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Description : Lo-Fi Oldschool Drums

Description : 808 Trap drum loop

Description : 808 Drum Loop For Trap Beats

Description : Bell loop for Trap/hip hop Beats

Description : My first grime loop. I'm not sure about the key; it's either G or G#

Description : 3rd bagpipe loop on looperman. Hope you find it usable somehow

Description : Horror trap lead

Description : 808 Hard Trap Drums.

Description : Kick drum for EDM/Big Room House/Electro House

Description : Big room house drop synth lead.

Description : Bell loop for trap beats.

Description : Trap Drum Loop.

Description : Trap bell sound

Description : you can't trap as hard as i can

Description : Trap 808 Beat

Description : Trap Pizzicato String Loop.

Description : Progression: F#min-Fmin-Emaj-D#min

Description : Simple Trap Drums

Description : Goes with my "electronic pluck sound" Loop.

Description : Goes with my "electronic pluck sound" loop.

Description : Could go well with some kind of trap/dubstep/edm track..

Description : Bell Loop for HipHop / Trap

Description : Should work for many genres

Loops 51 - 73 of 73
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