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Description : The BPM is really 92.5 (just FYI). This goes with my other Junga beats and is intended to be the main chorus for the song. Again, meant to be Tribal, but yada yada yada Samba, YAY! Hope yall dig this!

Description : its a simple Kick,Hi Hat and Click thrown together
let me know what u think used my Ipod Touch with the Program Beat Maker Mobile by Intua

Description : Reason and FruityLoop 7 (VST's)... Used fruity for the Rhodes piano in the background and Malstrom for spikey sound on foreground... the in the middle a guitar sound in reason that i effected heavily!

Description :

Description :

Description : Futuristic, you decide

Description : MY DIGG, MY EQ, MY MIX, OUR LOOP!

Description : Ok, this one is a lil different. This is a 185 bpm drumline mapped out to fit a 92.5 bpm song. It is halftime for those folks who have trouble mapping a slower song to fit DNB specs. Johnny Cash drum n bass remix? This will help. Made with the Korg ER-1.

Description :

Description :

Description : It´s my first loop uploaded, a bit of jazzy flava´ , piano with some bass in it. 3/4 loop style.

Description : nice, little bit sad melody...very useful I think:)

Description :

Description :

Description : slower variation of the mixed choir ens and a different key a minor

Description : .....

Description : .....

Description : Good starting loop, as a foundation, to build a solo off of.

Description : that drum var 4

Description : that drum var 3

Description : that drum var 2

Description : that drum var 1

Description : use with that drum var-s

Description : soaking digi bass

Description : absynth rec in logic

Loops 601 - 625 of 628
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