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Description : check out my profile for some chillout beats :)

Description : Check my profile and click the link for more of my music... Thank you...

Description : Hey looperman family... I got few tracks on my website... just go to my profile, click the link and check them out... thanks for the support and one love...

Description : West Coast,,,, Check out my profile...

Description : West Coast Guitar... Make sure you check out my profile there is a link to my page there :)

Description : Check Out my profile

Description : Check out my profile it will lead you to my 2 fresh beats :)

Description : Check out my profile :)

Description : Dope G Funk Whistle... Check out my profile for more information...

Description : What's up Looperman... Check out my profile I updated my info and hit me up... Peace

Description : lalalalalalalala

Description : Im Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

Description : This is a beautiful loop.. it can only be used for G funk Hip hop or maybe RnB... So if you want to use this make sure you add some funky drums and some funky bass... Peace

Description : 84 beats per minute

Description : Some Gangster Strings

Description : Dark Piano

Description : Piano West Coast

Description : Raining Day

Description : Woooooooooooooooooooow

Description : Boom Boom Boom

Description : Add Some Drums too it

Description : Add Some G funk Synth to it

Description : Sad piano

Description : Im back yoooo

Description : Peace

Loops 76 - 100 of 206
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