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Description : Dance Halloween Music. Chorus Section.

Description : Dance Halloween Music. Interlude Section.

Description : Dance Halloween Music. Chorus Section.

Description : Dance Halloween Music. Intro section.

Description : Dance Halloween Music. Intro Section.

Description : Piano keyscape , harmonic scale

Description : haRd 808 Drum PattERn W disTORTed baSS

Description : Aggressive

Description : This progressive melody loop makes use of some interesting chords and a plucked synth. There is also some reverb, delay, and dimensional expansion. Add it to your next EDM intro or build to give your track more movement.

As always, I appreciate any feedback or suggestions to improve on future loops. Feel free to leave a link to your creations in the comments.

Description : made with fl hope usable

Description : #sonicshine
DM me at Instagram for collabs: sonicshine

Description : G major

Description : A sad melody with pads.
Post your music in comments.

Key: F E D F E F

Description : Cover - Lil Nas X - Old Town Road :)

Description : Link to my IG in profile HMU for sample/loop kits

Description : comment what you got

Description : just another loop i made, if you use it be sure to comment the song that you used it on :D

Description : Not as catchy as the previous one, but oh well.

Description : Recently experienced what was nothing short of an epiphany, so I am now able to design dubstep basses!

Description : Why play the piano when you can make it sound like you did with a virtual one

Description : Bell and Snare Transition to put before an 808 beat.

Description : another one

Description : Video game, Dream type simple bells

Description : Some snares, reverse snares, reverb, and pitch bending.

Description : Instagram: prodbyabbeats

YouTube: AB Beats

Let me see what u made

Loops 51 - 75 of 5655
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