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Description : A fast and furious piano riff, typical of 1970's Disco.

Harmonies: Cm7----F

Description : A steady and strange little percussive groove inspired by the 1968 French hit, "Contact" by Brigitte Bardot.

Description : A complex synth patch does a busy arpeggiation.

Harmonies: Gm-------Gb

Description : Vocoded synth.

Description : Rhythmic voices. 8 seamless bars.

Description : A slow tempo riff on the Fender Rhodes piano, with a gentle Funk implication.

Harmonies: Amaj7----Dmaj7

Description : A choir of soulful female voices in an expressive space.

Harmonies: Cm7---F7---Dm7---Gm7---Cm7---F7---Gm7

Description : A steel-string guitar starts to sound a little "White Album"-ish.

Description : A medium-tempo, four-on-the-floor thumping groove, similar to that heard on the 1963 recording, "You're No Good" by Betty Everett. Real women's high-heel shoes stomping in the left channel! Play this loop at loud volume, please.

Description : Medium-tempo, laid-back R&B/Soul drumgroove, with a gentle 16th-note Funk feel, similar to the one heard on the 1974 recording "I Just Don't Want To Be Lonely" by The Main Ingredient.

Description : A brisk picked pedal steel riff in the American Country-Western style.

Description : Wot it sez on the tin.

Description : A girl say oh and its low-key wack.

Description : A strings passage, given all kinds of weird FX.

Harmonies: C----G----Dm----F

Description : Tremolo fuzz guitar riff. 4 seamless bars.

Description : A bright synth patch plays some emphatic chords.

Harmonies: Gm----Dm7----Ebmaj7----D13

Description : A steam locomotive chugs right by you.

Description : Wot it sez on the tin.

Description : A thumping disco electric bassline in the 1970's Disco style.

Description : A fast drumgroove is made harmonic with the use of comb filters.

Description : Brisk drumgroove played on a Roland TR-808.

Description : A slow, highly-swung groove played on the old Roland TR-808. 4 seamless bars.

Description : Female choir sings a soulful progression in a big church.

Harmonies: Emaj7-------F#min7

Description : A funky drumgroove in the 90's club style.

Description : A fast-paced sequence of a rhythmic synth riff, typical of a 1980's-style dance record.

Harmonies: C#m-----E----D#m--F#--B

Loops 76 - 100 of 225
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