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Description : this is gonna be used in a lot of really bad "FREE Lil Peep Sad Guitar free trap beat guitar sad peep beat free sad type beat" type beats

Description : put da lime in da co co nut

Description : bruhg

Description : 1 download equal 1 le not sad

Description : wow nice epic cool and swag

Description : asdjkhdfjkgfjkdhkjfgsjhskjhdsfhkjh terd burgers

Description : keyscape is op

Description : akfladfhdfdfafaf

Description : brahhhhhhhhdkjhfkjhskjh bleep

Description : brahhhhhh

Description : bruh sound effect number two

Description : bruhbruh

Description : sdkfsjdlfsdkfsdfdsf boobs

Description : this guitar loop is for chads only no virgins!!!!!!!

Description : yee yee

Description : wejfkjhkjdffds

Description : skeeeeereofahf

Description : pickled cucumbers

Description : nick mira used my loop once in a nessly/madeintoyo song once and that is my claim to fame

Description : bruhh rbuh

Description : afsfafasf

Description : afafaffff

Description : dsfsfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdfsdf

Description : wfewfwfwfwe

Description : yep yeo

Loops 76 - 100 of 209
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