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Description : chopped some squibly sounding stuff i made a while ago and used granulizer to make it all stretchy n w.e.

Description : harmless eq ott granulizer eq comp stereo

Description : a kick with stuff doing things

Description : ohmicide distortions on abunch of foley stuff with kicks n snares layered for the beat then some snares made into arpy things and kicks with another ohmicide for the feedback thing to get the basskicky distortion stuff

Description : repetitive

Description : repetitive

Description : hamless resampled n all that blippy subby

69 for fun not tempo

Description : a preset in harmless resampled abunch

69 for fun not tempo
re uploaded cuz it needed a trim at the end

Description : kick hat clap snap

69 for fun not tempo

Description : drums with flippy hats and stretched woppy stuff

Description : dnb kinda

Description : tb kick snare edited abunch

Description : in the tree by my window, rabies are there clap

Description : made a kick with a sine in toxic biohazard and then edited it abunch and used delay flanger reverb and eq

Description : big kicks with waveshaper eq and grossbeat

Description : drums with dnb chopps filtered and layered

Description : toxic biohazard automated arps n the fx in tb

Description : toxic biohazard ott reverb

Description : cut small pitched layered to phase a bit and the ticks have an eq moving it abit

Description : harmor reversed and chopped

Description : toxic biohazard with automation clips switched to lfo and with lfo's on the speed and level and pitch and freq.
just alot of random stuff happening

Description : trying massive again

Description : harmor stuff exported reversed and balance to automate the vol knob

Description : beat with subwub and twinkly delayed arped stretched filtered pitched kicks

Description : kick snare and an old loop cut up and messed around abunch

Loops 51 - 75 of 1184
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