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Description : Comb filtering turns a fast folk guitar arpeggio into something quite weird and haunting.

Description : What happens when conga drums are run through a comb filter. 8 seamless bars.

Description : want more Funky Drums Loop? Check My Bio! Free sample packs on my blog!

Description : More Drums Loops? Check My Bio! Free sample packs on my blog!

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Description : A brass section plays a bright energetic riff with Blues implications.

Harmonies: Eb---Cm----Eb7----Ab7

Description : An SATB choir sings a soulful progression in a big space.

Harmonies: Db----Ebm/Db-----Ab7-----Db

Description : A soulful SATB choir sings a progression in an expressive space.

Harmonies: B-----E6/B

Description : A bass guitar plays a soulful groove with a gentle swing. It's very "present", with plenty of click-y transient; I'll let you tone it down if you want to.

Harmonies: Bb-------F

Description : A choir of soulful female voices sings a smooth Oooh in an expressive space.

Description : A gentle Soul groove with a delicious 16th-note swing feel.

Description : A medium-tempo, gently-swung piano groove in a 1960's Soul style.

Harmonies: Bbmaj7----F13

Description : On a distant tropical island, natives play an insistent rhythm on their local drums.

Description : A recorded Russian voice tells you: "You are now entering the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Please enjoy your stay."

Description : A German robot tells you: "Bitte drücken Sie die Taste für eine besondere elektrische Überraschung."


"Please press the button for a special electrical surprise."

Description : A quartet of soulful female singers sings a riff in a big space. Loop is in 4/4, but has a 12/8, triplets feel.

Description : A medium-tempo, delicate piano passage. 8 seamless bars.

Description : An SATB choir sings a soulful passage in a church.

Harmonies: C-----F

Description : A fast, pounding solo played on toms. 8 bars.

Description : A curious percussive passage with strange vocal FX added. 8 seamless bars.

Description : A complex synthesizer patch plays an undulating arpeggiation, suggestive of undersea vegetation gently swaying. 8 seamless bars.

Harmonies: Fmaj9----Fm9

Description : Slow, expressive chords on a Hammond B3 organ.

Description : An upbeat groove played on grand piano, with a hint of a Black Gospel feel. Just begging for your vocals and rhythms. Powerful sub-bass frequencies amped-up, too, for extra wallop.

Implied Harmonies: G----C--C---G G---C--G--D7--G

Description : You won the jackpot whilst playing Japanese pinball.

Description : A funky, bouncy riff played on the Fender-Rhodes piano, given LOTS of 16th-note swing.

Harmonies: Gmaj7---Dmaj7----C#m7---F#

Loops 51 - 75 of 225
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