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Description : a house bass/synth that hits every other 8th note, i used in a track i have coming out. E is the only note.

Description : I was asked to post drums with my last synth upload so here they are

Description : while making a track i came up with this melody then ditched it so now its all yours, comment if you want the drums that i made to go with this synth.

Description : A Big Atmosphere/Rise i made in ableton, its just a single A# note so you shouldnt have a problem fitting it to a song. just let me know if you use it, id love to see what you come up with.

Description : The last of the house loops in this series, it adds some nice flavor to the otherwise boring drum pattern, i hope you enjoy these house loops, id love to hear what you make with them.

Description : a kick loop to go with the synths i uploaded earlier.

Description : The last synth in the series of house uploads, hope you like them, drums are on their way.

Description : to fill in the gaps with the other house loops i uploaded.

Description : This goes under the two synths i just uploaded.

Description : Layer the lead over this and you got a hit track.

Description : I have alot of house loops on the way and this is the lead that ties them all together.

Description : A quick effect i made in massive. it goes from C3 to C0

Description : Goes with the synth i just uploaded

Description : I got bored and made this drop, theres a beat on the way that goes with it.

Description : Just a random loop i made while messing with abletons vocoder

Description : a drum build i made in ableton live that fits nice with some effect builds ill be posting soon

Description : a saw synth that brings some power to the synths i put up earlier. it really brings it full circle. i hope these three synths layered, effected, chopped and sliced can help your tracks shine.

Description : a pluck that goes under the wide saw i posted earlier. it provides so presence in the mix and really fills out the synth sound. just post a link to your work if you use it.

Description : a big electro saw synth with low decay and high release. made it in massive and thought i would put it up here and see what people could do with it.

Description : a synth i made in massive i didnt know what else to call it haha

Description : a dubstep drumloop i made in ableton. has some shuffling hats. hard snare and punchy kick in it.

Description : a beat drop like tsunami or animals.

Description : a layered snare like what martin garrix uses, pitch change it to get different tonality to fit your song.

Description : a synth i made that goes with my trap bass and drum loops that i recently posted.

Description : a bass that goes with the trap drum loop i posted.

Loops 26 - 50 of 82
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