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Description : rap stuff BPM = 77.5

Description : Please, somebody do some AMAZING shit with this, please drop those links in the comments! Thanks!

Description : A Headhunterz / Da Tweekaz style Screech SQ made with Sylenth1. Perhaps you can do something with it .

Description : protools, east west choir, the title says it all, very dramatic, cult like, pulsating, imagine sitting around a huge fire and dancing, fast 6 beats per measure, D minor, give a listen and hope you like it. if you use it would you contact me and use my name

Description : I was messing around with NI Massive and looped this stabbing synth sound. I was pressing the C key, not sure if that is the actual key. DO with it as you will.

Description : A filtered and bitcrushed synth

Description : Dubstep Bass

Description : 808 Dub beat

Description : Dub break

Description : 75.50 BPM OR 155

Description : Shuffling hi hats, reversed kick, the works... using this in my current production.

Description : This loop is great for trap music, especially Deep South Trap. I used Nexus 2 on FL Studio.

Description : A very smooth, high violin progression. Free-to-use by anyone, no credit needed! If you do use it, leave a comment so I can hear it!

Description : A loop of sounds from a beat i made a few months ago..hopefully its useful

Description : Hi all! This is my first loop, so I hope you enjoy it. It goes great behind some lead synths, or even a flute. Free-to-use by anyone, leave a comment if you used it so I can hear it!

Description : This is why I love drop C tuning :P

Basic processing recommendation:

Cut below 80-100 hz, cut above 10k hz, duplicate and pan to your liking

Description : Single string palm mutes on F.

Basic processing recommendation:

Cut below 80-100 hz, cut above 10k hz, duplicate and pan to your liking

Description : short, sweet loop, was gonna use it but ended up with ya'll can have it.

Description : When I was inspecting the regular batch of 2 Prays I thought that I should do some more that focused on the congas (since there were only a few in the main series). So here're some more loops that feature them (though I'm still putting 'em in drum-n-bass I figure they could go good with some other genres, like the Disco-house one I mentioned before). Enjoy!

Description : And another one from the add-ons (this one is just the congas for those who might wanna solo them in the mix). Enjoy!

Description : Here's the next one I did for the add-ons (a perc variation of the reg fades). Enjoy

Description : Here's the last one I did for the add-ons. Enjoy!

Description : Okay, so this time I decided to bust out my MacBook and work with iDrum again (its such a great program, y'all). Wanted to fool around with it since I hadn't in a while. Decided to do some more drum-n-bass coz, well, that's been my main kick lately (pun optional). Also tried to blend in some Disco-house like elements into it (with the congas in the later numbered loops). Am diggin the results, how 'bout you? Have fun playin with 'em. Lates!

Description : And the next one I did for the series. In the later loops you'll notice that I elected to structure and order this in a kinda strange way. That's because I got to thinking about how cool it is to mix in a way that deviates from the typical 1-2-3-4-fill-2-2-3-4...- style sometimes. Either that or just wanted to give yall a wider variety this time. Eh, I dunno, I've been up for almost 24 hours so I'm gettin kinda flippy. Haha, enjoy!

Description : Here's the next one I did for the series. Opps, I forgot to mention the reasoning behind the name. Pretty simple, really, I was thinking back to the classic Amen Break and in a laugh-at-how-silly the literal vision of that would be (a drummer actually breaking down to pray in mid-song) and, well, one usually has prayed whenever they go to say 'amen' so I figure it fit. Okay, I'll stow it now (headdesk). Enjoy!

Loops 1376 - 1400 of 1470
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