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Description : Best titler ever on the andreas (wtf i just said)
cringe i know

Description : Let me know in the comments if you make something out of it!

Description : That sorta vibe

D# Major

Comment what you make I wanna hear!!

Description : Hope usable

Description : bandsaw

Description : creepy

Description : Guitar Loop.
Comment your Beats if you used this Loop.

Description : please share what you've made

Description : made this today, hope you can use it

Description : Use a slicer and pitch that

Description : Drop a link if you use this.

Description : enjoy

Description : Leave link to the comments if you use this, would love to hear it

Description : e flat major 132 bpm
hit me with the link if you use it

Description : Throwaway Loop - Golf (D#) (Full) (Re upload)
Leave your creations below, i'd love to hear.
Tags - Tyler The Creator, Lil Mosey, Trap, Organ, Bells, Pad, xoboy

Description : Kick, layered snare, hi-hats, crashes and a fill at the end. Any genre requests to make drums in are welcome in the comments - I will do all ;)

Description : Just Piano Loop

Description : 85 or 170 bmp
add (prodbyrahim)
D#Harm Minor


Description : Like Weird Vox

Description : Deep Sound From Track Biotechnology

Description : It's crazy glitch

Description : weird piano melody

Description : basic piano melody w/ very little reverb and eq so go crazy with it.
chord prog is Ebmaj7-Dmaj7-Cmin7-Dbmaj7

Description : Show me your work in the comments

Description : new CUBEATZ LOOP inspired by cubeats oh ya its a cubeats type style loop...

this loop will make u morph into a cubeat

Loops 76 - 100 of 2195
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