House of the Rising Sun" with this one. Never mind I'm sure you'll find a way of using it to not sound like a ripoff. Same chinese style instrument as in previous loop. Made using Logic

Description : Just a really simple Guzheng instrument with a slight pitch bend on a couple of notes. When I used to use samples to make songs I found that the simple ones always nicest to use. Made using Logic.

Description : Starts with an offbeat Piano chord followed by a trailing dulcimer sound. It's not actually a dulcimer its the same Piano with loads of effects over it but I thought it sounded like one. I put the piano through an FX pedal. Whats annoying is I actually a dulcimer EXS file on my computer afterwards which largely sounds the same. Never mind. Made using Logic

Description : This is the real kicker - sounds fresh and exciting. Works really well with a simple drumbeat. Completely changes the song I used it in. Made using Logic

Loops 126 - 150 of 163
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