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Description : Remember My Savages? Yeah? Here's some drums inspired by it! I tried to make it sound as close as possible to the actual drums from the song.

This is a simple loop, except for the snare at the end.
Add some strings, random soft lead, some brass, a piano, maybe another drum, and you're good, yo!

Link what you make and if you wanna collab or work hmu on here! and if you haven't seen it yet, go watch the video of willafool breaking down how he made the beat to said song, its amazing

Description : This is inspired by an old (2013) video of Will-A-Fool making a beat on youtube. If you know of any of his pre My Savages Beats, he used to do stuff like this all the time. Added a pad to this because it sounded weird clean.

Made with Kontakt and Gladiator.

As always, Link what you make, and if you want customs, or collabs, contact me yo!

Description : I'm not sure if this counts as R&B, but I tried yo

This is made with poorly made Kontakt Libraries, hence the title.

Enjoy, and as always, link what you make! hmu on here or any of my contacts for custom loops or collabs!

Description : Last part! Layer all three parts for epic-movie-trap type beats or whatever you please to do with it.

All three parts were made with the Stratosphere expansion in Nexus.

Post what you make yo, I always Listen to stuff yall make!

Description : Part 2. This plus the chords sounds nice, at least to me it does. you can use this for other things as well.

Post what you make if you use yo!

Description : This is from one of the first beats I ever made. waaaayyy back in 2012, thought y'all might like it I guess.
This could be used for a number of genres.

Made with, believe it or not, Nexus

As always, If you use, I'd acttually like to hear what you make yo!

Description : Another loop from a sample I'm working on
Made with Icarus and Reason through ReWire

Use if you want and link what yo make yo! I happen to like listening to peoples work, no matter how good or trash it is

Description : Another loop from a sample I'm working on
Made with Icarus and Reason through ReWire

Use if you want and link what yo make yo! I happen to like listening to peoples work, no matter how good or trash it is

Description : Intro to a sample I'm working on. Does it sound Good?
Use it if you want, and post what you make yo!

Made With Gladiator, Kontakt, and Reason through ReWire.

Description : Something I whipped up in like a min.
Reminded me of old rpg dungeon BGM.
Made with Gladiator and Xpand!

Use if you like it, link what you make.

if you want custom loops from me or samples, hit my IG yo! Check my Profile for that.

Description : I severely lack names for loops I make.. geez/

Made with Gladiator

Would anyone be interested in a orchestra themed/styled sample pack? I've created a bunch of stems and want people to use them and stuff.

Description : Made with Kontakt, and Xpand.
Heavily edited in Effectrix.

Use if you like, and do link what you make yo!

if you want custom loops from me, or wanna work, do email me too, check my profile for that.

Description : Simple Piano And Strings.

Somebody needs to bring back orchestra-trap beats yo, those were the best. At least, better than the simple stuff we got now. It all sounds the same to me

Made with Kontakt. This was created in FL, but mixed in Studio One.

Description : Harp loop made in Xpand!2
Southside type stuff maybe

...Why do people still use FL11? Is there Something good about it that I'm Missing? IMO 12/20 are 100 times better than 11..other than themes I guess.

Description : I've been getting into making classical/orchestral music lately, maybe that will help with my creativity? Eh..

Would people even be interested in stuff like this?

Anywho, Made in Kontakt, and as I said before, if you dont have Kontakt go cop that yo!

Description : Happy New Year to all you producers yo!

So I was Making a Beat and as I was saving it, FL crashed and didn't save a backup of the finished beat, just two sounds...
Anywho this is the piano from it, hope ya'll get some use out of it cus I sure as hell didn't.

Description : The Title.

Made with Kontakt. Like for real, Go get Kontakt/Komplete if you haven't already, its worth your time and money yo

Anywho Enjoy! Link what you make yo!

Description : Literally made this in like a minute. Nice n Simple..

Made with Kontakt, Gladiator, and Icarus

Enjoy, link what you make yo!

Description : Like Seriously, its annoying now yo.
Stop using that trash n go cop Kontakt and some libraries lmao.
Come at me if I triggered you about this yo
(Meant to be taken as a joke)

Made with Kontakt - The Giant Library

Enjoy! Link what you make

Description : This is something different from my usual trap stuff

Made with FL's live drumkits, off beat slightly to make it sound original.
can be used for any genre, really.

Post links if you use, and if you wanna colab or somethin, do message me!

Description : This is something from and old beat called days that I found on an old harddrive of mine

Feel free to use this

Description : This is a loop I randomly came up with.
Made with Electra in Studio One (do people even use S1 here..?)

Post what you make if you use yo!

Description : I couldn't think of a name for this...

Drums inspired by 21 Savage's Money Convo
Made in Studio One 4

You can see what I did with this on my soundcloud(Link to that in my profile)

Link what you make if you use yo!

Description : The Lead to go along with the first three Loops
Inspired by my favorite producer, Will-A-Fool

Layer this with the other 3 Parts for some sad pain type stuff

Link what you make, if you use this!

If you want any of the Parts in a longer Loop, message me and I'll give you that

Description : Part 3. Strings to go along with the First two parts
Layer them for some sad pain music

Link what you make with this if you use, yo

Loops 76 - 100 of 108
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