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Description : Subway Type Bass

Description : A Clubby Type Sound.

Description :

Description : An unused melody that I made in FL studio's soundfont player.

Description : Second Part of "Our Voices Never Touched"
Guitar Riff Going... E... maybe G?
Paired with the other one, it sounds really cool.

I used a lot of filter/automation and chopped and screwed, and sauted.

Description : Here is a guitar loop from a song I wrote called "Our Voices Never Touched"... I still haven't done anything with it.. soo.. i dunoo.. you can try it. It goes Eminor Chord, slide on the A from note B to D, and then I play an inverted G chord....

Description :

Description :

Description : A short staccato Acoustic guitar. Probably good for Hip hop or the like

Description :

Description : A bassy Electro Drum loop, can be slowed down or sped up slightly (5-10bpm) to get desired effect. enjoy

Description : end of bar piano 4

Description : end of bar piano 3

Description : end of bar piano 2

Description : end of bar piano 1

Description : moving bass with drumbeat

Loops 126 - 141 of 141
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