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Description : minor2go is my dad

Description : hello me brudda

Description : recorded some gtr one shots on my phone then added trippy fx ob ableton

Description : yo this loop kinda reminds me of the fairy fountain song in zelda

Description : this one kinda doo doo ngl

Description : hmmm hopefully someone finds a use for this dunnno how i feel about it

Description : here you go bro bros

Description : i kinda do be liking this one i can't lie bout it fellas

Description : haiiiiiii

Description : poggers

Description : bottom text

Description : here u go bro bros

Description : cool melody with lead

Description : here's a chill loop i recorded awhile ago

Description : for sad bro bros

Description : i only kno how to make sad loops man someone teach me how to make bangers

Description : 21 21

Description : i drank precisely one bud light then proceeded to make this melody

Description : this be dramatic bruv

Description : hello fellows

Description : yee yee

Description : here u go

Description : lowkey a nice rock mel

Description : something chill and simple good for many genres

Description : i dunno this one is kinda weird

Loops 26 - 50 of 209
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