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Description : hope you guys enjoy

Description : hope you guys enjoy

Description : it got suspended but here it is again.

Description : put this with some hard drums for an easy banger

Description : Its been a while. I just switched from Abelton to FL studio so i've been getting used to it.

Description : The melody from Bank Account

Description : sounds like something TM88 would do

Description : lil uzi verts XO Tour Life drums, might not sound like it but once you lay the melody over top of it it sounds nice

Description : catchy

Description : oVo style

Description : If young metro dont trust me

Description : its lit

Description : a complex trap drum i made earlier today

Description : Really nice beat i made a few days ago. Probably going to use it for something. Let me hear what you guys can do with it.

Description : made this last night

Description : its been awhile

Description : a beat for a project i made for someone

Description : made this a few days ago and cant do anything with it

Description : idk found this beat in my files somewhere

Description : a beat i made last week, never got around to doing anything with it

Description : my remake of the drums from portland

Description : my remake of the flute melody from portland

Description : good stuff

Description : simple yet nice

Description : still trying out my new drum pack. if you use this, please put "prod. by" or "beat by" Jarret Rutkowski.

Loops 51 - 75 of 87