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Description : hmu for them collabs so bored its insane

Description : yep yep

Description : sounds okay i guess

Description : awesome

Description : good for folk

Description : add a moog bass too it

Description : ekjfughqwuedjgasfgwjefgegfukehgfeufefewgfef

Description : poo poo pee pee

Description : asdasdsas

Description : my girlfriend told me we should "just be friends" like wtf

Description : wowi cannot finish a beat today

Description : sdfsdfdsfdsdfsfsdfsdf

Description : asddadsadad

Description : sadasugdaudgasuigdaiusdgiaaadagsdiuasgdiuas

Description : maybe toss on a filter

Description : i see u charlie shuffler

Description : sadjahdkasgduasdsa


Description : i dunno

Description : nice n trappy

Description : very cool swag

Description : i dunno this could be made into somethin dope

Description : ssb kinda sound maybe

Description : add some fx and this'll be cool

Description : PART 2

Loops 101 - 125 of 132
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