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Description : darker vibe melody I made

158 BPM
HARMONIC MINOR scale in the key of F
omnisphere bell preset

comment your cook ups

Description : omnisphere bell preset
C# Minor Scale
155 BPM

comment your cook ups I like to hear em.

Description : 152 BPM
C# Harmonic Minor Scale

comment your cook ups

Description : Travis Scott vibes
omnisphere key preset
152 BPM
(HARMONIC MINOR SCALE) in the key of C#

Comment your cookups

click on my picture to access my contact info

Description : omnisphere bell
F minor

comment your cook ups

Description : lil trap melody i made
electra x vintage keys preset
G# Minor Scale
130 BPM is the tempo

cook up and leave your finished song in the comments

Description : Omnisphere Bells

Description : Dorian F# Scale

Leave your cook ups in the comments
Or just leave me some feedback in the comments & let me know what type of loops i should make more of.

Description : !! This scale is (F# DORIAN) !!
electraX lofi key sound
leave your cook up in the comments

Description : another loop I made just for yall
ElectraX Bell Preset
Cook some fire and then post your beat in the comments.
I USED (LYDIAN) SCALE! in the key of A
i'm trying to start using fancy scales n shit

Description : Childish ass Pierre Bourne type melody I made from scratch
i used an Electra X flute to make this
KEY- C#Minor
163 BPM
comment your cook ups!

- @RayzCooks

Description : Melodic Vinyl Guitar Loop
142 bpm
Omnisphere guitar preset
comment your cook ups id love to hear em


Description : melodic sample loop i made in electra x
Preset- Key/bell
bpm 130

Description : 140 bpm G# Minor
Omnisphere Bell

comment your cook ups or just let me know what you think about the sample.


Description : 140 BPM KEY - G# minor

Omnisphere Bell Preset

Post your Cook up in the comments


Description : Creamy Melodic Sample ready to be made into a fire beat
leave cook ups in the comments.
Made with a bell preset with ElectraX

Within FL Studio, double click the sample file, and then turn "resample" to "auto" and then you can stretch the sample to fit any tempo and it will stay in key!


Description : Sample made with ElectraX on Fl20
leave your cook up in the comments


Loops 101 - 117 of 117
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