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Description : Can be used for chillout, chillstep, dubstep, whatever you feel like. If you use it in a song, give me a link please :)

Description : Made with Logic Pro 9 and NI Massive. If you use it in a song, a link would be nice :)

(The note playing is C)

Description : Just a generic dubstep drum beat. Pretty fast. Provide feedback and tell me what you think. If you use it in a song, share it!

Description : This one sounds more like a Skrillex-ish snare. Give me some feedback and if you use it in a track a link would be nice.

Description : A slowdown/ breakdown that can be used for anything, really. Please share tracks if you use it.

Made with Logic Pro 9.

Description : Another one of these, this time with a Heavy Reverb Snare (noisy tail reverb.) If you use it in a track, please share it. You can remix it, use only the snare, I don't care. Leave some feedback below!

Description : Just a typical growl, made with NI Massive. Note that I am an amateur at Massive.

Description : The first part is for build-ups, middle is..... middle, and the end is for breakdowns.

Description : Just like my other ones, but with a more punchy snare and a reverse snare. Please provide feedback, if you use it in a song, give us a link. I like knowing people use what I make and that I'm not wasting my time.

Made using Logic Pro 9.

Description : Pitched snare roll, very trap/hip hop/ rap esc.

Description : Some trap style hats. Sounds good when looped.

Description : This is the synths in the chorus of my song, Justice. Once again, please leave feedback. The song is on youtube, will be here on Looperman soon. These are actually two synths, but they sond great together.

Description : This is the heavy lead metal guitar from my song Justice. I'll upload that song to Looperman soon, but look on my channel on youtube for now. (Same name) Please provide feedback! Thanks.

Description : The same thing, just with percussion.

Description : This is a heavy varying dubstep sequence. Expect more soon.

Loops 51 - 65 of 65
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