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Description : its a simple Kick,Hi Hat and Click thrown together
let me know what u think used my Ipod Touch with the Program Beat Maker Mobile by Intua

Description : Reason and FruityLoop 7 (VST's)... Used fruity for the Rhodes piano in the background and Malstrom for spikey sound on foreground... the in the middle a guitar sound in reason that i effected heavily!

Description :

Description :

Description : Futuristic, you decide

Description : MY DIGG, MY EQ, MY MIX, OUR LOOP!

Description : Ok, this one is a lil different. This is a 185 bpm drumline mapped out to fit a 92.5 bpm song. It is halftime for those folks who have trouble mapping a slower song to fit DNB specs. Johnny Cash drum n bass remix? This will help. Made with the Korg ER-1.

Description :

Description :

Description : It´s my first loop uploaded, a bit of jazzy flava´ , piano with some bass in it. 3/4 loop style.

Description : nice, little bit sad melody...very useful I think:)

Description :

Description :

Description : slower variation of the mixed choir ens and a different key a minor

Description : .....

Description : .....

Description : Good starting loop, as a foundation, to build a solo off of.

Description : that drum var 4

Description : that drum var 3

Description : that drum var 2

Description : that drum var 1

Description : use with that drum var-s

Description : soaking digi bass

Description : absynth rec in logic

Description : uses one of my own created pads. its got a darker sound to it.....can be used in breaks for trance/techno or pretty much anything of that nature.

Loops 551 - 575 of 577
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