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Description : trim the kicks down and separate with eq to get like hats n snare\clap.
the squiblys are trimmed even smaller with the crossfade knob in the sampler for fx theres wave shaper reverb delay love philter

Description : so you should eat people

Description : that lump you found the other day

Description : when one becomes two problems can arise

Description : all the noises are kicks messed around

Description : last night i went to 37000 places at the same time

Description : i used an older loop i uploaded and chopped it abunch

i think it sounds cool

Description : harmor

Description : tiny kicks hat caps

Description : not as good as the dip

Description : stretched everything real big n put ohmicide ott eq maximus to get the gargley farty sound then filters n gates on some hi hats, reverb on a snare, a centered kick and 2 similar snares panned 5% one way 6% the other

Description : drums with abunch of comp layerd with high squiblys reversed hits and tons of filters.
just a little reverb

Description : harmor and the arps in the sampler in fl have different kinds of patterns and this one was called "madd9"

Description : reverb and ott on foley with a bunch of stretching n pitch stuff

Description : messed around with abuncha foley hits the granulizer then put ott on and used the filter on the mixer thing under the fx slots

Description : kick snare foley crinkles

Description : harmor eq

Description : harmor

Description : made some chicken onion rings and a giant blitser on m finger. delicious

Description : a perc with waveshaper ohmicide ott maximus edison to record n then copp abunch. i think itso sounds cool

Description : the normal part of the dodo drums befior i chopped uit

Description : normal drum hits with stretched foley in monophonic with maximus then i put a basskick in with waveshaper and did a bit of chopping

Description : big kicks with waveshaper ott eq reverb chopped

Description : foley with maximus n grossbeat chopped

Description : waveshaper maximus eq filter reverb edison

Loops 76 - 100 of 1184
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