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Description : Kinda reminds me of some disney stuff lol.

Let me hear what you do. Made with Nexus 2

Description : Reposted without choir in the background. Let me hear what you do with this!

Made with Nexus and Omnisphere
key = c minor

Description : Let me know hear what you guys do with this :)

I can post one without chords in the background if you want also.

Made with Omnisphere and Nexus
(btw its minor... obviously)

Description : Made with Omnisphere 2 and Nexus 2

Let me hear what you make :)

Description : Acoustic guitar sound from omnisphere. Recommend layering half speed and ambiance. Lmk if you use this.

Description : Smooth rhodes piano melody over chords. Perfect for one of those "chill beats to do homework to" compilations :p

Sound: Omnisphere "Sweetness Rhodes"

Loops 26 - 31 of 31
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