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Description : Here's 4 loopable bars of a drum ensemble with shakers, group claps and congas, playing a 1970's Disco groove which resembles that great dance hit "Shame" by Evelyn "Champagne" King. Sub-bass frequencies added to the kick, and a light reverb added to it all. I did not compress or maximize, as I wanted lots of dynamics.

Description : Here is an upbeat electric rhythm guitar riff, slightly distorted, that sounds like it's from a 1960's boogaloo pop record.

Implied harmonies: Fmaj7----C13

Description : Here is an upbeat R&B groove that can only have come from Motown in the mid-60's. Think: The Supremes' "You Keep Me Hangin' On" or Stevie Wonder's "Uptight" But this time, I've added some modern sub-bass frequencies to really make it THUMP.

Description : Here is a drumkit performing a subtle reggae groove with an andantino tempo. It's similar to the groove heard on Grace Jones's 1981 track "Walking In The Rain".

Description : Here is my re-interpretation of an old-school R&B rhythm from the early 70's. Only two bars, seamlessly looped. A very strict, even slightly robotic 8th-note cha-cha played on slightly cheezy-sounding drums. No copyrighted recordings were sampled... this is my own interp of that pure rhythmic groove.

Description : Eight bars of a soulful ladies gospel choir. Seamless loop. Lots of vibrato, reverb and stereo wideness.

Implied harmonies are: E--B--C#m--A--E--B--C#m

Description : Here is a whirlwind colored noise effect I custom-made. It is an intense rise in windy sound, lasting 8bars if you're in 125bpm, but can be easily tailored or stretched to slower or faster BPM's. It steadily increases in volume and intensity, but never pegs at 0.0db Contains sub-frequencies aplenty, so be forewarned.

Description : Four bars of a quite slow R&B/Slow Funk/Chillout groove, played only on Fender-Rhodes electric piano, with a little bit of vibraphone added. Pronounced tremolo, timed to 16th notes. No bass or drums added... just midrangey chords, begging for your touch.

Implied harmonies are: Bm7---F#m7----Gmaj7---Cmaj7add2

Loops 751 - 758 of 758
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