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Description : A trance style bass that I'm particularly fond of with slow repeated notes to begin. Made using Logic.

Description : A riff that should fit with the rest of the loops. It's not really a "dirty" bass wobble. Quite a happy one really. Made using Logic.

Description : This ones my favourite of the three but they all work well together. Made using Logic.

Description : As in title. The bass synth has a flanger on it. These riffs are quite strange because they sound as though they're slightly out but when accompanied by drums its sounds perfect. There often the best ones. Made using Logic.

Description : These sets of riffs are called "FastRoll" just to separate them from the "Slam" ones. Three of them. This one is on a retro style bass synth. Made using Logic.

Description : Starting to get bored of writing descriptions now. Still a fair few to go too. This synth has an interesting transition between notes. Its not amazing but I wanted to share it anyway. Made using Logic.

Description : This ones the same offbeat dub chords but in a slightly nicer instrument. Fair bit of echo and reverb on it. Made using Logic.

Description : As in title. I don't even know what instrument this sound like. Little bit of reverb. Made using Logic.

Description : A fast style riff - clean, no reverb or echo. Made using Logic

Description : This may be another familiar sound. You quite often hear this sort of bass sound in hiphop but it works well with this set of loops. Made using Logic.

Description : Every time I upload there has to be at least one of these style riffs. They're never thaaaat popular but I just love the sound. Made using Logic.

Description : Same again but with strings. In the 3rd and 4th bar of this one there as some accented harmonies. Made using Logic.

Description : I'm sure this doesn't sound like a real cimbalom but it sounds quite nice. Again it's the same "Slam" riff but just different instrument. Made using Logic

Description : This one is a similar riff to the piano one but different instrument and starts with a LOW organ note and moves to two offbeat chords. Made using Logic.

Description : This is going take some time. 25 loops to upload. The descriptions will get a bit lazy half way through. This ones a interesting piano riff. It's written in a bit of a dubstep style but can be used anyway really. All the loops will fit over each but the ones the fit best together I've named (Slam, SlowStart and FastRoll). No idea what genre to put most of these as. Made using Logic.

Description : I've uploaded quite a fair few loops today. I think in total now on Looperman I've uploaded just under 100 loops. I haven't put anything up in quite a while however I just did a quick count up today and i've reached 100,000 downloads. Thanks for all the nice comments and I've enjoyed all the tracks I've been sent using my loops. I hope to hear more! CeeJamesBeat

Description : This ones a interesting sound. Its a choir with some offbeat chords with quite an unusual pitch shift sound. Made using Logic.

Description : If you've downloaded any of my other loops you might recognise this sound. The second half of the loop if put through a bandpass filter. Made using Logic.

Description : Here we go - i've saved the best 4 till last. This one is a tuneful but dubby bass line. Has a key change midway through the loop. It killed my subwoofer and made it move. Made using Logic.

Description : Same African kit as before but spruced up with enhance bass kicks and snares and general dub sounds. Made using Logic.

Description : Some african sounding drum sounds made into a sort of hip hop sound. A nice, simple sound. Made using Logic.

Description : I've used these sounds before to make a loop and it proved popular. This ones much more simple but still effective. Made using Logic.

Description : I rarely upload really simple steady beats so I thought I'd put one up. I actually just made it as a rhythm keeper whilst I was making the rest of these loops. It's nothing special but you can have it. Made using Logic.

Description : This synth just reminds me of transformers (the fx from the cr*p films). I've put it do repeat twice as theres quite a few trails. Made using Logic.

Description : Has a weird kind of sound to this bass line. Its hard to describe. Each note falls off the beat and sounds quite nice with a simple drumbeat. Made using Logic.

Loops 51 - 75 of 163
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