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Description : use it. Use it for a drop, progression, whatever. Just let me hear what you used it in :)
Made in FL Studio using Sytrus.

Description : Another pluck to go with the last one. Enjoy!

Description : Halloween is around the corner, so here :) Enjoy!

Description : Made in Fl, post what you made with it! Enjoy!

Description : Made in Fl. Post how you use it, Enjoy!

Description : Drop, main line, whatever. Made with a one shot. Post what you make out of it :)

Description : Same as before just without the pluck. Made in Fl, using harmor. Enjoy :)

Description : Made in FL using Harmor. If you use this PLEASE comment your stuff!
Enjoy :)

Description : Some bass I've done for this song "Darth Vader" I'm working on. Enjoy(:
Comment how you use it!

Description : Just a edm beat.

Description : Simply for you. Let me hear your work when you finish!!(:

Description : Idc what you do with it. Just let me hear it!! Enjoy :)

Description : A little gift for you :) Comment what you've got when you're done!!

Description : Just a short synth I was messing around with. Please, enjoy and comment what you've done with it below! :)

Loops 26 - 39 of 39
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