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Description : Hit my e-mail for FREE exclusive loops

Description : Used Xpand2
Send me your work!!!

Description : Contact with me if you need dry or separate vocals. (Took this phrase from GTA San Andreas :)

Description : Im uploading some quality loops today since its my b-day and I'm feeling generous. A nice melodic loop I made which works for some trap or hiphop projects. Link me what you make

Description : VST: DUNE 3


Description : pad loop with reverb son. keep it wet we never want it dry ;)

added a little bit of boost to low mids to give it fuller thicker sound

Description : Lol make some music

Description : hmu if u use this

chords are Dmaj7-Gmaj7-Dmaj7-F#m7-Gmaj7

Description : Please leave link

Description : *omnisphere preset*

~ feel free to post the beat you made with this sample and leave some feedback

greetings Chvmpion

Description : Let me know if you used it


Description : Some Sumple Drums. easy to use. Key is D
Come to think of it, it reminds me of the beat to met gala by gucci mane, oh well

Use if you like, Link what you make yo!

Description : This is a loop that was made in omnisphere. Feel free to link me your beats!

Description : Death on credit
ré mi fa# sol la si do#
D E F# G A B C#

Description : The second ukulele loop that I upload, recorded at home and edited in fl studio, enjoy it and share your results !! By.SanelliX Music

Description : beyond the cliches
ré mi fa# sol la si do#
D E F# G A B C#

Description : CHeck the link on my profile, you wont be dissapointed!

Description : Oriental Trap By Nasty B
imma start posting more of these oriental and arabic type pluckish loops as im experimenting with me a lot lately hope yall gonna dig it!

Let me know down how yall felling about this one!

Also,Check my bio for my free loop kit/sample pack

Description : 83 Babies/Rich the Kid/Kodak Black inspired.
Pitched it up 300 cents.
Show me your work in comments.

Description : ElectraX Preset w/ Gross Beat
Post any links to beats using this

Description : I can just imagine this being a loop used on a NBA Youngboy type beat.

Post link down below if you end up using!

Description : Just some bad blood

Description : Mysterious Trap Guitar. I'm gonna upload lots of guitar loops cause i feel like those are trending in the game rn.

Email me if u have questions about anything
Post links down below

Description : Oboe with the same cadence as japan. I made a FIRE beat with this loop already let me know if you guys wanna hear it.

Post links down below.

Description : this loop is in Dmajor. its 80 bpm. if u like to us this loop and you have made something with it please make sure to put a link in the comments of your soundcloud. thank you!

Loops 51 - 75 of 3798
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