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Description : As in description. A simple combination of bass chords with a strange repeat hi pass delay. Made using Logic.

Description : The two loops combined just to give you an idea of what I have going for with these two loops. Made using Logic

Description : This is what I sort of made all the rest of the loops around. It sounds particularly cool with "Rising Delay from FM Bass Chords". There's quite a lot going on. The kick has tuned bass wobbles attached which is interrupted by snares with different trails and FX on them.

Description : This one is some weird delay that sort of plays the chord in reverse but tastes all the kick off it. It sort of gives a dubstep feel. All the loops i'm uploading tonight pretty much fit over each other. Made using Logic.

Description : I don't normally upload drum loops but this one I wanted to put up because it fits very tightly with both the Piano loops I've uploaded. It's actually two kits combined one is supposed to sound like a live drum kit and the other is a kit with a deep kick and a clap. They work quite well together though. Made using Logic

Description : This one is just the accented low notes of the other Piano riff I uploaded. Recorded using Logic

Description : As in description. Just some basic arpeggios played in descending major keys starting in A major. You'll notice about my loops I upload I don't really know much about music tech so my loops have similar styles. I'm going for it tonight though, about 15 loops coming up as I haven't put anything up in about a week. Recorded using Logic

Description : This one is the stuff. Theres two offbeat chords in this riff but I just lowered it and it sounds awesome, think you'll agree. I couldn't really make a song out of these samples there a bit grimy for my usual style. Anyway thats the last of them, Enjoy! CeeJamesBeat

Description : This ones a retro styled bass synth with trails that give it a dubstep quality. Made using Logic.

Description : Similar to the other loop it's just a little less mad. Has a similar sound though. Made it in the same way using Logic.

Description : That's probably the best way to describe this loop. There's just basically pitch falling/rising delay of the bass drum kicks and snare hits but it sounds bad ass. Made using Logic.

Description : This one sounds a little more upbeat but again works well with the other loops. Its quite a long one because this instrument has a strange band pass effect in which the second half sounds really nice. I put some weird effects on too when it changes. Made using Logic

Description : This trailed effect gives the instrument a bit of a spooky feel to it. It's just a few chords played but works quite well with a couple of these other loops. Made using Logic

Description : This one sounds quite sinister, I think it may be my choice of chord progression. Made using Logic.

Description : Made this one a while back but a song never amounted from it. Has very low piano keys almost like a bass line interrupted by sharp high piano chords. Sounds a little like jazz. Made using Logic.

Description : I've put these two loops up (crowd pleaser 1 and 2) because the other loops I put up tonight have been a little grittier than I normally make so I'm just giving some of my normal style too. This is a heavy hip-hop styled bass synth hook that I took from my track "Top of the World" and sped up to 140bpm. Enjoy. Made using Logic.

Description : Similar riff to crowd pleaser 1 except I used (one of my favourites) a strange delayed Lofi styled instrument that makes anything sound really happy! Made using Logic

Description : Haha the title makes it sound so lovely. It's pretty much that though. Half way through I put the bass an octave up and it gets a little more tuneful - but only a little. Sounds really gritty. Made using Logic

Description : I didn't actually get to use the sound as part of the song I just couldn't find a home for it but maybe someone will find it useful. It's like a weird rising delay on the bass kick but it's somewhat tuneful for a bass kick. I've put dubstep but only because the sound sort of reminds me of it. Made using Logic

Description : Again another part of the drum track. The drum roll at the end of the bar sounds really powerful and sharp and works well with powerful sharp vocals. Made using Logic

Description : Just put both the drum kicks and the bass together - they're both pretty separate still though. I used this sound for my song "Rude Girl from Bombay" and it sounds really gritty. Made using Logic.

Description : This bassline just reminds me of "The Bug". Its pretty bad ass though - it works really well with the drum loops I've uploaded. It also sounds really powerful on its own (hence "Bad Man Bass" lol). Made using Logic

Description : As in the title - the drum kick has a sort of african twang to it. I don't really know how I achieved that - probably by accident. I also use some interesting trail effects on the snare.

Description : Save the best until last. This is an instrument that I'm going to start using more and more. I accidentally made the instrument when I lost some EXS files. Glad I lost them. Made using Logic

Description : This just went a bit mad. It start off life a some nice modulated bells but then I think I added to many notes and it went a bit nuts. It doesn't even sound like bells anymore! Never mind. "Weird" sounds like the perfect genre (on Looperman) to class this as. As always made using Logic.

Loops 101 - 125 of 163
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