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Description : Phresh trap jam

Description : Pretty sure i got asked to make this

Description : Old skool bro

Description : Dayum. That's fast.

Description : It's quiet. Too Quiet..

Description : LAXX is love. LAXX is life.

Description : Something that never made it to my song in the end

Description : Gem Shards much?

Description : Sidechained NI Massive noises.

Description : Really original sounds guys

Description : 128 bpm banger

Description : 128 bpm banger

Description : Wub wub.

Description : NI Massive. Sausage fat. And an hour of sound designing.

Description : Groovy

Description : Groovy

Description : This will make your track go hard

Description : Virtual Riot

Description : compressed to shit

Description : Meaty beats

Description : pew pew pew

Description : My sound design at it's finest.

Description : Tu-He

Description : Clean beats

Description : Been a while. I made some mad beats for yall' :')

Sounds like Barely Alive

Loops 26 - 50 of 125
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